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So, it’s been a while since I’ve touched photoshop, so I really want to get back into it all - so I’ve decided to start offering covers, simple and manip!

Short Summary:
Anything else?:

My examples are here;
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Payment is either a follow or a comment on my book Lifespan

There are no rules apart from you must credit me if you use it, thank you :slight_smile:


You’d best not use imgur; it requires people to create an account before they are able to view the content. It’s a bit of an unnecessary hassle, I think.


oh?? things have changed so much since I last did all this stuff :((


thank you though, I sorted it :slight_smile:


Yeahh… Imgur doesn’t allow uploads without an account now as well.

Fortunately, discourse has it’s own upload function even though it’s a bit buggy. There are ways around the bugs though.


Last time I think I made graphics was when wattpad still used the old forums lol


I miss the old forums ;n;

You must’ve been on hiatus for months :o


sameee :(((

yeah i was :o life got in the way haha! feels good to be back though one way or another :smiley:


do you have another account? you remind me of someone I stalked you a bit eue

welcome back~


yeah a few :’)

i was under sulkytae and another one - thank you


ah, that explains it ouo

I have a feeling you’ll get along well with @waekup check her out c:


i will do thank you!


I hope this isn’t too much to ask.



Please complete the payment x


Payment completed


Hey Are you able to do a series??


Title: Nathan and Eli
Author: Quinn Johnson
Short Summary: Nathan and Eli. Eli and Nathan. Inseparable lovers for as long as each can remember, a never ending romance blooming in the sun. But sometimes love doesn’t guarantee an endgame and can blow up everything that gets in it’s way. And sometimes you have to live in the moment than hope for the future.
Ideas: I’d love for it to have quite a moody colour scheme (faded colours, mostly greys) Maybe hands holding or a male on his own with his back to the camera (if possible maybe a gay couple hugging but faded into the background - but I’m not like 100% set on that idea so I’ll leave that to you :slight_smile: )
Images: For some reason it wont let me post the image in this post???


Are you still available? I love my current cover but realized it looks like a werewolf book and that is no bueno.


bump c:

@cyberhoes are you alive?


Title: US against India
Subtitle*: War in the Skies
Author: Emry Austin
Short Summary: After many verbal clashes between the two countries, a spark finally occurred in the general area of battle after a USAF C-17 Globemaster flew over India to be shot down, causing America to fall into a rage and send out a force to avenge the fallen on the C-17. This is where Wolf Squadron come in. Escorting a highly valuable target to a nearby base, shooting down any enemy that tries to stop the plane from its destination
Ideas: A squadron of F22 Raptor’s in the sky?
Anything else?: