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also how do you want new crawls submitted?


You can still just post an empty version of them here. That’s the easiest way for me to get the format and everything.


okay! thank you. but what do you mean by empty


Like you haven’t added any text, it’s just a clean version of the crawl.


Oh right yeah of course!


You receive your Hogwarts letter by owl and are completely ecstatic to head out for your first year at Hogwarts. Sprint to 100 words to let out your excitement and energy.

CC: 109 || WC: 109 || WORKING ON: Chapter 11, Crown of Chains

You arrive in Diagon Alley and your first stop is Gringotts, wizard bank. Write for ten minutes. The amount of words you write will determine how many Galleons are in your vault.

CC: 519 || WC: 510 || WO: Crown of Chains, Chapter 11

You step into Ollivander’s wand shop. Roll a die and multiply your roll by 100. Sprint to that many words.

Finally, you’re done shopping! But before you leave, you decide that you want to purchase a pet. Write for 15 minutes as you search for the perfect animal for you. Pick one: owl, cat, or toad.

After months of waiting, you’ve arrived on platform 9 ¾ and boarded the Hogwarts Express! Write to the nearest thousand as you settle into your seat and get ready for a long ride. If you need to write more than 500 words for this challenge and choose not to skip this round, take one Galleon.

Anything off the trolley, dear? Buy some sweets to help get you through the ride! Depending on your candy, find your challenge below!

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans: Participate in a Fifty Headed Hydra as you frantically try to get the taste of vomit out of your mouth.
Chocolate Frog: Write for five minutes as you chase down the frog.
Licorice Wand : Sprint to 150 words.
Pumpkin Pasties : Roll a die and multiply by 50. Write that many words.

You arrive at the castle and wait in the hall with the rest of the first years. You notice a boy with messy black hair and glasses talking with a redheaded boy, a girl with bushy hair whispering to the people around her, and a boy with pale… well, everything. Write for ten minutes as you attempt to socialize with the people around you.

Professor McGonagall escorts you and your peers into the Great Hall for the Sorting. After the Sorting Hat sings its song and several students walk up timidly, your name is called, and you sit yourself down on the stool, timid and worried about what is about to happen. McGonagall places the hat on your head, and you are sorted into your House. Pick from the four Houses- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Gryffindor: Are you brave enough to write ten times your typing speed in 10 minutes ?
Hufflepuff: Remain loyal to your word count and write steadily for 45 minutes with no breaks .
Ravenclaw : Calculate how many words it will take for you to write to the nearest 1000 .
Slytherin : You’re an ambitious one, aren’t you? Write 750 words in 30 minutes !

The feast is delicious! Do the Three Digit Challenge as you eat at your House table and talk with those around you, as well as your House ghost. I f you are in Hufflepuff, you know your chambers are near the kitchen so you save room for later and may skip this round for free.

You’ve settled into your dormitory quite quickly and nicely, and your first couple weeks of class go well. Write for an hour as you grow accustomed to your new classes and all of the magic you’re learning.

Muggleborns : If you write 750 words within the hour, take 2 Galleons.
Halfbloods : If you write 1,000 words within the hour, take 2 Galleons.
Purebloods : If you write 1,250 words within the hour, take 2 Galleons.

On your way to Potions, the messy haired boy who you now know is Harry Potter stops and asks you if you know where Professor Binns’ classroom is. Write 200 words in 10 minutes as you try to remember where his classroom is.

If you succeed: Harry hurries to Binns’ classroom and gives you a Galleon as a thank you for your help.
If you fail: You spend so much time trying to help Harry that you are both late to your next class. Write another 200 words as you apologize to Snape and try not to lose any points for your House.
If you are in Slytherin, Snape likes you and lets you skip this round for free.

You get locked out of your common room and Mrs. Norris finds you! You run with Harry, Ron, and Hermione to the third door corridor, and you find a giant three-headed dog! After making it back to your dormitory safely, roll a die, multiply your roll by 100, and write that many words as you try to calm down.

Troll! In the dungeon! You go with Harry and Ron to find Hermione and end up fighting the troll with them. Sprint to 250 words , and try not to get yourself killed. If you are in Gryffindor, you fight the troll bravely and may skip this round for free.

You go down to Hagrid’s hut to have tea with him. When you try his treacle fudge, your teeth get stuck together! Write for fifteen minutes as Hagrid tries to help and Madam Pomfrey magically loosens the cement-like effect the fudge had on your mouth.

Months pass, and it’s Christmas morning! You receive 3 Galleons from your parents, as well as a challenge from the Weasley twins. Write 1000 words in under an hour .

If you succeed : they give you a Galleon.
If you fail : they hit you with snowballs until you’re buried under heavy amounts of snow and make you write 250 more words.

During the Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch game, you get incredibly excited. Roll a die. If even, you’re cheering for Gryffindor; if odd, you’re cheering for Slytherin. Word war for fifteen minutes with someone cheering for the opposite team . If you beat them, you win your bet, and you take 2 of their Galleons. But be careful- if you lose, you give them 2 of your Galleons. A bet’s a bet.

Harry tells you that he suspects that Snape is going after the Philosopher’s Stone and you decide to go with the trio to try to get to the Stone before Snape does. But before you can even go down the trapdoor, you need to make it past Fluffy. Write for ten minutes as you lull him to sleep sneak through the door. If you are in Ravenclaw, you know exactly how to keep Fluffy asleep and may skip this round for free.

Oh no- you and your friends are trapped in a patch of Devil’s Snare! Hermione tells you that you need to write 300 words in five minutes in order to safely escape.
If you succeed: You make it out of the deadly plant without a scratch and even spot a Galleon on the ground. What luck!
If you fail: Hermione has to set the plant on fire to get you out alive. She thinks very poorly of your skills now, so write another 300 words to impress her.

Harry catches a flying key and opens a large wooden door. Inside the next room is a giant wizard chess set. You and your friends need to replace some of the pieces and play the game. Ron takes the place of a knight, Harry becomes a bishop, and Hermione takes over for a rook. Pick a chess piece and complete the challenge below! Keep in mind that you are not allowed to skip this round even if you have enough Galleons to do so.

Pawn: You know you won’t be of much use to the game and think it would be wisest to be taken out early. Complete a Fifty Headed Hydra and take a fifteen minute writing break to recover from your injuries.
Rook: You take the place of the other rook and spend the game running across the board, strategically taking out important pieces of the other side’s team. Sprint to 200 and take a five minute writing break once the game is won.
Bishop: You take the place of the other bishop and sneakily take out pawns on the other team. Write for 20 minutes and take a five minute writing break once the game is won.
Knight : You take the place of the other knight and become the wild card of the match. Write 300 words in 15 minutes until you’re taken out by one of the other team’s rooks. Take a fifteen minute writing break to recover from your injuries.

Harry and Hermione move ahead into the next room when you stay with Ron. When Hermione comes back, sprint to 500 words as you run to find Dumbledore and explain the situation to him.

The word gets out that Professor Quirrell is the one who wanted the stone, not Snape! Rumors also spread of your bravery in helping Harry, Ron, and Hermione as you four went through the challenges the professors set to protect the stone. Dumbledore awards you fifty points for your courage. Write for five minutes as your peers congratulate and admire you.

Summer vacation is here! Take an hour long writing break- you deserve it!




Someone, anyone make surw I get over 9k words today! XD


You have stolen some sort of ~magical~ spacecraft with the ability to travel through space at a speed faster than any previous vessel. Now the people who built it are after you, and mad. Your mission is to traverse the Solar System, achieve escape velocity, and escape into interstellar space.

To achieve escape velocity from the Solar System, you must first achieve escape velocity from Earth. Escape velocity for Earth is about 25,000 miles per hour. The highly superior technology of this spacecraft allows you to drop a couple of zeroes, so write 250 words in order to achieve the speeds needed.

WC: 259 T: 5:03 TCC:1599 (Before) 1858 after CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 26

You’ve made it to the Moon! To fuel up for the trip ahead, you decided to descend to the Moon’s surface and collect some helium-3. But you’d better do it quickly, or you’ll be caught! Write 175 words in 10 minutes or less . If you fail, just “reset” reality and try again.

WC: 183 T: 2:57 TCC: 2041 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 26 (This one will be the death of me)

All fuelled up and ready to go, you head inward. You do a flyby of Venus. Sprint 100 words to avoid having your course altered by its gravity.

WC: 112 T: 1:31 TCC: 2153 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 26

You fly by Mercury. But what’s this? The Messenger probe has been taken over by the people chasing you! Sprint 200 words to escape!

WC: 203 T: 3:21 TCC: 2356 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 26

That was a close call. You’re nearing the Sun now. Sprint for 15 minutes to do “barrel rolls” and evenly distribute the Sun’s heat across your spacecraft.

WC: 672 T: 12 Minutes TCC: 3029 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 26 (Finally finished with that one)

You’ve swung around the Sun, and now have a nice gravity assist helping you out! Write 100 words to take a breather from all that excitement.

WC: 116 T: 1:30 TCC: 120 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

You’re flying by Earth! Sprint for 10 minutes to avoid being detected.

WC: 703 T: 10 Minutes TCC: 825 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

Next up is Mars! Write three hundred words in representation of the rocks Barnacle Bill, Scooby Doo, and Yogi.

WC: 326 T: 4:31 TCC: 1151 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

You are now entering the asteroid belt. But what’s this? A cloud of tiny asteroid chunks is headed toward your ship! Use to pick a random number between 1 and 10 . If the number is more than 5, your ship was severely damaged. You must write 600 words in order to fix it . If the number is less than 5, you have survived. Write that many hundred words in celebration .

Google hates me and picked 10. So I’m severely damaged and must write 600 words to fix my ship. Thanks.

WC: 687 T: 10:27 TCC: 1840 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

You feel it before you see it; or rather, your ship does. Its instruments pick up a large gravity field nearby: Jupiter. Write four hundred words as a tribute to Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, and Io, Jupiter’s 4 largest moons.

WC: 407 T: 6:05 TCC: 2247 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

Saturn, the ringed planet, is next. But, uh-oh! Your ship has gotten too close to Saturn’s rings, and is now being bombarded by high-speed rocks and ice particles. Sprint 350 words to escape.

WC: 364 T: 5:05 TCC: 2611 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

Next is Uranus. Stop snickering! As penance for your immature jokes, sprint 500 words .

Will Start back up right here!

WC: 521 T: 9:17 TCC: 560 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 28

Apparently I need to warm back up.

Now, Neptune comes along. You’re so close; you can feel it! Your excitement gets the best of you; you decide to sprint 100 words .

WC: 109 T: 1:42 TCC: 2720 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

But Neptune was not the final part of the Solar System. Next up is the Kuiper Belt! You fly by Pluto. Choose a random moon of Pluto (Charon, Nix, Hydra, Styx, or Kerberos). However many letters are in its name, write that many hundred words.

I pick Nix cause I only need 280 words left to hit my chapter word count, so I will do that XD

WC: 312 T: 4:21 TCC: 3032 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 27

You’re so close you can smell it. You streak past the Kuiper belt, and past Eris. You do a ten-minute word war to pass the time until the Oort Cloud.

WC: 648 T: 10 Minutes TCC: 1207 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 28

Your ship seems to have come equipped with a “Screw Reality” feature, you realise. You reach the Oort Cloud sooner than expected, but are on a collision course with a comet! Do a ten-minute sprint . If you write between 100 and 200 words, you narrowly avoid hitting the comet. Thankful to be alive, you write 400 words . If you write 300+ words, you miss the comet entirely. If you write 200-300 words, you avoid the comet, but your course is altered. You decide to write 200 words for some reason. If you write less than 100 words, you fail miserably and crash into the comet.

WC: 654 T: 10 Minutes TCC: 1860 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 28

Since I wrote more than 300 I don’t have to write anymore XD

Finally! You’ve reached full escape velocity, long since passed the heliosheath, and are now, finally, exiting the Oort Cloud. You do a song war for the duration of this in celebration.

WC: 459 T: 7:01 TCC: 2320 CWO: Wedding Bells Chapter 28

Congratulations, you have successfully escaped the Solar System!

That song is so horrible…


I haven’t done a crawl in ages so here goes nothing

It’s just a normal day. You spent most of it helping Sam with research, but Dean insists in getting everyone to loosen up, so he forces you to go to a bar with him. Write 100 words in protest.

CC: 109 || WC: 109

As soon as you get to the bar, you’re attacked by a werewolf. The werewolf knocks Sam out by bashing his head against the side of the building. Dean tries to assist you, but he werewolf rips his chest to shreds. Sprint for five minutes to defeat the werewolf and save your friends!

CC: 275 || WC: 166

If you got less than a hundred words, you fail and the werewolf kills the other two hunters. Write 250 words to bring them back to life.

If you wrote 100-200 words, you get your butt kicked, but you survive and drag the other hunters to safety. Write 100 words while you heal.

CC: 389 || WC: 114

If you write 201+ words, you’re victorious! You defeat the werewolf without getting as much as a scratch.

Exhausted, everyone goes back to the motel. Take your time to write 300 words while you fall asleep.

Where’re the other hunters? You wake up alone in the motel room and there’re droplets of blood sprinkled across the floor. Write 250 words in ten minutes while you try to figure out what happened.

What’s that? Something’s under the bed. Do three one-minute sprints while you pull it out.

It’s a note! There’s only two scribbled words. Demon horde. What does that mean? Puzzle it out with a five minute sprint.

There’s been a lot of demon activity in Indiana. Why they’re in the land of corn, you’re not sure, but before he disappeared, Sam was talking about a hunt in the area. Could that be where the missing hunters are? You don’t have a better idea, so you jump in the Impala and head for boring old Indiana.

To ride in silence, write 100 words. All you can think of is the blood on the floor of the motel room. Write another 150 words to shake the thoughts away.

Write 250 words to listen to the best of mullet rock.

Do five one-minute sprints to listen to classical music.

If you want to listen to pop, write 500 words. Shame on you for listening to that namby-pamby stuff.

Finally, you arrive in Indiana. It’s late and you’re exhausted.

To find a motel room and retire for the night sprint for ten minutes.

To scour the local bar for anyone who might’ve heard of anything remotely demonic, write 200 words in five minutes.

To read up on recent events in the town, sprint for five minutes.

((The last two options deprive you of sleep. You have to pep yourself up with coffee before you continue. Write 100 words. ))

You run into a scared teenager who seems to know something. Sprint for ten minutes to talk to them.

If you get less than 150 words, the teenager runs away from you. Write 350 words to find another witness.

If you get between 151-300 words, the teenager freezes and refuses to talk with you until you calm them down. Write 150 words.

If you get 301+ words, the teenager spills everything they know with barely any prompting. That was easy.

You now have a general idea of where the demons are hiding. From what you’ve heard, it’s a pretty big horde, and there’s no guarantee that Sam and Dean are there. You’re taking a big chance by going in alone.

To call in a favor and get one of your friends to join you write 500 words.

To go in alone, don’t do anything. You might regret this later!

Sprint for fifteen minutes while you wait for nightfall. It’s too risky to attack during the day.

Time to gather your weapons! What would you like to take?

To take a gun full of rock salt and a give 'em hell attitude, write 100 words.

To take a recorded exorcism and a salt-covered knife, write 150 words in five minutes.

Lucky you! Sam left behind his demon-killing knife! Write 500 words to claim it.

With your weapon in hand and the full moon shining above you, it’s time to attack. You drive up a tiny dirt road and stop about a half a mile from where the demons are camped out in an abandoned house. ((From this point on, if you brought a friend, you get either five minutes added to each challenge, or you can knock fifty words off your intended target. Glad you called in that favor?))

A few years out from the house, you run into your first demon. He’s tall and lean, but you know you can beat him. Sprint for five minutes to take him out from behind.

If you get less than 100 words, he splits your lips before he goes down. Write 100 words to shake yourself out of a daze.

If you get 101+ words, you win. Keep going!

If you get 250+ words, you not only win, but you find a knife tucked in the back of his jeans. This could come in useful later.

Everything is eerily quite as you creep up to the back door of the house. Do two one-minute sprints to shimmy the lock open.

If you write less than 30 words, your clumsy attempt draws the attention of a demon. Write 200 words to take it out.

The house smells of blood and mold. To your left, there’s a door that leads to the basement, to the right there’s a staircase that leads to the second floor, straight ahead there’s a hallway that leads to the front of the house. Sprint for ten minutes to decide which way to go.

If you write less than 150 words, you run straight ahead. Unluckily for you, that’s where the biggest group of demons is conjugated. Write 400 words to fight your way out. ((Once you finish the penalty, go to the last option on this list.))

If you write 151-300 words, you go upstairs. There are a few demons on lookout duty. Write 200 words to take them out. ((Once you finish the penalty, go to the last option on this list.))

If you write 301+ words, you go to the basement. Sam, Dean, and Castiel are chained to chairs that face the wall. Write 100 words while you scour the room for a key. ((If you collected the knife from the first demon, you may skip this step. You use the knife to pick the locks on the chains.))

With Sam, Dean, and Castiel free, you all go back upstairs to wipe out the remaining demons together. Sprint to the nearest thousand.

When the last demons lies dead at your feet, you all start the trek back to the Impala. The moonlight shines down on you, illuminating the path, and Sam and Dean joke about each other’s cowardice like they didn’t almost die. Take your time to finish your current scene while you all hop back into the Impala and drive back into town for a round of celebratory beers.

Congratulations! You saved the day! The hunters owe you their lives. Reward yourself with a favorite food, drink, or episode of Supernatural. You deserve it, hero!


Let’ get those high word counts today <3


Yes! Though it’s like 10:30 at night and I’m also watching Critical Role


I’m gonna finish it tomorrow. I’m tired.


Will finish when I get back from the Chiropractor. But my word count for today thus far is 4,453 words. So 47 words away from my halfway point for the day.


Finished the solar system one. Total word count is 6,735. Only 2,265 more words to go to hit my goal for the day.


I also only need 680 more words to finish Wedding Bells Chapter 28


And of course the links aren’t working again… -_-


~~Write 10 words. 15 words. 25 words. 50 words. 75 words
~~100 words. 100 words. 75 words. 100 words. 110 words.
~~120 words. 125 words. 150 words. 100 words. 125 words.
~~150 words. 120 words. 100 words. 80 words. 60 words.
~~50 words. 75 words. 100 words. 150 words. 200 words.
~~175 words. 150 words. 125 words. 100 words. 150 words.

If I can just finish this chapter I’ll be able to go make lunch and come back to write some more after that


Finished the chapter without the word crawl. So when I come back i’ll do some more, and do probably 1-2 more chapters (2 if possible, because that finishes my book for me) Current word count is 7,477