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Have you been itching to do a word war but can’t find other people to do one with?

Try a crawl instead!

A word crawl is a type of word sprint that collects a number of word wars, prompts, and sprints into one challenge. Generally themed, participants are encouraged to complete each portion of the challenge in order. Many of these challenges take the form of a choose your own adventure-style story, giving participants mini-rewards in the form of the progression of the story or punishments for failures. They may also be referred to as pub crawls, a reference to the real life activity of the same name from which the word crawls are derived.


So, the way this thread will hopefully work is that your fellow users and I will post challenges using typical words associated with word crawls. It’s up to you to challenge yourself to complete them.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Typical Crawl Words:

Fifty headed hydra -> 500 words in five minutes.

Three Digit Challenge -> Take the last three numbers of a persons’ post score and sprint to that number.

Word War -> Writing against someone to see who gets the most in a set time.

Sprint -> A race to hit a certain word goal

Roll a dice -> Roll a six-sided dice and multiply by the number provided.

___ Words in __ minutes -> A challenge to write a certain number of words in a certain amount of minutes.

3% Challenge: Take 3% of either your post score or current chapter count and sprint multiply it by 3% or 0.03 and then sprint to that number.

Credits go to JaxMayflower.
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Crawl » Finish That Manuscript!
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Crawl » Finish That Manuscript!
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In honor of this being open I will go first.

3065 Challenge

Write 10 words. 15 words. 25 words. 50 words. 75 words.
100 words. 100 words. 75 words. 100 words. 110 words.
~~120 words. 125 words. 150 words. 100 words. 125 words.
~~150 words. 120 words. 100 words. 80 words. 60 words.
~~50 words. 75 words. 100 words. 150 words. 200 words.
~~175 words. 150 words. 125 words. 100 words. 150 words.


Yes, please!


Come write with me!


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