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Dude same. I came on here yesterday only because no one was on the war thread


I have to take my real estate test on Monday kill me So I have been studying for that like 14 hours a day, and by the time I’m done I don’t want to look at the computer anymore.


mind tweaking my crawl?


What happened to @astrophile 's thread? They’re on hiatus so they couldn’t have given permission for this


They had earlier in the thread. Within the first few posts and I had permission from the original poster. (The person who created the idea for wattpads purpose.) If Astro has an issue with it then I can defiantly close this one and just open the first one up again, but It was way too difficult to scroll through all of the posts to find any crawls.


It’s Lumi’s thread design tho. They asked permission for the idea, not the design. You stole their thread format, design and explanations essentially and shut down their thread without the thread owner’s (not idea owner) permission.

You could’ve easily made it another series instead of doing a take over. There can be more than one thread with the same purpose like the robot ambassador threads.


I didnt mean any harm by this. I can just close this one down I guess, and bring back the old one.


So I came to comment here to act as a messenger from Astrophile since we contact each other due to a club we’re running. And I passed the info onto them

So they said either you can a) give them credit for the design and series or b) redesign the whole thread and rename it


I’ll add credit in the first post. I meant to when I made it. Sorry for not answering last night we were drinking.

I hope they arent mad at me.


Nah it’s no prob. They’re just a little surprised since they thought only people who made threads can ask for threads to be closed. As long as credit is given they’re happy


4th run konpuriito


starting a new story & a new crawl!

Eris causes trouble with a golden apple. Write 100 words while everyone gossips about who “For The Fairest” means.

130 words in 3 minutes

Paris is trying to choose which goddess most deserves the Golden Apple. Convince him by writing for 10 minutes. If you don’t manage at least 300 words, you’ll have to bribe him with another 150.

343 :slight_smile:

Paris meets Helen, and they run away together to Troy. Sprint for 10 minutes while you flee Menelaus!


Menelaus gathers an army – convince them to fight on your side by writing 250 words as fast as you can.

266 words in 6,5 minutes

The Greeks lay siege for 10 long years, so sprint for 10 minutes while the war drags on.


Inside the wall, Cassandra warns Troy of imminent danger. Write 100 words while everyone ignores her prophecies.

98 words in 2 minutes, I’m satisfied enough to let those two words slip.

Paris shoots Achilles in the heel, and he dies. Take a break while Trojans celebrate and Greeks mourn.

I can’t take a break now! Moving on.

Finally, the Greeks claim victory with their wooden horse. Write 500 words as quickly as possible to sneak inside the city and win the war!



baka hastebin!


Welcome to the national championships, High Ranker!

You’re up against Kajitsu, a girl who uses Windstorm. In your match, you sense something odd. In the end, she defeats your Clash deck.

You follow her out. You come across a white-haired boy, Yuuki, who’s searching for her, too, and you. When you find her, she activates a strange power. Her butterflies carry you through a portal. Write for ten minutes as they do.


You’ve arrived in a strange place called Gran Rolo. You meet Zungurii and the Otherworld Witch, Magisa, there. Strange men try to kidnap you. The only way to stop them is to play Battle Spirits. Write for ten minutes as you have your first battle in Gran Rolo.


Yuuki challenges you to a match. If you win, he’ll tell you where Zungrii’s family is. Write for twenty-five minutes as you have your battle with him. He’s very difficult to read.


You and Zungurii argue over his attempts to make you curry. Compared to what you got at home, it’s very spicy. He storms off to find his family, saying you’re going home to eat your family’s curry.

While he’s gone, he finds an X-rare card but passes out from a fall. A man finds and rescues him also giving your friend green curry. To repay the man, he tries to give the man the X-rare. The man asks to be repaid by meeting you. Unbeknownst to you all, he was an enemy who wanted to bring you to Otherworld King. Write for fifteen minutes as you fight him and his Swift monsters. After you win, he gives you the X-rare your friend found as it suits you better.


After you set out again, you’ve found yourself in sweltering weather. Your Magisa stops you and Zungurii from stopping. He then finds a stream. You then stumble on a cat-eared girl who was fishing. She runs off frightened, so you follow her to her village to return the fish. There, you meet the leader, Sophia, and their bodyguard, Clackey Ray, a fellow high-ranker. To get you to leave, he challenges you to a match. Write for fifteen minutes as you try to win to prove your innocence.


You won! Now the people of the Mimi village are treating your group handsomely. Clackey still hasn’t warmed up to you yet, though. Anyway, the next day you run into the group the Mimi people thought you were, the Deathmatch Group. After Magisa throws you and Clackey off your post. Since you got up first, you get to fight the Dark Lord, Jin. Write for twenty minutes as you fight with your awful opening hand. After you win, you will be exhausted, but Clackey will also have warmed up to you and compliments your match.


You’re still in the Mimi Village. Sophia wants to show you the guardian deity’s shrine. There, you find the card collector, Suzuri Hideto. He loves X-rares, and you have to fight him to stop him from taking the guardian deity. Write for fifteen minutes as you do.


Clackey isn’t as keen on walking, so Zungurii carries you both ‘til he sees a Card Stand. There you meet Viole Mai who was looking for a specific opponent. Write for ten minutes as you watch their match.


You’re on Mai’s ship. Meanwhile, Yuuki has to fight Belga for Walhance, a powerful white X-rare. Write for ten minutes as they do.


You’ve made it to the red land. A gate and powerful barrier stand in your way. Write for ten minutes as Clackey battles the gatekeeper to unlock her heart and restore her smile.


In the red land, you find the horizon ladder. There, you find Zungurii’s family and others who were taken from the Mimi village. Along with guards, Yuuki and Kajitsu stand in your way. You must defeat Kajitsu if you want another chance at Yuuki. Write for twenty minutes as you fight her and discover her incredible power.


Mai feels like the spotlight has been taken from her, so she leaves. Clackey has a match with her to feel her out. Write for ten minutes as they do.


You’ve come across the former red soldier, Julian, at a card stand in the blue world. He’s told you not to fight Otherworld King and shown off his trump card, Meteorwurm. You want to see this spirit and to get his help. Write for fifteen minutes as you do.


You’ve arrived at the Grand Rolo Championships! You, Clackey, and others have made it past the gunslinger! Your first opponent is Gaana, a king from the green world. Zungurii and Magisa ate the chocolate he offered, not knowing it was his way of asking for her hand in marriage. Write for fifteen minutes as you fight for their freedom and yours.


You meet a girl, Seiru, who had an encounter with the Dark Lord, Jin. She wanted his cards and to learn to play Battle Spirits. Everyone was hesitant. Clackey agrees to help. He goes up against Lightspeed Shula. Write for ten minutes as you watch. Clackey wins, Shula abandons revenge, and Clackey gets an X-rare from Seiru.


During the semi-finals, Suzuri fights a kid you met recently, Kenzo Hyoudou. Problem is, in his quest for X-rares, he got possessed by a demonic spirit. Write fifteen minutes as they battle.


You’ve made it to the finals! As has Kenzo. Write for twenty minutes as you duke it out!


You wanted to free the Otherworlders with your wish. This can’t happen, so you request a match with Otherworld King. To get it, you had to beat Brustorm. If you lost, you had to become Yuuki’s servant. Write for twenty-five minutes as you fight Brustorm.


You lost and became Yuuki’s servant. He was going to take you to Otherworld King, Pantera said to. This was a lie. Pantera wanted to fight you. Write for twenty-five minutes as you do.


While everyone took care of Kajitsu, you got an audience with the Otherworld King. You’re battling to free everyone. Write for half an hour as you do.


Yuuki returns you to the others. You’re in rough shape, though. To protect you, Mai sneaks off with the dummy balloon of the ship. Write for twenty minutes as she does.


While you’re still asleep, Yuuki tries to get Suzuri to join him. Write for fifteen as they face off.


Kenzo and the others had to fight to protect Kajitsu. You were traumatized to. Kenzou’s battle resurrected your spirit, though. Onward to Mai!

Mai got kidnapped by a Mazoku called Namii. You had to go to the purple world to save her. There, you and Clackey had to face Brustorm and his family. After this, Mai had to fight Namii. Write for ten minutes as she does.


You reunite with Yuuki’s group as allies. You then get blocked by Leon who wants Kajitsu. Yuuki fights to stop this as Zungurii, Suzuri, and Kenzou leave to get you all free. Write for fifteen minutes as this happens.


You need to destroy the Horizon Ladders. To do this, you split up. You go in knowing you might become the sun. Write for twenty-five minutes as everyone battles.


Earth and a section of Gran Rolo have been connected. The leaders convened to plan. One of the presidents met Otherworld King and was sent to oppose you. You won’t let him stop you. Write for ten minutes as you oppose him.


You got Magisa’s deck back. She then got her true power back. After this happens, Yuuki and Kajitsu visit their old house. You and the others try to go after them but magic traps you in the ship.

Yuuki and Kajitsu are confronted by a doll controlled by Otherworld King. It doesn’t go well. The Green Windstorm ceases…

You are later confronted by Leon who wants to get rid of you. Write for fifteen minutes as Magisa fights him.


You and the others split up to make moves. You and Zungurii stay with Yuuki. Green butterflies lead you to Otherworld King. Yuuki fights him and loses. He tells you, you can use your symbols as a tribute to resurrect Kajitsu. Write for fifteen minutes as you fight to decide who it’ll be.


The end is near at hand. You now have to fight Otherworld King to end the conflict. Write for thirty minutes as you do.


The battle is over. As agreed, you take Mother Core from Otherworld King. It’s too intense for an ordinary human. You’ve done enough. A grateful Magisa takes it from you to become a shining goddess. You’re free to go back to your old life. Everyone is happy.


~Write 10 words. 15 words. 25 words. 50 words. 75 words.~
~100 words. 100 words. 75 words. 100 words. 110 words.~
~120 words. 125 words. 150 words. 100 words. 125 words.
~150 words. 120 words. 100 words. 80 words. 60 words.
~50 words. 75 words. 100 words. 150 words. 200 words.
~175 words. 150 words. 125 words. 100 words. 150 words.

Guys let’s get writing. <3

13 words, 18 words, 32 words, 66 words, 84 words.
110 words, 117 words, 116 words, 148 words, 119 words

Total word count: 823 words


5th run konpuriito


Doing a little bit of a free write tonight.

Word count total so far: 3500


Ya gorl is back and ready to finish the crawl she started months ago XD

It’s lucky that Ron broke his wand at the beginning of the year- when Lockhart tries to perform a Memory Charm on you, it backfires on him! He’s the one who loses his memory, plus it causes a part of the ceiling to cave in, separating you and Harry from Ron and Lockhart. Write for twenty minutes as you try to get past the rubble.

266 words

It’s no use- you have to go with Harry further into the chamber. Participate in a Fifty-Headed Hydra as you search for the monster.

141 oof

If you do not write 500 words : You hear something moving behind you and turn around, spotting the reflection of a giant basilisk in the water on the floor. You are Petrified! Skip the next two rounds and take a thirty minute writing break as time passes and you wait to be revived.

won’t be doing that caise I actually need to get stuff done XD

You spot a young man around sixteen who Harry seems to recognize. His name is Tom Riddle, and he reveals that he’s nothing more than a memory of Lord Voldemort’s younger self. When you declare your loyalty to Dumbledore, Tom sets the basilisk on you! Write for 45 minutes as you try to defend yourself and avoid the basilisk’s gaze.

Breaking it up into 20 and 15

20: 412
15: 433

Fawkes flies down into the chamber with the Sorting Hat, and when Harry puts it on, a sword falls out of it, which he uses to kill the basilisk. You take one of the basilisk’s fangs and stab the diary. Write 100 words as the memory of Tom Riddle disappears.

wrote 94 but finished a chaoter so good enough

After you get out of the hospital wing from your injuries, the year quickly ends and summer vacation is here. Write for fifteen minutes at the end of year feast before boarding the Hogwarts Express home for the summer.


Done with year two! Gonna start year three During camp nano


Yeah the stupid links aren’t showing up again for me. I need new websites to host the codes on. Does anyone know of really good easy ones to use.


there 's pastebin