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@RobotAmbassador roll 1d100


:game_die: 96


@RobotAmbassador roll 1d20


:game_die: 3


@RobotAmbassador roll 1d6


:game_die: 1


In the land of Ingary, where such things as seven league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it absolutely sucks to be the eldest of three. Based on your writing speed, pick where in the birth order you line up.

Youngest : Slower

Middle : Medium

Eldest : Faster

Your stepmother decides that the only way to keep the family millinery open is to send you and your sisters off to apprentice somewhere profitable. You get stuck in the hat shop. Even though they’re not satisfied with their assignments, your sisters, at least, get to leave the house. Sprint for ten minutes, because your life surely isn’t going anywhere.

If you reached the word count below, you overhear about the mysterious Wizard Howl and how he kidnaps beautiful girls to eat their hearts, and that will never hold significance for you. If you don’t reach it, sprint for seven minutes while your stepmother teaches you how to sell a hat to a customer.

Youngest: 375 words

Middle: 685 words

Eldest: 950 words

Making hats is boring. You talk to them as if they were people, because yeah, like you’re going to step outside.

  • If you chose the hat that was all veiling with hidden twinkles, you have a mysterious allure. Write 550 words.
  • If you chose the creamy hat with roses under the brim, you have to marry into money. Write 700 words.
  • If you chose the mushroom pleated bonnet, you have a heart of gold, and someone in a high position will fall in love with you. Write 1000 words.

You’re a little depressed that none of them look nice on you. On May Day, you decide to go see your sister Lettie, who was sent to apprentice at a local bakery. You’re scared stiff. You run into a pretentious blond, and you dash into the crowded bakery. Write to the next multiple of 300 while you push your way to the front counter.

Lettie pulls you aside to tell you that she’s not Lettie. Using magic to disguise themselves, she and your sister Martha swopped places of apprenticeship. Sprint for 15 minutes while you jump to conclusions.

If you reach the word count, you take Martha’s advice to stand up for yourself when you get home. If you fail, you stumble around your words in a pathetic way. Type for five minutes with your eyes closed.

Youngest: 580

Middle: 880

Eldest: 1250

A glamourous woman walks into your shop. Her tastes are too highfalutin for your shop. You’re tacky, and she hates you.

  • If you are the youngest or middle child, you try to sell her the mushroom hat. Allow your writing to suck for a solid 25 minutes.
  • If you are the eldest child, you sass her despite her henchman’s nervous gesturing behind her back. You done screwed up, son. Write 2500 in 30 minutes.

Oh, mother —that was the Witch of the Waste, the most diabolical mind this side of paradise, and she’s cursed you with old age. You now have the body of a 90-year-old, and you can’t let your family know about this. Your joints may ache, but you’ve got to go out into the world to make your fortune. Man, these hills are unforgiving. Write for a leisurely 35 minutes as you slowly head out into the waste.

If you reach the word count, you happen upon Howl’s castle. If you don’t you write 300 words while you wander about in the mist.

Youngest: 750

Middle: 999

Eldest: 1300

You barge into the moving castle, which is a bit of a dump, and Howl is out. Instead, you meet his apprentice, Michael. You also meet a fire demon, Calcifer, who can tell that you’re under a spell. He convinces you to break his contract with Howl in exchange for breaking your curse. For some reason, Calcifer tells you that Howl is quite heartless. You didn’t need to be told; have you seen the inside of this castle? It’s filthy. Clearly someone who treats a castle like this would be heartless. Anyway. Do a three digit challenge while Michael tries to get you to leave.

In the morning, you bully Calcifer into bending down his head for you so that you can cook breakfast. No one but Howl is supposed to be able to do that. You’re distracted by the bacon, so you don’t notice Howl come in until it’s too late—and oh no he’s hot . You say Calcifer hired you as the cleaning lady. Write for 10 minutes while Howl moans about how much he loves the filth.

You’re determined to be the very best cleaning lady, like no one ever was, but you get distracted by his magical door.

  • Porthaven Door: The king sends his thanks for the seven league boots. Write seven times the last two digits of your word count.
  • Kingbury Door: A girl shows up for the safety spell for her dad’s boat. Write for 15 minutes using precise phrasing , because you’re going to spread rumours about being a witch if you don’t stop saying the wrong things.
  • Market Chipping Door: Your stepmother can’t know you’re here. Write 849 words , which is how many times in the past month she’s ignored your opinion.
  • What the Frick Frackle’s Behind That Door, Howl?: Death. Death and destruction. Death, destruction, and Secret Wales. Write to the next multiple of 3000.

Howl doesn’t want you to clean anything. The filth is his friend. He loves the spiders. You think he’s a sick jerk. Sprint to 350.

The girl who bought the mushroom hat has run off with a count—like you with your word count. Write for 20 minutes without using be verbs. If you chose the mushroom hat earlier, you may skip this step.

Calcifer and Michael tell you about Howl’s romantic exploits. He’ll start courting a girl, and then he’ll get bored with her as soon as she returns his affections. Calcifer then goes into Howl’s beauty routine, and he uses more products on his face than you do. Howl rushes downstairs from the bathroom and yells at you for organising his bathroom supplies, because now his hair is ginger. He calls upon the spirits of darkness. Sprint for 15 minutes while you try to fix this.

When Howl is in his right mind, he tells you that he’s in love with Lettie, who is, as you found out earlier, actually Martha. Not your sister, dang it! Plus, there’s this mad scarecrow following the castle. What luck. Take a leisurely twenty minutes as you make a plan.

But Howl isn’t in love with Martha, it turns out. Michael shows up with a cake from the bakery and says that he’s in love with Lettie. Lettie from the cake shop. You’re so confused. Huh. Howl tells you that he’s weaselled out of finding the lost prince over a piece of cake. You decide to go visit the real Lettie at her magic apprenticeship, and you steal some seven league boots. Write 475 words.

The real Lettie knows that Howl is courting her, and she’s knows exactly what she’s doing. Oops. You go home to help Michael with a spell that is suspiciously like John Donne’s “Song”. Howl is pissed at you for trying to catch a fallen star, just as the poem says. Sprint to 500 .

Howl takes you to through the fourth door to Secret Wales. His family is rotten, but he loves them. You track down Miss Angorian, who tells you another part of “Song”. She makes you feel uneasy, especially when she talks about her missing fiancé, Ben Sullivan. 10 minute word war!

Howl wants to avoid responsibility, so he sends you to blacken his name. You go to an old teacher and the King of Ingary. Write for an hour.

If you hit the word count, you successfully make Howl seem like a terribly lazy and irresponsible person, which he is. If you don’t, you run into the Witch of the Waste and have to double back. Write until you’ve doubled what you wrote in the hour.

Youngest: 1000

Middle: 3000

Eldest: 5000

After a brawl in town. The Witch of the Waste has caught up with Howl. He hurriedly forces Calcifer to move the castle, and the red setter that you’ve picked up does not like the magic. Calcifer is rooted in this rock-like object when Howl moves him, and moving the castle means more doors!

  • Market Chipping Door: You’re back in your childhood home. Write a scene that is inspired by something in your childhood , because write what you know, you know?
  • The Mansion: Weed killer time! Delete that fluff you wrote out of desperation.
  • Meadow on the Edge of the Waste: Look at all these flowers, man. So pretty. Put a bouquet of flowers into your next scene.
  • Secret Wales Door: Howl plays rugby? Oh, er. Okay. Write for six minutes about something about which you know nothing.

Howl starts courting Miss Angorian to avoid looking for the lost prince, and you figure out that Calcifer was once a falling star that Howl caught. The scarecrow won’t leave you alone, and it creeps you out. Do a three digit challenge .

The red setter you picked up is actually a human under a curse. You call him Percival. Percival says the Witch of the Waste had his head on a shelf for a long time. By all accounts, it makes no sense. And then Howl goes to say that he knew you were cursed all along! What the heck? That jerk . Sprint for 20 minutes while you insult him with everything you’ve got.

Howl goes out drinking with his Rugby team and comes home, as he so eloquently phrases it, “cone sold stober”. The scarecrow catches up with Percival, for whom he has been looking, and says something about missing parts. In his inebriated state, Howl has been tricked by the Witch of the Waste, and she now has Miss Angorian as captive in the Waste. Write 3 percent of your word count.

You go to the Witch’s lair to save Miss Angorian. You dodge some vicious, orange blobs, and the Witch shows you a headless body. She tells you it’s a perfect conglomeration of the bodies of the missing prince and missing Wizard Sullivan. All she needs now is the head of Howl to make the perfect King of Ingary, and the Witch shall be his queen. Do a Fifty Headed Hydra to effectively inform her that she’s mad, which you do by fighting her with a stick.

Holy crap it worked thank God. Howl shows up, and the two of you figure out not only that Percival is made of body parts of the prince and Sullivan (lol I know) but also that Miss Angorian is a demon working for the Witch. You rush back to the castle to find her squeezing Calcifer—attached to Howl’s heart—in her hand. All of the “Song” spell has come true. You have to break the spell to save Howl and Calcifer. Write until you hit the next checkpoint below.

Youngest: the next 2,000 word checkpoint

Middle: the next 5,000 word checkpoint

Eldest: the next 10,000 word checkpoint

You break the spell and put Howl’s heart back in his chest. Calcifer lives. Howl thinks he has a hangover, and by breaking Howl’s spell, you broke your own. You are your proper age. You should have noticed that the prince and the Wizard Sullivan are their normal selves again, but you’re too focused on how in love with Howl you are—that jerk . Write for 5 minutes using only polysyllabic words.



341 - it’s the opening to my manuscript for publishing so I’m not rushing.


Doing this one,
563 words in 14 minutes.

I’m at 1231 so I need to write 269 words.
Done in 5 minutes 16 seconds.

Here we go, I have to get 580 to beat my last score.
I got to 2058 and I finished chapter 1


@RobotAmbassador roll 3d10


:game_die: 2, 8, 2


2 mins: 56 words
8 mins: 143 words
2 mins: 40 words

Total words: 239
Total time: 12 mins


I decided to skip the word war. They just don’t work for me.

The Dark Mark appears over the large campsite after the game. Write 3% of your current word count as you flee the camp and into the woods.

So for this challenge, I started a new book. My goal is to do all of these challenges today, so I’d like to see how far I can get into this said book. So my word count left over from last night is only 322 and 3% of that is 9.66. So I will skip this one for now Until I’ve done more of these. I’ll probably do it last so that I can write some actual words for it.

WC: 208 T: 2:57 TCC: 728 CWO: FMW Chapter 7
Currently I have written 6,921 words. 3% of that is 208 words.
After this I will jump down and do a few of the classes. Since I will only need a few more smaller word counts to finish this chapter off.

Aboard the Hogwarts Express, Draco Malfoy gloats that he knows about an event happening at Hogwarts this year that no one else knows about. You and your friends decide to ignore him, and you write 500 words as you eat some treats off of the trolley and get excited about your classes for the term.
If you are in Slytherin, Draco has already told you about what’s happening this year at Hogwarts and you may skip this round for free.

WC: 524 T: 9:15 TCC: 845 CWO: Fisherman’s Waters Chapter 1

At the start of term feast, Dumbledore announces that this year, Hogwarts will be hosting the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and that no one under the age of seventeen will be allowed to submit their names to be considered for the competition. Write for twenty minutes as you scheme with the Weasley twins about how you’ll get your name into the Goblet of Fire.

WC: 1237 T: 20 Min TCC: 1057 & 1025 CWO: FW Chapter 1 & 2

This year’s new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is Mad-Eye Moody, a retired Auror for the Ministry. He demonstrates the three Unforgivable Curses in front of the class, using the Imperius Curse on you to make you write 600 words.

WC: 615 T: 9:20 TCC: 615 CWO: FW Chapter 3

The day before Halloween, the delegates from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive at Hogwarts. Write for ten minutes as you notice Viktor Krum among the Durmstrang students and eat at the Welcoming Feast.

WC: 701 T: 10 Minutes TCC: 1048 & 270 CWO: FMW Chapter 3 & 4

Fred and George give you some of their Aging Potion, allowing all three of you across the Age Line protecting the Goblet of Fire from younger students. Unfortunately, the potion doesn’t work, and all three of you are sent to the hospital wing. Write to the nearest thousand as you wait for your gray hair to turn back to normal.
If you are in Ravenclaw, you know better than to use an Aging Potion to get past the Age Line and may skip this round for free.

I have to write a total of 730 words, to reach the next 1000
WC: 831 T: 12:56 TCC: 1101 CWO: FMW - Chapter 4

On Halloween night, four champions are selected for the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and one of them is Harry! He asks you for your help to prepare him for the First Task. Write 300 words as you practice the Summoning Charm with him and Hermione.

WC: 322 T: 4:33 TCC: 326 CWO: FMW - Chapter 5

The First Task is here, and Harry faces off with a Hungarian Horntail! Participate in a Fifty-Headed Hydra as you watch the event with bated breath, and celebrate in his success completing the Summoning Charm.

WC: 450 T: 5 Min TCC: 779 CWO: FMW - Chapter 5
I’m going to finish this chapter, and then go take a shower and come back to write some more. I need to figure out how the rest of this book is going to go since there are only 15 chapters total.

Hermione is worried about the well being of the house elves in the kitchens, and she takes you, Harry, and Ron down to the kitchens. Write for fifteen minutes as you talk to Dobby and Winky while the rest of the house elves feed you well.
If you are in Hufflepuff, you’re already in the kitchens when Hermione and the others arrive and may skip this round for free.

WC: 1030 T: 15 Minutes TCC: 1030 CWO: FMW - Chapter 6

Your Head of House announces that there will be a Yule Ball on December 25th, and that you need to find a date for the evening. You have two ideas for who to ask, but you’re unsure of who to pick: a quirky third-year Ravenclaw named Luna Lovegood, or your good friend Seamus Finnigan.

If you ask Luna: She seems excited about the fact that she’ll be able to attend the ball, though you are a little put off by her strange personality. Write 500 words as you make plans with her for when to pick her up.

If you ask Seamus: He’s a little surprised that you asked him but gladly accepts. Write for twenty minutes as you pray that he won’t blow anything up in your face on your date.

I chose to Ask Luna so I will sprint to 500 words.
WC: 518 T: 7:55 TCC: 520 CWO: FMW Chapter 7
Now I’m going to jump back up and do the 3% of what I have written so far. That way I can finish this chapter off and when I do the 30 Minutes I can try to finish the next two chapters.

Christmas Day arrives, and it’s time for the Ball! After the formal slow dances, you and your date have fun dancing to the band that arrives to play. Write for thirty minutes while listening to your favorite wizard rock music. You can find a master list of wizard rock music here. If you don’t want to listen to wizard rock while you write, listen to the music of your choice, or none if you would prefer.

WC: 2182 T: 30 Min TCC: 1046/1136 CWO: FMW Chapter 8 & 9

In preparation for the Second Task, you help Harry in the library to try to find a way to breathe underwater. Write 400 words as you learn little from your search.

WC: 439 T: 6:10 TCC: 442 CWO: FMW - Chapter 10

The morning of the Second Task, you can’t find Ron or Hermione to walk down with you to the lake, so you go alone and quickly realize that they’re a part of the event. Write for twenty minutes as you wait for your friends to come up to the surface of the lake.
If you are in Gryffindor, you use the time to console Neville, who thinks he killed Harry by giving him gillyweed. You may skip this round for free.

WC: 1343 T: 20 Min TCC: 1039/749 CWO: FMW - Chapter 10/11

Sirius, who’s still on the run, wants to meet Harry and the rest of you outside of Hogsmeade. Write 500 words as you sneak away from the town and to the cave where you meet him.

WC: 663 T: 10:10 TCC: 677 CWO: FMW Chapter 12

Your life becomes fairly uneventful as you wait for the Third Task to approach. For every class you study for, complete the challenge below. If you complete all of them, take a Galleon for your valiant efforts.

Transfiguration: Write 200 words as you practice turning a guinea fowl into a guinea pig.

WC: 217 T: 2:35 TCC: 945 CWO: FMW Chapter 7

Potions: Write for thirty minutes as you perfect your Wit-Sharpening Potion.

WC: 2408 T: 30 min TCC: 1033/1056/676 CWO: FMW Chapter 12/13/14

Divination: Write 150 words as you study out of The Dream Oracle

WC: 152 T: 2:02 TCC: 1097 CWO: FMW Chapter 7

Charms: Write 300 words as you learn how to perform the Banishing Charm.

WC: 336 T: 4:27 TCC: 1035 CWO: FMW Chapter 14

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Write for twenty minutes as you work on your counter-curses.

If I do another 20 minute thing I’m going to explode.

The Third Task is finally here, after you watched with much curiosity as the labyrinth grew on the Quidditch field. Write for 45 minutes as you patiently wait for the champions to leave the maze. You are not allowed to skip this round even if you have enough Galleons to do so.

Same with a 45 Minute sprint. Screw that XD

When Harry appears, he comes with Cedric Diggory’s dead body. A quiet hush falls over everyone in attendance, and you can hear several people crying. Write 200 words as you stare at him in shock.

This is more what my brain can handle right now.
WC: 236 T: 2:58 TCC: 273 CWO: FMW - Chapter 15

There was no time to come to terms with Cedric’s death when it’s revealed that Professor Moody isn’t the real Alastor Moody at all: he’s actually Barty Crouch, Jr., a Death Eater who was the one who entered Harry into the Triwizard Tournament! Write for fifteen minutes during the chaos.

Text Goes Here

At the end of year feast, Dumbledore that Voldemort has returned and was responsible for Cedric’s death. Participate in the Three Digit Challenge during Dumbledore’s speech and as Harry, who sits next to you, explains more details about what happened.

Text Goes Here

Summer vacation is here once again, but this time it comes with a heavy burden on your chest. Write 500 words on the train home, and start preparing for your fifth year at Hogwarts!

Text Goes Here



[quote=“JaxMayflower, post:719, topic:1077”]
A glamourous woman walks into your shop. Her tastes are too highfalutin for your shop. You’re tacky, and she hates you.

  • If you are the youngest or middle child, you try to sell her the mushroom hat. Allow your writing to suck for a solid 25 minutes.

Doing this one first. Want around 1400.
I got 1245.


17 more steps until I’ve finished today’s crawl. But I need to go shower right now.


10 More challenges, but I need to give my fingers a break. I’m starting to slow down a ton! But i’ve already written over 10k words so ummm… yeah that’s fantastic. Plus this book is only supposed to have 15 chapters so I’m already getting ready to start working on the ending…and I started it this morning.

I’m freaking insane. I think i"m going to take my dog for a walk while I rest.


Alright so I did all but 5 today and honestly If I have to see another challenge today I’m going to explode. I’ve written my entire book today (I’m working on the last chapter right now) Honestly it’s been insane and yeah. Will post my final word count once I am done.


15 Chapters
At around 1k words per chapter.

Today my word total is: 15,994 words. Like Brb I’m going to add 6 more words into the last chapter just to make it an even 16k.




My brain is mush


I bet!