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So basically being too bored, i would like to make covers for your stories!

No payment required!

What i need is;

Author Name
A quote optional
And if anything you wish to add, (ex; a Picture of a person with Wings) optional

Title ~ The Pack Slut
Author ~ The_Girl_In_The_Box
Description ~ “People ask that all the time. I tell them just because the Goddess is not looking out for him doesn’t mean some other God isn’t” ~ Riley Grace

Riley Grace or more commonly known as The Pack Slut knows that she will never be Luna. So taking what she can get she is content in being her mates booty call. Ridiculed by everyone including her mate soon to be Alpha Alec, Riley is hurt and ashamed. So what happens when Alpha Chase bumps into Riley and is the only one who can see past the fake facade and wants her to join him and his pack.

Quote ~ “People ask that all the time. I tell them just because the Goddess is not looking out for him doesn’t mean some other God isn’t”

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Here ya go, I hope you like it :slight_smile: 44


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Oh my gosh the second one is absolutely perfect I am definitely going to be using it for my book thank you so much

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Book Title: Angel Diaries
Name: Rayven Luna Nite
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Color Schemes: It goes between the settings of Heaven and Hell, have fun (maybe just like lightning between the two schemes or something?)
Certain Images: A black haired angel with wings and a halo in front of the color scheme
Book Description:
Mystic Realms Book 1
“Whoever said one person can’t make a difference was wrong.” (that’s the quote that I want underneath the angel)
I’m Nyxie, an angel of Heaven. Or at least I used to be. Why? Well, during the wars of Heaven and Hell, I turned on Heaven. Why? Love, but this isn’t your typical love story-at all. I fell from grace and now live in Hell. And ya know what, I regret nothing!
But in a realm where demons still despise and even kill angels, can I survive or will Hell swallow me like the sinners it judges? I’m living life in a new and dangerous place.
(Translations at bottom of chapters)
Fantasy|Romance|Action|Drama|Psychology|Mature Themes In Some Chapters (TW’s Given)
Psychology in terms of mental illness

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Title Retribution of the Roar
Author Name Zeeroe
Description A fight scene in the desert. A group of teens (mix of boys and girls) who are armed with swords (no armors! Just swords) fighting black monsters. The background is a desert.

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Titre: Komos Neraida. Monde fantastique en danger.
Auteur : Bathem Isis
Genre : Fantaisie
Histoire : Les créatures fantastiques et imaginaires tels que les licornes, les elfes, les fées et les dragons existent réellement mais dans un plan astral différent du notre. Seul les êtres au coeur pur ou à un degré de spiritualité très élevé, peuvent les voir. A cause de la noirceur des êtres humains, une fissure s’est créée entre les 2 mondes, mettant en péril la vie secrète de Komos Neraida. Gwendoline une petite fille de 7 ans aux boucles rousses et aux grands yeux verts, accompagnée par les 3 soeurs sorcière Lillie, Elsa et Sabrina va parcourir les mondes à la recherche des cités disparues et de leurs gardiens (l’atlantide, Shambhala, Mu, cité Maya, etc…). Toutes ces énergies réunies en un même lieu, la forêt de Brocéliande, est la seule solution pour réparer cette faille.

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Title: Kleos Chronicles: Christopher Ford and the Fountain of Envy
Author Name icanbeinterestingtoo
Description The story is essentially a retelling of Herakles and the Twelve Labors.
Christopher Ford has gone his whole life thinking he was ordinary.
So the last thing he expects is two teenagers to pop into his life, claim him as a hero and reveal that mythological creatures exist - furthermore, that greek GODS exist (and semi-hate him) - and on top of that force him to help them complete the Twelve Labors of King “Ernie” Eurystheus.
And what hurts the most is that he never expected his best friend to secretly in on all this too.
And if anything you wish to add, (ex; a Picture of a person with Wings) it’s a fantasy crossed with mythology so anything in that realm (i.e. Percy Jackson styled covers) would be excellent.

Thank you for your time :blush::blush::blush:

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I’m sorry it took me longer than I expected, I hope you like it.20 57 56

I love the font of the last one. Would it be possible to put that on the first cover? Am I being too picky? Feel free to tell me

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I couldn’t really find what you wanted but I tried ///06

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Sure the font of the title?

Also I i do so it might look slightly different since I’m doing everything over again, so sorry in advance/

Yeah. I love that title font

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do you want everything in that font or be kept like original?

O.O everything please. Move the quote in front so if can be ready? I just noticed that >< I’m sorry if I’m being picky

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I hope this is better 24

Almost XD now the title is behind hey XD I feel like I’m being too nit picky

well thatd be really difficult to move, id have to redo everything, and i dont Think i have enough time //

That’s okay. I love it either way. Everyone who offered a cover gets a chapter in the book