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Harry Potter Year Two Crawl Link:

Gonna start this later today!

You’ve been spending your summer with the Weasleys, and when you and Ron find out that Harry’s in trouble, you go with him, Fred, and George to rescue him in the flying car. Write for ten minutes as you fly home to the Burrow.


WC: 308 T:10 G:5

Molly has some work for you to do to help around the house. For every challenge below that you complete, she gives you one Galleon.
De-gnome the garden: Word war for fifteen minutes with a friend. The loser has to write an additional 100 words!
Fix the clock: Write 250 words.
Help Molly cook dinner: Write for twenty minutes.

I fixed the clock! 286 in 10.

WC: 594 T: 20 G: 6

Errol arrives with everyone’s book lists, and Gilderoy Lockhart’s name is written all over it. Write 3% of your current word count , as you worry that it’ll take 3% of everything you own to buy his books along with everything else you’re going to need.

Okie, I had to write 360, but ended up writing 488 in 15.

WC: 954 T: 35 G: 6

Floo powder power! Floo powder power! Write 500 words in fifteen minutes as you travel to Diagon Alley.
If you are in Ravenclaw, you know exactly how to use Floo powder and may skip this round for free.
If you succeed: You spot a Galleon on the ground outside of the fireplace! What luck!
If you fail: You end up in Knockturn Alley with Harry. Write an additional 200 words as you find your way back to the Weasleys.

I got 636 in 15 woooo!

WC:1590 T:50 G:7

That was day 4 of this crawl^

But day 4 over all is WC:3298 T: 105

Your first stop is Gringotts to pick up some additional money for your school books. Write for ten minutes. The amount of words you write will determine how many Galleons you take out of your vault.
Less than 150 words: 1 Galleon
150-250 words: 2 Galleons
More than 250 words: 3 Galleons
Less than 200 words: 1 Galleon
200-300 words: 2 Galleons
More than 300 words: 3 Galleons
Less than 300 words: 1 Galleon
300-400 words: 2 Galleons
More than 400 words: 3 Galleons

Continueing on day 5! Not gonna get much done today, but aye, let’s go for the good old 1,667. And now looking at it, it doesn’t seem like I’m a pureblood, just a muggleblood because the first is just slow in general.

Got 387 which means I probably get 3 galleons. Not that I need anymore :joy:

WC: 387 T:10 G:10

You spend so much money in the book shop buying your books. Write 500 words as you try to balance your new books along with everything else you’ve purchased.

640 in 15 minutes.

WC: 1,027 T: 25 G10

On September 1st, you go with Harry and the Weasleys to Kings Cross Station, but you get stuck outside of Platform 9 ¾! You, Harry, and Ron decide to find another way to get to school this year… Word war with a friend for an hour during the long drive- er, flight in the Ford Anglia. The winner gets to take a Galleon from the other.


WC: 1,027 T: 25 G9

Upon your arrival at Hogwarts, you crash into a strange tree that starts to attack you! Write 300 words as you escape from the tree and take the walk of shame into the school.


346 in 10!

WC: 1373 T: 35 G: 9

It’s a miracle that you’ve arrived back at school safely, and that you weren’t expelled. Instead, your Head of House decides that you will be serving your detention with them.
You are not allowed to skip this round even if you have enough Galleons to do so.
Gryffindors: Write for 30 minutes as you search Professor McGonagall’s classroom frantically for the needles that Peeves decided to hide from the first years.
Hufflepuffs: Write 400 words in fifteen minutes as you help Professor Sprout transport some Mandrakes into Greenhouse Three. If you fail , your earmuffs become loose and you faint from their shrieks. Write an additional 150 words.
Ravenclaws : Write 500 words as you gather feathers for Professor Flitwick to use with his students.
Slytherins : Do the Three Digit Challenge as you collect ingredients around Hagrid’s hut for Snape’s newest potions.

Well, they have 4 posts so…

Gilderoy Lockhart turns out to be a babbling idiot and tells you to roll a die, multiply your roll by 100, and write that many words in order to catch all of the Cornish pixies he let loose in his classroom. Naturally, it doesn’t work, but Hermione takes care of them for you. Immobulus !

rolled a 1 so 100+4 from before that’s 104. K

120 in 3 minutes or smth.

Ron is puking slugs after standing up for Hermione. Take him to Hagrid’s hut and write for five minutes as you help him to feel better.
If you are in Hufflepuff, you would help Ron no matter what and may skip this round for free.

182 in 5

WC: 1674 T:43 G:9

End of day 5!

Day 1: 329 T:10
Day 2: 3541 T:110
Day 3: 6185 T:174
Day 4: 3298 T:105
Day 5: 1674 T:43

You’re invited to Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday party on Halloween night. But the question is, will you go to the party or to the feast?
If you go to the feast : Complete a Fifty Headed Hydra as you stuff your face with delicious food. You do feel bad about not going to the party, though…
If you go to the party : Write for twenty minutes as you stand around the party, bored out of your mind and wishing you were eating food at the feast. When no one is around to notice, Harry slips a Galleon into your hand and thanks you for coming with him.


On your way back to the dormitory, you discover Mrs. Norris hanging from a torch racket, somehow Petrified… and somehow Filch seems to think that you did it! Write to the nearest thousand as you try to explain to Dumbledore and Filch that you couldn’t have done it because you’re not the Heir of Slytherin.

Using another galleon would be stupid, but I don’t wanna write 992 words. I’ll do it…

You and your friends decide to join the Dueling Club, and you’re excited to show off your skills!

Word war for fifteen minutes with a friend. The winner of the duel gets bragging rights; the loser has to write an additional 100 words.

Merry Christmas! Your plans for the day: sneak into the Slytherin common room using Polyjuice potion to interrogate Malfoy and ask if he’s the Heir of Slytherin. Write 400 words as you impersonate a Slytherin student by taking the potion.

If you are in Slytherin, you already have access to the Slytherin common room and may skip this round for free.

Harry approaches you, Ron, and Hermione and tells you that Hagrid very possibly could have opened the Chamber of Secrets when he attended Hogwarts. You’re not sure if you believe him, so write for fifteen minutes as Harry explains his logic to you.

As you’re sitting in the stands waiting for the Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff Quidditch match to start, Professor McGonagall announces that the match is canceled and that you need to head to your common room immediately. Roll a die, multiply your roll by 100, and write that many words .

The news gets out that Hermione and a Ravenclaw prefect were Petrified, and you, Harry, and Ron decide that it’s time to talk to Hagrid about what happened in the Chamber of Secrets. You have to hide underneath the invisibility cloak when the Minister of Magic arrives and takes Hagrid away. Write for five minutes after he leaves while you wait to see if the coast is clear to head back to the castle.

During your Herbology class, you spot a trail of spiders heading out the door. That night, complete the Three Digit Challenge as you follow the trail and nearly get eaten by Hagrid’s giant spider, Aragog.

If you are in Gryffindor, you aren’t fazed by the terrifying spider and may skip this round for free.

There’s been another message left by the Heir of Slytherin, and this time, Ginny’s been kidnapped. You go with Harry, Ron and Lockhart into the girl’s bathroom, where you discover the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Write 300 words as you go down into the chamber.

It’s lucky that Ron broke his wand at the beginning of the year- when Lockhart tries to perform a Memory Charm on you, it backfires on him! He’s the one who loses his memory, plus it causes a part of the ceiling to cave in, separating you and Harry from Ron and Lockhart. Write for twenty minutes as you try to get past the rubble.

It’s no use- you have to go with Harry further into the chamber. Participate in a Fifty-Headed Hydra as you search for the monster.
You are not allowed to skip this round even if you have enough Galleons to do so.
If you write 500 words : You spot Ginny lying on the floor and run to her side. Complete the next two rounds.
If you do not write 500 words : You hear something moving behind you and turn around, spotting the reflection of a giant basilisk in the water on the floor. You are Petrified! Skip the next two rounds and take a thirty minute writing break as time passes and you wait to be revived.

You spot a young man around sixteen who Harry seems to recognize. His name is Tom Riddle, and he reveals that he’s nothing more than a memory of Lord Voldemort’s younger self. When you declare your loyalty to Dumbledore, Tom sets the basilisk on you! Write for 45 minutes as you try to defend yourself and avoid the basilisk’s gaze.

Fawkes flies down into the chamber with the Sorting Hat, and when Harry puts it on, a sword falls out of it, which he uses to kill the basilisk. You take one of the basilisk’s fangs and stab the diary. Write 100 words as the memory of Tom Riddle disappears.

After you get out of the hospital wing from your injuries, the year quickly ends and summer vacation is here. Write for fifteen minutes at the end of year feast before boarding the Hogwarts Express home for the summer.


You’ve done Year 1?


Yup! It’s been really helpful!


This took me a while to do (it was mainly the 1667 word one) but here it is!

It’s October 31st! November is still some hours away for you, but you already see shoutouts popping up by people who have already started! Do a 10 minute word war as you attempt to shake of the jealousy.

202 words.

As your local time slowly approaches midnight, you are in your regional chat. You’re talking with your region mates about how excited you all are! Do a 20 minute word war as you let out your excitement a bit.

520 words.

In the last hour before midnight, you are of course awake and eagerly waiting until you can finally start writing! How prepared are you to start, anyway?

If you’re a planner, you’re very well prepared. Write 200 words as you get out your outlines and character profiles in order to start!
If you’re a plantser, you have something prepared. Write 300 words as you get out everything you have prepared.
If you’re a pantser, you may not have anything prepared at all. Write 600 words as you get yourself a drink, a snack, and try to think of something to start with!

I’m a plantser, so I need to write 300 words.

324 words in 9 minutes and 46 seconds.

It is 10 minutes to midnight! You and your chat mates are still extremely excited, of course. But now, some of you are starting to feel anxious. What if you haven’t prepared enough? What if you’re too busy? What if you can’t do this? Do a fifty headed hydra to kick Doubt in the face!

I’m definitely going to fail this, but oh well.

Definitely failed it. I wrote 120 words.

OMG, IT’S MIDNIGHT! Quick, WRITE ALL THE WORDS! Write 1667 words before bed!

I’m gonna do this but I’m not going to time it.

1,848 words before I realised I went over.

Satisfied with the night’s work, you prepare for bed. Write 100 words as you get yourself into bed and go to sleep.

106 words in 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

After you’ve woken up and done other things for the day, you have more time to write! Do a #1k30minutes challenge to get yourself going again!

I got 780 words, not quite 1000.

Later in the day, you notice that @NaNoWordSprints are sprinting on Twitter! Join them! (ACTUALLY literally join @NaNoWordSprints for an hour. If you don’t have Twitter or you don’t want to join/the account isn’t sprinting, do an Epic Music Hour instead!)

I can’t be bothered writing for an hour, so I’m not going to do this. My fingers are starting to hurt.

Oh my, how did it get to almost midnight? You set a goal for yourself, and you may have to scramble to hit it! Try to write 1000 words in 20 minutes in order to make the best of your first day of NaNo!

I’m not going to be able to do this, but oh well.

460 words. And this is now done.

Total words for this: 4,360


@RobotAmbassador roll 1d6


:game_die: 1


I’m back! Let’s do this!

The next step in your hunt for Horcruxes is to break into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault at Gringotts and look for another Horcrux: Helga Hufflepuff’s cup. You and the group talk to Griphook the goblin and ask him for help in breaking into the bank, and he accepts, but only if you give him the sword of Gryffindor in return. Roll a die, multiply your roll by 200, and write that many words as you plan the break in.

I rolled a 1 so I need to write 200 words.

236 in 10 minutes.

With Hermione disguised as Bellatrix Lestrange, you successfully make it past the front desk, the depths of the bank, and into the vault. As you begin to search for the cup, the gold and treasures inside begin to multiply rapidly. In order to escape, you must write 3000 words. However, for each Galleon that you have, you will decrease this amount by 100 words. (For example, if you have 10 Galleons, you will only write 2000 words. 10x100=1000, 3000-1000=2000.) However, in doing so, you lose all of your Galleons. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to skip this round even if you have enough Galleons to do so.

I have 28 Galleons and 28 x 100 = 2800. 3000 - 2800 = 200. I need to write 200 words.

206 words in 5 minutes and 49 seconds.

Many guards attempt to capture you on your way out of the vault, but you escape on the back of a dragon being kept captive in the bank. Participate in a Fifty Headed Hydra as you fly on its back to the edge of a lake. If you successfully write 500 words in five minutes, you spot a Galleon on the ground.

I’m definitely going to fail this.

170 words. Definitely failed.

There are three Horcruxes destroyed (the diary, the ring, and the locket), and you have a fourth, and now there are only two left. Harry believes that one is hidden at Hogwarts, and you decide to Apparate to Hogsmeade and figure out a way to get inside. As soon as you arrive, you’re cornered by Death Eaters. However, an old man bearing a striking resemblance to Albus Dumbledore comes to your aid. He reveals himself to be Aberforth, Albus’s younger brother. Write for thirty minutes as you listen to him talk about Albus’s past.

1,066 words.

In order to get into the castle, Aberforth opens a passageway, and Neville greets you. Before you leave, Aberforth gives you a Galleon to help you during the inevitable battle. Neville leads you through a passageway that leads to the Room of Requirement, which is now a shelter for those abused the most by Snape’s regime as Headmaster. Harry tells them about the possibility of a Horcrux at Hogwarts, and you write 600 words as you brainstorm what the relic of Ravenclaw could be.

I now have 1 Galleon. Nice.

629 words in 19 minutes and 38 seconds.

Voldemort has discovered that his Horcruxes are being destroyed, and he has assembled an army of supporters to attack Hogwarts. He announces that he will attack at midnight, giving you time to write for an hour in order to prepare for the battle.

1,671 words!

You believe that the Horcrux, the lost diadem of Ravenclaw, could be in the Room of Requirement, and you and the trio enter the room. You’re intercepted by Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle, who begin to duel with you when Crabbe misfires the Fiendfyre spell and sets the room ablaze. The Horcrux is destroyed by the magical fire, but you write 500 words as you barely make it out of the room alive.

548 words in 15 minutes and 10 seconds.

The last Horcrux to be destroyed is Voldemort’s snake, Nagini. You, Harry, Ron, and Hermione go down to the Shrieking Shack, where Voldemort is waiting out the battle. There, you overhear his conversation with Snape about the Elder Wand, and he sets his snake on Snape in order to become the master of the wand. Once Voldemort is gone, you run out to Snape and write 400 words as you witness his death.

I wrote 506 in 13 minutes and 8 seconds.

Harry has disappeared, and you’re given an hour to take care of the casualties of the battle. Among them are some of your dearest friends: Fred, Lupin and Tonks, Lavender Brown, and Colin Creevey. Write for twenty minutes as you spend a quiet moment with those that remain mourning the dead.

479 words.

The next time you see Harry is when Voldemort arrives, forcing Hagrid to carry his dead body in his arms. Grief overwhelms you, but you’re distracted by Neville, who stands up to Voldemort’s taunting and slays Nagini. Reinforcements arrive, and the battle commences more intensely than ever. Write 1500 words during this last stretch of the battle. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to skip this round even if you have enough Galleons to do so.

1,560 words in 51 minutes and 58 seconds.

Harry suddenly pulls off the Invisibility Cloak, revealing that he’s actually alive. He faces down Voldemort in the Great Hall and reveals that instead of Snape being master of the Elder Wand by killing Dumbledore, it was actually Draco, who disarmed him. When Harry took Draco’s wand from him at Malfoy Manor, he became the true master of the Elder Wand. Voldemort refuses to believe him and fires the Killing Curse, which rebounds and hits him instead. He falls to the floor, dead at last. There’s one moment of stillness, and then you write 250 words in celebration of the end of the war.

290 words in 7 minutes and 57 seconds.

Families are reunited, friends comfort each other, and Harry finds you, along with Ron and Hermione, and explains everything that happened after he disappeared, from seeing Snape’s memories to his time in limbo at King’s Cross. He repairs his own wand before destroying the Elder Wand, ridding it of its powers. You and your friends sit together quietly, and you write for five minutes as you realise that all is well.

167 words.

I am done with the Harry Potter Crawl. It was fun while it lasted cries
For this part I wrote 7,528 words.
For this year I wrote 14,395 words.
For this entire thing I wrote 84,114 words.
I will miss you, crawl.


You’ve done it all.


The entire Harry Potter crawl :scream: I’m so proud of you! *wipes tears*


I have!

Thank you! cries


Since I’ve completed the Harry Potter Crawl, I’m going to post a new one for me. Anyone can do it too

The Word Crawl Crawl

  1. You’re sitting at your desk, procrastinating about writing (or not, I dunno, but if you’re on the forums…). Write for 5 minutes at your own pace.

  2. Eventually you decide to get off the forums and write. However, you can’t seem to get a single word into your story, and so you go to the forums again, discovering an interesting word crawl. You think to yourself ‘yeah why not, it’ll get my word count up’. If you have written less than half of your current average words per day (all of today, not just in this crawl) or if your average is lower than the average you need to write per day, write 500 words. If you’ve written more than half of your current average, write 300 words.

  3. So…you’re writing. Well, you’re actually reading this line, but let’s pretend you’re writing. You’ve passed the second step of your word crawl and you’ve written a pleasing amount of words (I hope). You go back onto the forums page with the word crawl so you can find out what to do next. The next step is a choice. Choose a, b, c, or d. You’ll have to get two six-sided dice. Sorry. They’re available online though… Don’t do the same option twice. If you end up doing all of them, no matter what you get on the last one, go straight to the next step.***

a: roll the dice and add the totals. If your result is six or less, sprint to the nearest 1000 and choose either b, c or d unless you’ve already done it. If your result if more than six, sprint to the nearest 1000 and go to the next step.

b: roll the dice and subtract the smaller number from the larger number. If the answer is 3-5, do a 10-minute word war. If the answer is 1 or 2, do a 15-minute word war and choose either a, c or d unless you have already done it. If you end up with a 0, do a 3-digit challenge and go to the next step.

c: roll the dice and multiply the two numbers. If your result is higher than 18, write for 20 minutes and go to the next step. If your result is 18 or lower, perform a fifty-headed hydra. If you fail, write another 500 words to catch up and choose a, b or d.

d: roll the dice and divide the larger number by the smaller number. If the result is not a decimal, write 200 words and go to the next step. If the result is a decimal, write 1000 words and choose either a, b or c.

  1. Yes, I just made you do maths. But hey at least it worked huh? Anyway, back to the point, you’ve (finally) passed the third step. Write for 30 minutes for the amount of time it’s taken me to get this far (you know, distractions and stuff, kind of like when you procrastinate). Save the amount of words for later reference.

  2. This word crawl is actually quite fun (come on you know it is). Step four was a breeze, and now you’re on step five. This time it looks like you’ll need to write fast. Time to get those fingers moving! Write as fast as you can for 10 minutes. Save amount of words for later reference.

  3. You’ve almost reached the end of the crawl now and your word count is massive (I hope). You write for a bit more, going through a few more steps. Write for 15 minutes at your own pace.

  4. What do you know, it’s nearly the last step. You decide to check your word count and start to drool at the amount you’ve written today. If you have written less than 3000 words since the beginning of the crawl, write 1000 words. If you’ve written more than 3000 words, write 500 words.

  5. Time to celebrate because you’ve written so much today it’s pretty damn amazing! Actually before that you need to finish that word crawl you’ve started. Remember step 4? If you’ve written less than 1100 words in that step, write another 200 words. That is your new total. If you’ve written more than 1100 words in that step ignore the first bit. Add your total for step 4 to your total from step 5 and write that many words to polish off.

  6. Go outside and relax. Seriously. Your fingers and hands are probably hurting. You need to stay healthy, you know. NaNoWriMo shouldn’t take up your entire life.


This looks like an alright word crawl. Don’t think I can do it all today, but I can see if I can get it done by the end of the week…

Word crawl/Library Crawl

< Word crawl

This is supposed to be a short crawl that can be done in one day, or even one session. I can’t promise it contains anything new or fancy, but hopefully it will help you on your way to 50k.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Good Morning : Wait, they don’t allow coffee in the library, do they? Sprint to 100 words while you gulp down the contents of your cup.

Exposé : There are shelves and shelves full of books. So many to choose from! Do a 10-minute Word War while you’re browsing through them.

Cover Art : This one looks intriguing. You leaf through to the last page to see how long it is. Take a random number between 350 and 800 and write as many words at your own pace.

Sideplots : Somehow your thoughts keep straying today. Focus by giving yourself a modified Three-Digit-Challenge : Look at the bottom of this page to find out how many people are online right now. Take the last three digits of that number and write as many words. [EDIT FOR WATTPAD: NUMBER OF POSTS]

No Talking : The guy over there just can’t stop blabbing, which is somewhat irritating. Interrupt your reading for a 5-minute Word War while you tell him to be quiet.

Plot Twist : You stare at the pages in disbelief. This revelation is impossible and somewhat upsetting. Convert your sudden burst of emotions into a furious sprint to 1000 words .

Denouement : This was intense. All that’s left is to follow the story to its conclusion. There are only 25 pages left. Write as many sentences .

The End : You slowly close the book and return it to the shelves, but the story still sticks with you for a while. You write for 20 minutes while you sort your thoughts, then it’s time to go home because the library will close any minute.

(Notice: as a person that works the closing shift in a library, I can assure you this: If you are the kind of person that hangs around in the library until closing time, the staff there do not like you.)


@RobotAmbassador roll 2d6


:game_die: 5, 5