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No I’m not going to share. I wrote 16k words today XD and I still don’t have internet sooo I deserve the cookies haha.


Yes, you do very much deserve the cookie. I always have a bunch stacked in my metaphorical house so if you ever write an entire book in a day again, come to meeeee. I should be packing, but it’s BOOORRING


I agree. I’m not very good at packing. My husband is a psycho when it comes to packing. I can send him over tomorrow after noon when he gets off work and he will probably be a little grumpy because he will probably remember that he put the legs on our dining table backwards… whoopsies.


Lmao, that’s always fun. But you guys obviously have the uniqueeest dining table everrrr

NOT THE ERROR AGAIN, ughhh my internet is broke. I think this is a sign that I should get off my computer XD


The whole website was just down. I was having issues as well. You just got them before the rest of us. hehe. It honestly didn’t even look that bad we should just leave it but he is ocd


Lol, I’ll take that as an accomplishment XD MY COMPUTER SCREWED UP BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE’S

Oof, it would make me go crazy too. I’ll help him out with fixing it and you can sit back and eat cookies and laugh at us XD


Perfect! sounds like a wonderful plan.


Lol, you seem so ecstatic about it :rofl:


Becuase it was hard to get the legs on the dining table the first time and Yeah I don’t want to go through it all again.


Lol (Sorry, fell asleep) bet it was :joy: but you know, we mustn’t fret and PUSH THROUGH THE PAINNNN


Someone remind me to start this tomorrow too, I need it :joy: If I don’t reply then please start spamming me because I need to finish my novel. I have around 11K words left with each chapter being 2K each :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I can do that!


Yasss! Thank you! :sweat_smile:


I can too if I remember XD


are y’all gonna write?


I’m just eating breakfast now. I woke up way later than I meant to. :roll_eyes:



  1. No one wants to start writing 10k words right away. Crack your knuckles, let out a breath, and sit down at your desk. Jog a gentle 100 words as you get back into the groove of where your story is (let’s face it, you haven’t done this in a while), and end your sprint mid-sentence.

Wait I think I just realized this was a 10k challenge. My fingers just started crying.
WC: 117 T: 1:24 TWW: 402

  1. Once you’re done with that, go for a few stretches. Write the next two paragraphs.

WC: 160 T: 2:09 TWW: 562

  1. Final warm-up: select one song from your favorite writing playlist and write for its entire duration as if you were going on a casual run on the street and were pushing yourself not to stop until, say, you reach the next intersection.

I’ll just write to the next song on this playlist, which isn’t really my favorite, it’s songs I don’t care about so I can focus. The next song is: Post Malone - Better Now
WC: 236 T: 3:21 TWW: 798


  1. You never want to go all out on your first lap (as you can see, this world crawl is paralleling a race. You’re running. As if that wasn’t a big enough of a hint: this is going to be brutal) so take it easy. This doesn’t mean slack off. Position yourself in the middle of all the other races and sprint for 7 minutes and 2 seconds.

WC: 503 T: 7:02 TWW: 1301

you get less than 403 words, pick up the pace and write nonstop until you reach the next a thousand and a half.

I got more than 403 words so Ha!

  1. Mama didn’t raise no dehydrated raisin just waiting to drop out of the race in the blazing sun, so take a brief swig of water. By brief, I mean keep drinking for five minutes. Once that’s done, get ready to pick up the pace again: you have 20 minutes to get 1,000 words. You’re slowly falling behind and I’m not going to take it easy on you.

WC: 1355 T: 20 Min TWW: 2656

  1. That was fun! Except, all that momentum and speed caused your shoelace to untie. You fall and collapse and scrape your knee and babies are crying and you’re screaming and someone from the stands is wailing and in the distance you hear explosions, and yes, like you feared, there I am: I am standing in the crowd, yelling at you to get up as fast as you can and do 500 words in 5 minutes. There is terror in your eyes, but you’re not weak, are you?

WC: 404 T: 5 Min TWW: 3064

  1. If you completely just bombed that, walk it out for 50 words while you think about what you can do to better your form,

WC: 125 T: IDK TWW: 3189

then sprint 250 words to make up for it.

WC: 298 T: IDK TWW: 3487

If you were right on task, keep a slow pace and try a thirty minute sprint. Go as slow as you want, but don’t stop. Don’t overwork yourself either. As soon as the other racers catch up, we’ll be going at it again.

Okay, I don’t think I’m supposed to do this so I’m not going to.

  1. To close out the first third of the race, do a fifty headed hydra . As in, picture something gruesome with fifty heads is chasing you.

WC: 366 T: 5 MIn TWW: 3853


  1. Take an hour and push through with as many words as you can , again without stopping. Your legs are burning up by now, and each step feels weak. You’re lacking quality, and you know it, but guess what–you didn’t have to be in this position, and yet you are, because you are the one that signed up for NaNoWriMo. Don’t tell me that there’s no point to it, because there is. Instead of complaining, you need to use that valuable time to keep going. At this point, you’re writing just to get ahead. Quantity over quality hurts, but it’s better to be caught up than have nothing at all to edit in a few months.

So… I am going to do this in 4 25 minute intervals. I know it says to not stop but I physically can’t do that and I won’t be able to complete this if I don’t. 20 minutes is hard for me.
WC: T: 25 Min TWW:
WC: T: 25 Min TWW:
WC: T: 25 Min TWW:
WC: T: 25 Min TWW:

  1. Stop. Reflect on what you’ve done so far. We all know the rule: never ever reread. Well, guess what? Time to reread. Complain all you want, but I want you to read all those cringe-worthy lines of garbage that you just wrote. Does that hurt? Does that make you want to quit? Are you tempted to close out of the document right now? Don’t. Instead, learn your lesson to never do this again.


  1. Shake off your inner disappointment in yourself, wipe away those tears, grind your teeth, and get ready to write some more crap as you try to catch up to those running in the front yet again. Aim for 3.5k in 45 minutes. 45 minutes is up and you’re still not there? No excuse not to finish that 3.5k. In fact, punish yourself with an extra 100 words.



  1. Face it, you don’t even want to win anymore. You want to drop out. But I want you to win. Take a final sprint of at least 500 words. You’ve been doing this crawl all day, I know it. Suck it up, punk, and deal with it. You owe me. Most of all, you owe yourself. Don’t let all that time spent be for nothing and finish off strong.



  1. If you’ve reached this point, congratulations. Write a final celebratory paragraph as the crowd at the finish line cheers your name.


  1. You see me approaching you just as you were soaking all of this in. Your heart rate increases–is that even possible at this point??–but then you realize I’m not here to make you write anymore. I pull you in and give you a tight hug, crying as I pat your back the way a dad pats his son’s back when the son, the quarterback of his high school football team, scores the winning touchdown. I’m so proud of you, kid.


  1. In the midst of this hug, however, you realize it’s too good to be true. I’m letting you off way to easy. This can’t possibly be the end. Haha. You’re right. I hope to see you run this same race tomorrow, nerd.



What the heck did I get myself into here. There are a million super super long timed ones on that crawl that you picked XD I hate long timed ones. But oh well. XD


I’m not doing it cuz word count goals. xD I only do 8d20s


What do you mean? Oh nevermind I gotcha. The word count is what works best for me. Mostly cause I’m a fast typer so it feels like I can knock them out quickly and then it’s a sense of accomplishment more often. The long ones I find it’s hard to write consistently and keep up my pace for that long.