Covert Writer


General fiction is my drug of choice! I read and write it :slight_smile: You?


Totally get that.


Nice! I don’t meet many Gen Fic authors on the clubs. You’re a rare breed :wink:

I’m not though. I write Fantasy.


I come from a conservative family as well, especially my in-laws. If you were critiqued it doesn’t mean you can never get to the point of being published, or even just a good writer. Critiques are meant to build your skills and help you to become better. If you were critiqued harshly enough to quit posting, you either (no offense, honestly) took it incorrectly, or your critic was wrong in how they presented their judgement… I would encourage you to keep trying. No one is an amazing, published author on their first attempt. The good thing about writing is there is always room for improvement! :slight_smile:


Absolutely, I agree and understand completely. Wattpad is a great outlet, but nothing really beats face-to-face communication and feedback. Especially from those who know you and are willing to be kind, yet honest, about your work.


You’ll get there.



Oh! Nah, I’m fine with no one knowing I write. I do it for me.


I’ve considered such things as using a shortened version or even initials of my actual name, as J.K Rowling does. I think that would be what I would actually do.


Really? Not many Gen Fic authors? I feel like I’m one in a sea of millions!


I would have clarified but the Nentendo load times.

Sometimes the ones written for oneself is the best. I didn’t intend one to just blow up, that’s for damn sure.

A lot of my works are … subconciously rape survivor memoirs.

Apparently there is place for everything.


Another covert writer here. I used to think I should tell people, but then I decided nah I don’t have to. Writing can just be my thing and my environment doesn’t need to have anything to do with it.


Hahaha, I might just be too shut in, in my little Fantasy bubble then :joy: But most of the people I meet here on the clubs are usually either Romance, Sci-Fi, Teen Fic or Fantasy writers.

@SarahWeaver6 I dunno. I put a lot of emotional stuff into my stories. Obviously, I’m super happy people are enjoying my works and stuff, and obviously I did upload them to Wattpad because I wanted someone to read them. But I think I’m happy with all my readers being strangers and not someone I know.

Though I keep telling myself I’ll at least tell my mum if I win a Watty :joy: She won’t understand what it means, but she’ll just be excited because I’m excited. She’s nice like that.


Yea I was kind of ridiculous yesterday, as I kind of … well I don’t trust easily. Unfortunately you were in the firing range a bit.

But it’s also why I don’t write book after book, even though I say I’m a writer.


That’s okay, water under the bridge. :slight_smile:


But sometime there is something better, like secret fairy kingdoms.

I find it almost impossible to write book after book in the same way Stephen King does. That wonderful man, is a god on Earth with his writing output.

Or a sad as it sounds, a really depressed and overworked writer.


I guess I’m kind of like him. I’m always writing. When I finish a project, I immediately move on. Though, I usually have several ongoing projects. Right now I’m editing one book, and working on three others at the same time :joy:


Yeah like I didn’t want to put my real last name so I just changed that and went with it lol, no one knows so far :slight_smile:


A long time ago three friends knew I wrote, but they’ve likely forgotten about it by now. I shouldn’t be so paranoid since most people are probably apathetic about it. Though if I ascended to a Steven King level of fame someday, they’d all hit me up for money. JK



Isn’t it, though???:sweat_smile:


I’m not really sure, I just don’t want anyone to really know about it yet