Covert Writer


Come in quickly and close the door softly behind you. You’ve found the hideaway of a secret writer.

Jokes aside-- hello!
I’m “new” here (returned after a 6-or-so year hiatus) and am looking for some kindred spirits, and maybe some answers. As you may have guessed from the intro- or not, maybe you’re mostly confused…so am I…-I’m secretly a writer. You may ask yourself,

“How? Why? What?”

To which I respond,

“Settle down, I’m still confused from before.”

I know I said jokes aside. I lied. Jokes all around.

Essentially, I’m currently writing a book unbeknownst to everyone in my “real” life. It may not seem like much considering the book isn’t done…or published…butshut up,because it’s a big deal to me. I’m wondering if anyone else out here is like me, clicking away on their ancient laptop in the secrecy of their empty house? Anyone else afraid to admit that they’re genuinely trying to be published? Seems like a weird thing to be embarrassed by, I know. I need more confidence, I know.

Stop judging me and answer the question.


I have the same issue here haha. No one has read my books that I know really and barely any of them know that I write and in all honesty I believe they never have to know. You could always publish under an alias like Stephen King xx


Hello! I am also secretly writing, secretly on Wattpad, only a couple people really know. I am working on writing many things and have many many many ideas for others…but I have nothing finished yet. Also, I’m hoping to become published in the future, once I have a few things complete :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, me too. I write under a different name, and nobody in real life knows that I write–well, at least, not anymore. I stopped pushing my work on friends because I realized that if they weren’t picking up my book and deciding to read it on their own, that it was a lot like I was giving them homework.

On wanting to get published…I can honestly say that traditional publication isn’t the route that I strive for, although it used to be. I feel like this age we’re in affords us the opportunity to be creative with how we market and distribute (and ultimately capitalize on) our work. I can relate to you when you say it can be a bit embarrassing to admit you’re trying to get published, since the moment you do, it at least feels like anyone that reads your manuscript will just be thinking about why it’s not good enough to be published. I struggled with that for a long time because it felt like the universe was telling me I’m not worthy or something lol.


Unfortunately, I’ve been outed as a writer to most of my living friends and family, but I keep my stories close to the chest. One because the topics aren’t easily discussed with a primarily conservative family (witches, gays, occult practices, earth magic, demi-gods, eating of babies…whoops not that one!), and two, no one really wants to hear about what rattles around in my head. Well, I do have a partner in crime, so to speak. My fiancee is a hopeless enabler and my muse. But aside from her and those I rarely interact with on here, I’m fairly anonymous.


That’s very true; I never considered using an alias…


What are your reasons for being so secretive? Are you intentionally not telling anyone about your writings or is it more like you just haven’t gotten around to telling everyone? Just curious :face_with_monocle:


Its been off and on. Congrats wanting to write again.


I understand what you mean. Fortunately, I have friends that would love to read what I write (they know that I write for the heck of it, but not with the intention to be published), however, I’m afraid they either will find what my brain produces ridiculous or boring and won’t tell me the truth for fear of offending me.

Do you mean self-publication or something else? Again, I’m afraid that whoever reads my writings will find me odd or childish, I guess. I’m not sure why- nothing I write is (I hope :grimacing:) written in a childish manner or that bizarre. I deal with the unworthy thing constantly. Any tips for overcoming that?


Significant others are great for that kind of thing, haha! I haven’t even told mine, though, that I’m writing a book. That I want to? Sure. That I am? Nope. I think I just know it isn’t something he’d be interested in, not that he wouldn’t support me, you know? And to be honest, it’s kind of fun to have something no one in your life but you knows about…:sunglasses:


“Its been off and on.”- in reference to your anonymity? Thanks a million!

^ how writing again makes me feel :sunglasses:


Somewhat, I was trying to run away sort of, and found the Fediverse which is pretty chill, as long as you avoid certain instances.

I was writing a lot of Memoirs in the form of fantasy novellas for some time.


Oh hey, undercover writers! Lemme just slide in and say, 3 of my friends know I have Wattpad, 0 have read anything I’ve written :joy:


Welcome to the hideaway!


Hahaha, thank you!

So, what genre do you write in? :blush:


I am the same. I’ve been writing every since I was a tween (that gives me about 18ish years or practice). Back in the old days I used to tell a select few friends. Now it is only my husband irl that knows I write. I don’t tell family, friends or colleagues. I’m not sure why, I guess I’m afraid of being judged?
Oh, and sometimes I write adult content. So I don’t really want the family reading that.


Right there with ya.


Omg that is me! I have a closet full of ideas but I cannot tell them out to my family or my friends because I come from a conservative society. All I do is type my chapters into Google Docs and keep it to myself. I’m also too embarrassed to post it on wattpad because one of my previous books was critiqued harshly and I had to delete the book.


I call myself a closet writer, ha ha.

This has been me since the age of 16.

Before then, I had a group of writing friends. But I’ve since moved, lost contact of all those friends, and now no one in real life knows I write.

It’s not because I’m embarrassed of my writing or anything–I just write a lot of my personal experiences and observations into my worldbuilding, and if people IRL read it, I know I’d end up filtering things, and my writing wouldn’t be as free as it should be.

But it makes it hard(er) to get feedback. I always liked having a consistent support group to write with, as it keeps us all motivated and sharp.


Yeah Stephen King himself has two or three i’m pretty sure. Most people have one :slight_smile: