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Exactly. Most people I know have no interest in reading my writing. They think writing online is only for dummies who can’t get published, having no idea what a difficult thing it is to get published. Especially today if you are a creative writer and don’t want to dumb-down your work to category specifics like most publishers want. I did that for a while and it was awful.

Here at Wattpad you can write exactly as you want, get more reads than most published writers get, have fans all around the world and easily interact with them, and … LOL … make no money doing it. But heck with the $$$$. Writing what you want as you want it and being successful at it is quite enjoyable.


You sound like me lol
I took a 5 year break from writing and finally got back into it again this year, and barely anyone knows about it.
I feel like opening up and saying “I’d like to be published” sounds a little like “I want to be a rapper.” People may mock and laugh.
I write under a pen name, because 1) I value my privacy and anonymity, especially as I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone 2) I have plans maybe to publish local historical books under my own name


Hi! I’m just starting to write and I’m so nervous about it. My hubby knows that I’m toying with it but doesn’t know anything I’m doing. I close my laptop everytime anyone comes near. I’m enjoying this part of my life under my alias and I kind of like keeping the two sides of me separate.


I used to not tell anyone, but I got over it. I’m not ready for publishing yet, real life is busy. By the time I retire, I should be ready to publish. (That’s not a joke, though it could be, I’m old, lol)


Omg this gif is amazing.


I also write anonymously, like you. Nobody knows, and I don’t have a partner in crime.

It’s kind of hard to do all that when you go online and bloggers keep saying “ask your friends/family to be beta readers” and you’re thinking “but I don’t want anyone to know?!” Also, what do you do when you want to get published? Meet with an agent and go “hey, I want you to publish my book but if you do, never reveal my name because I’m publishing anonymously!”???


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El hilo “Share Your Story”( SYS) es el lugar para anunciar su libro. No se permite ningún Advertisments fuera de SYS. Puedes publicar tu anuncio en cualquier idioma en ese hilo. Tu comentario será editado.



I’ve been writing in secret for YEARS… I never finish anything, and I never tell anyone. I actually found Wattpad years ago because I was looking for something free to read, and I’ve just fallen in love with seeing people explore their imaginations in a way that’s rarely seen in popular published work. I’ve tried posting works, but I have trouble keeping a good schedule of updating… real life is difficult, and my writing definitely took a backseat while I was in college.

But I’m working on getting back into it now, and in the secret confines of my google drive, I use writing as as a way to sort through the strange dreams that I have, both asleep and awake.

My friends sometimes realize that I have a knack for writing creatively, thought it appears in strange ways. I’ll write a small anecdote on why a friend might be late for work, or a short story with along with a facebook party invitation. The kind that gets a “K-, that was really clever…” to which I laugh and joke that in another life I write fiction. It’s funny how easy it is to disguise the truth with a laugh.

My boyfriend is probably the only one who knows that I actually write, mostly because it’s near impossible to keep secrets from someone that you life with. He also knows that once he sits down next to me, the laptop is shut down. I’ve never let him read anything.

Maybe someday.


I’ve done the same with my friends; there’s truth in jest! I wish I was brave enough to let my S.O. in on my wordy little secret (punz fo daze) but I don’t have the courage for even that. It kind of feels wrong. I mean, we’re married, we tell each other EVERYTHING. But this one thing, I’m just so nervous about. I know he wouldn’t judge me, and it feels like I’m sort of lying to him, ya know? For some reason, I just can’t bring myself to tell him…


You totally CAN do that with an agent! Some people are published totally anonymously and no one ever has to know their real name ( from what I’ve been told). BUT, I see what you mean; that would be a really difficult and complicated way of doing it compared to outright publishing under your given name!


Also, yes, that gif IS amazing


Writing in secret is something I’ve done since I was a kid (and man, those old notebooks are embarrassing now) although when I finished the first draft of a novel I started admitting to people what I’d been doing.

Thing is, I’ve never shown anyone because I’m so self-conscious but I was really excited about Wattpad. I thought it would be a chance to share ideas with the like-minded. Nobody wants to read anything I’ve written though, so I still feel like I’m writing in complete and total secrecy.


I definitely get that. It’s nice to have a secret world swirling around in my head. But I like to believe that one day, one of my books will get to a point that I will be proud to share it with my boyfriend. If he doesn’t support me in this, then I don’t know who will!


SO. People know that I write; however, I don’t let people know what my alias is on Wattpad. Theoretically, people in my personal life would not be able to find me on Wattpad unless I let them know what my username is. I’m not ashamed, but it’s personal for me (and I am sure is for others) and I don’t always want to share with people in my personal life. I don’t think I’d be judged. I just like having something that’s “mine.”


One of my friends who I once mentioned my writing to introduced me to another friend tonight as “someone who writes too.” I have never felt my bloood freeze in my veins as they did tonight. I had to carry on a conversation about my writing so as not to reflect the awkwardness I was feeling internally.

I thought of this thread and had to share haha


@ISmokeAndMirrorsI I don’t think I’m inclined towards the idea of people I know in real life knowing how to associate me with my online presence as a writer. See, we all expose a deeper part of ourselves through writing. I think some of us prefer to do without judgement and inquiries which attempt to associate our “IRL” personalities with what we chose to write–as though there would somehow arouse a negative connotation between.

Not that some of us would be bothered by the judgement, but it can be aggravating–when one of the best things about writing is the freedom to pursue your ideas while untainted with influences or pressures from people surrounding who would want to see otherwise. I’m probably not making much sense here, however.


Honestly yeah, I understand your anxiety. That’s why I use a pen name. So that no one i know can find me on this website. I just like to be able to write my stories without my family/friends judging me for what I write.