Crawl » Finish That Manuscript!


I type like 20 wpm, so… yeah…


I feel you.

Okie, my head is pounding with a headache but I’m going to get started.


I’d join you, but yeah…


Wanna pick out a different one with less timed things? I don’t mind as long as there are still a few. Planning on using the timed ones to work on my HW cause I gotta get it done somehow :joy:


Ahh my furniture is here so I guess I will start writing after


Don’t push yourself too hard. I can join you when I get home in like half an hour. Or I could type on my phone, we’ll see :joy:


No we can stick with this one. I already set it up XD :slight_smile: I got my music set up and everything and now the furniture peeps are here so I’ll get that taken care of then I can write until my husband gets home.


Yayyy! Furniture! Got that couch?


Okie, that’s fine then! Have fun furniture-ing


Shino needs to find her motivation. :rofl:


I need to as well XD


Imma try to start the warm up, but Im tired af and could fall asleep at anytime, but here it goes:





Hey are you writing?!


Ahh I don’t think I can do more today. I find that I’m forcing the story, and forcing the writing and It’s just being really difficult right now. It isn’t what I should be doing, so I managed to get 5k written, But we will see how tomorrow goes and if it’s better I will continue to write.


She totally fell asleep XD




I fell asleep, hmm XD

That’s fine. You really shouldn’t be forcing anything out since it won’t be your best work and you’ve written more than I’ve ever written in a day so good job :joy:

Pffft, what???

Umm so I can’t get a single word down as of now cause it’s late and ince I wrap up my HW I still have a bunch of packing to do (it never ends :sob:) So so much for doing this crawl :joy: Hopefully this weekend


And i tried my best on it for you to fall asleep pfft XD


lmao, sorry, but I need sleep despite claiming that it is only for the dead. Speaking of sleep, it’s 11:30 and I still have a few hours worth of work to do and still am behind on packing, hmmm XD

Also, what’s up with the internet breaking? I haven’t looked much into it, but it seems to be pretty bad. I’m on my hotspot rn


I have no clue XD but you better. Be asleep cause its even later for you now XD