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hey hey, so im eden and I’ve been away from the mdc for a couple of years now and im wanting to hop back into cover making… so um yeah :smiley:

thread-hopping is okurrtt as long as the other designer are also okay with it
give decent ideas if you want a decent graphic
payment is credit if you use the graphic and a follow

anything else:




I don’t think I’m gonna be requesting (just because I have nothing to request for, lol), but I just wanted to stop by and say that your covers are really pretty! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

your covers are so pretty, especially the middle one! welcome back and good luck on your thread. hopefully you stick around.

thank you so much, you’re so sweet <3

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thank you, love! :slight_smile:

title: Lost in You
subtitle: Jon Moxley AU
author: Laura Ann Lee
ideas: I was thinking about having a girl, African AmericanBlack, sitting at a table in a diner or some cafe shop; have the font be in a sweet, readable cursive. Something like this
genre/mood/colours: Fanfiction
anything else: Thanks if you accept.



hey hey!

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Should I complete payment now or wait until after delivery? :blush: Thank you for accepting.

now would be fine! and you’re welcome… do you have any model inspiration? anyone specific you would like me to use?

Honestly, anyone works. I prefer either a mixed-race woman or a black woman since it’s an interracial story.

Edit: Payment complete

title: The Moment We Met
subtitle: I knew I’d fall for him the moment I saw him
author: Carlie Cipher
ideas: I was thinking of a cute girl and a guy(around 17 yrs old) holding hands and looking very lovey-dovey kinda thing. Or a girl looking at a cute guy all lovey-dovey, while the guy plays a guitar.
genre/mood/colors: romance/happy, romantic/ light pastel colors
anything else: thank you

Wanna request But I know for a fact I’m going to get denied.


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ill try my best to see what I can do, make the request and ensure you have some ideas :slight_smile:

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Payment completed!

hey, love! so I went for two different approaches, I hope you like either of them!
if you do end up using one, please let me know and don’t forget credit :slight_smile:
thanks for requesting!