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Graphic Type: cover

Series Title: Legacy of a Martyr #1

Book title: Masquerading the Key

Author: Shinomiya D. Ray

Genre(s): YA portal fantasy

Colours: red, purple, black

Idea(s): masquerade mask for sure and a key. maybe some fire. this is my favorite of past covers

Story Summary: Alain Watanabe is a Key Keeper-a transient guardian with knowledge of other worlds. The time to act has finally come. The time to liberate his siblings is now. To do this, he needs to find seven keys to undo the spell that seals the palace of Engrada.

However, it won’t be easy as mysterious individuals get in his way; ones who seek entrance into other worlds as well as other, more nefarious purposes.

Payment: follow/dedication

Anything Else: key has to match with sequel. is to go with book’s anniversary in 3/24. thanks!


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Graphic Type: cover

Series Title: Legacy of a Martyr #2

Book title: Liberation from the Masquerades

Author: Shinomiya D. Ray

Genre(s): YA portal fantasy

Colours: yellow, white

Idea(s): sun. maybe sun rising from behind mountain. if this book was a flower, it’d be a sunflower. past covers I’ve liked.


Story Summary: It’s been a year since Alain Watanabe, now nineteen, completed his journey through the world of Engrada. Just when Alain thought he could begin to focus on his own future, Kayleigh had to throw him a curve ball. As he was dealing with the remnants of the council that once dominated Engrada, he learned about the disappearance of several people into another realm. Seeking to complete his mission as Key Keeper to the very end, he embarks on a new journey to rescue those who have yet to be saved. However, as time goes on, memories of a friend start to resurface. A friend who might have a connection to those who disappeared from Engrada years ago. What will Alain discover as he inches closer to the void?

Payment: follow/dedication

Anything Else: thanks!

After Life (38)
After Life (37)

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could you take out or fix the spacing on a wattpad original?

on which one the second or first one??

After Life (39)

2nd one. the key in the mouth looks goofy xD

After Life (40)


If its okay with you, I would love to try this out! :smile:

either way, I need one for the sequel, too

like the one with red text best

I hope you like them! Please let me know if you would like to use them otherwise I can use them as premades! :slight_smile:

Masquerading Liberation


kinda plain

Made this quickly - don’t expect you to like it. I plan to work on it and turn it into a premade either way.


I like it. Just could you do # instead of no? also, the series title blends in a little bit.

Would you be willing to do one for the sequel?

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Yeh sure I’ll do it after work today. Do you have ideas for that cover that you like?

UPDATE: how do you feel about this?

I like them!

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Oh amazing! Here you go :slight_smile:
If you click on them on a computer you’ll see the little ‘download’ button at the bottom. That’ll give you the best quality :slight_smile:

Legacy of a Martyr

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