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I’m not trying to be published (or even working towards doing that one day), and I don’t keep it secret I write, if someone asks, I’ll tell them. But I won’t bring it up on my own either.
I’m more iffy talking about what I write. I fanfiction (no, I’m not embarrassed to tell people I write fanfic) and the situations and things I do the characters isn’t something I want to share with people I know in real life since most of them believe me to be a very mild mannered person who wouldn’t hurt a fly, even in fiction. Insert evil laughter here.

So, yeah, my parents and several other people (mostly people my parents decided to tell behind my back) know I write, just not what I write.


I can relate to the OP, but only halfway.

First, here’s how I don’t relate: I’m not a secret writer. Not by any means. I tell everybody I can that I love writing and I’m working on a novel.

What I don’t tell 'em? That I’m here, already sharing my stories on Wattpad. Or if I do–I don’t usually tell people my username.

Anyone else like that?


Wow this is me in every way! I’m also ‘new’ to Wattpad after a 5-year hiatus (I think it’s a bit under appreciated how much thought and courage goes into coming back after ‘leaving’), writing a book in ‘real’ life that I’ve basically envisioned to the end but haven’t actually put down words, and am actually trying (for now I’m trying in my head, but y’know every great action starts with a thought) to get published.

I think for me though, I’m more of a closet writer because I don’t feel like I write things people are interested in. And there’s always the threat of having what I’ve worked hard on being torn down (legit insecurity or not? I don’t know because I haven’t sought out much feedback). But anyway the first step to feeling less embarrassed is to admit it.

You’re not alone. And thank you because I now realize I’m not alone either. Let us write in secrecy together :slight_smile:

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There are not enough words to describe how much I feel this thread! I’m secretly writing as well, am definitely using a pen name and am also embarrassed. :slight_smile: I’m currently working on two seperate projects and am trying to find my way. I’m so glad I’m not alone! XO


I completely relate to this. I have so many reeling doubts in my head too. That the writing isn’t good enough, that agents or publishers will laugh me right out the door. But sometimes it’s not always something you can help. If dialogue and scenes constantly run through my head, what am I supposed to do? Ignore them?! Haha! At least we all have each other.
Oh! And I would also like to know more about your ideas beyond traditional publishing. How do we make this fun, creative dream an actual profession beyond publishing? I’m not sure I’m stoked on paying for self-publishing. :grimacing:

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Independence and creative control cost money, unfortunately. The first thing an indie writer should strive to get for themselves (if you don’t want to self-publish), is the ad revenue generated from reads/views. I would love to be part of a movement where online reads of a book are treated like book sales because of the amount of revenue they generate from ads. This is similar to how Nielsen Soundscan counts music streams towards album sales. I think quantifying success based on book sales is the best way to calculate the popularity of a book anymore.

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I love you all and hate you all for making me feel things. So glad we can all have a place to feel appreciate and supported, even if we’re all sneaky rats.

^ #me


That looks more like a possum :joy:


Rat, possum, me…they’re all the same