Create a MK/Injustice 2 intro for your characters

Those of you who play know what I’m talking about, but those who don’t might have to look it up.

Make an intro or two with your characters as if they were in a game. It can revolve around the story/book or just be random chatter.

If you don’t understand, just ask me to explain.

You can chat here but at least post an intro once.

KATRINA: Looking good, Nate.
NATE: I know.
KATRINA: A simple ‘thank you’ would’ve done.

RHEA: What are you doing here?
THOMAS: I came here to explain.
RHEA: More like lie

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I’ll give this a shot.

Armis: I’m not a kid anymore Damascus!
Damascus Alright big man, keep up this time.
Armis: If I don’t, Rose will

Niro: I’m not in this for the money
Embra I came to explain, Niro! Not fight.
Niro Should’ve done that centuries ago

Nick This your idea of date night?
Carrie Beating your ass for running off with Annaliese? Yep
Nick I already said I was sorry!

Frisk How many times do I have to say that we shouldn’t fight!
Chara You think you have the right to say that after what you pulled?
Frisk I know I did wrong by you but we shouldn’t hurt each other

Damascus Looking good mate. That a new scar?
Niro Thought I’d cut it in advance
Damascus Didn’t know you cut for no reason.

Ava Sorry in advance, Your Highness
Frisk I created your timeline but we’re friends, it isn’t like that.
Ava Not even a friendly plea to stop?

Rose The time for games is over
Eli Take your own advice for once
Rose Why do you think I’m telling you?

Noire Does this bring back memories, cousin?
Frisk I’m not your cousin, and no.
Noire Not even wanting to kill yourself by any means possible?

Armis Geez, you’re a wreck
Chara Try killing your own family, then get back to me
Armis Sorry… didn’t know


Let’s see:

Neil: Fear the power of the rooster!
Leon: You crow too much.
Neil: Never provoke a rooster!

Edwin: roars
Leon: Bears will never roar louder than lions.
Edwin: roars

Lyn: Oh, look! It’s our local big grumpy kitty!
Leon: Go bug someone else, annoying little butterfly.
Lyn: Cheer up, kitty!

Volans the Flying Fish: Ah, a tasty human!
Leon: Fish oughta be served on a dinner plate with chips and tartar sauce.
Volans the Flying Fish: You’re going to a dinner plate!

Lepus the Hare: You cannot run away from your inner demons forever.
Leon: I don’t need a lecture from my prey.
Lepus the Hare: Very well.

Corvus the Raven: You humans are nothing but food for my kind.
Leon: You sure are arrogant for a prey.
Corvus the Raven: So are you, human.

Tie Long: To face negativity with negativity, is to add more fire to a roaring fire.
Leon: Your positivity is sickening.
Tie Long: You can use some positivity in your life, friend.

Glenn: Nothing is impossible as long as I don’t give up!
Leon: Optimism is for fools.
Glenn: You’re so annoying!


@TheBiologist13 @Arkotract Those are both good!


Raiju: Can we not talk about this now.

Luzia: I think its the perfect time to discuss your browser history.

Raiju: It was nothing but research. We’re not doing any of that!


Luzia: How many hits to sober you up?

Daji: People haven’t hit me enough to that point sadly.

Luzia: Can I be the first?


Daji: I see you staring. Think I’m hot, huh?

Raiju: Stop, I wasn’t! You trying to make Luzia made at me?

Daji: Maybe you shouldn’t have drank my wine.

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I’ll take a crack at this, seems fun

Sensory: I was warned about you…
Deddy Bear: I am just a lonely little bear.
Sensory: You’re a psychopathic murderer!

Deddy Bear: I’ll rip your face off! I’ll gobble your throat up! I’ll eat your ass cheeks!
Sensory: Why are you like this!?
Deddy Bear: Twenty years in hell will do that to you.

Sensory: Send Rosary’s friends back home Saturday.
Mr. Saturday: Or what? You’ll shoot my other knee cap out?
Sensory: Ugh, sure if you really want that.

Heat: You have some nerve showing you’re face!
Ace: You used to be so tender to me.
Heat: And now I’d rather swing dance with a cactus than be with you.

Gyro: I’ve always wanted to kick your ass ever since I first saw you.
Ace: You think beating me will make Heat happy!
Gyro: Well, it’s going to make me happy so…

Heat: You’re sending me and my friends back home now!
Mr. Saturday: I can’t allow you to go back.
Heat: Then let me persuade you then.

Deddy Bear: You’ve come to free your little heroes from my nightmares?
Mr. Saturday: And I’ve come to end your nightmares bear boy.
Deddy Bear: Those mortals souls are mine! And I’m a bear man, not boy! I’m sensitive!!


This seems really fun actually lol

Leon: Finally got rid of all that armor huh?
Royce: It slowed me down.
Leon: Least you finally figured that out.

Royce: I want to settle this.
Leon: You know the little brother always loses right?
Royce: Not this time.

Carny: Where is- HE?!
Royce: Calm down Carny!
Carny: Birdie! … Stop- hiding Him!

Natalia: Are we getting paid to do this?
Leon: If we weren’t I wouldn’t have said yes.
Natalia: Alright then, just don’t cry when I smack you.

Leon: Out of my way Carny!
Carny: NO! I- I need his help!
Leon: Then you’re dead to me.

Skorge: Why are you siding with them over your own kind?!
Leon: I’m not, but you went after Natalia and for that, you die.
Skorge: We’ll see…

Kayos: You’re coming with me whether you want to or not.
Leon: Over my dead body.
Kayos: If that’s how you want it.

Carny: Fake, where is He?
Kayos: Carny, stand down now!
Carny: Tell me Fake, or Carny takes your face!

Kayos: I stopped you before I’ll do it again.
Skorge: You’re welcome to try.
Kayos: I don’t try. I do.

Leon: You know I kind of agree with you.
Skorge: Then help me get rid of the humans!
Leon: No, you made this personal when you went after my family.


Guess I’ll do another one lol.

Isa: Why are we fighting?
Morgan: You’re the only one that can take a hit.
Isa: Kay! :blush:

Troy: Morgan I can’t bring myself to hurt you!
Morgan: Who says you can?
Troy: Just makes me love you that much more.

Ruin: Alright Isa, are you ready?
Isa: Come on I want to go another round with him!
Ruin: Alright then. Shadour, come!

Morgan: Go home prince.
Avil: No, you treat me like you would any other opponent.
Morgan: You’re not ready for that.

Shard: Have you trained?
Isa: Oh yeah! I’m a lot stronger than I was the last time.
Shard: Then show me your results.

Zula: Say you’re a king now right?
Avil: Yes, but I’m not going to hand over the treasury to a pirate.
Zula: Good, that takes the fun out of it.

Shard: I see the Tri-Blades have found a wielder.
Troy: Yeah… kinda wish it wasn’t me though.
Shard: We all have burdens we dont want.



Eh, time for part 2

Bats: I’m a big fan o’ve ya and ye friends.
Heat: I’m flattered, now get out of my way!
Bats: Well aren’t you a rude bloke.

Rosary: More training Jen? I’ve had enough.
Sensory: Good, use that anger, I want to see if it helps this time.
Rosary: You can be so unbearable.

Bio: You’ve come to fight? We need each other to co-exist!
Mr. Saturday: I only need my friends not some fear stricken mad scientist.
Bio: I guess it’s time you learn how fear can be more of a strength than a weakness.

Sensory: Gyro you’re at a ten right now and I need you to take it to a four.
Gyro: What!? Some has been superhero is going to tell me how to act!?!?!?
Sensory: Has been? Okay, now I’m going to actually kick your ass.

Gyro: What cartoon show did you just roll out of?
Bats: Well that’ll be Bats and Crocs! Adventure’n pals! Would you like a cameo?
Gyro: Wait, you serious?

Rosary: I knew I would eventually find you.
Bio: As planned, now are you ready for what happens next?
Rosary: Oh you can bet on it.

Heat: You’ve been haunting Gyro with those nightmares?
Deddy Bear: On top of that I’ve also hidden her keys.
Heat: I’m putting an end to this.

Machina: You’re one of Saturday’s allies…interesting.
Bats: He told me what ye do to people, you’re a real vile wanker!
Machina: Mr. Saturday fails to understand the Everhood. It is only the last phase of organic evolution.

Sensory: Bio told me about your obscene ideology.
Machina: I only wish to protect all organic life. To bring it to it’s final evolutionary state.
Sensory: By forcefully merging it together?

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Pilo: “You look like shit, May!”
May: “I was supposed to be retired.”
Pilo: “Maybe I can help you get back to retirement.”

Dallin: “Ah, the troubled Capo.”
May: “Can I see her again?”
Dallin: “When I’m done thats all you will.”

December: “I see you crawled out of the hole I put you in.”
May: “I’ll put you back into it.”
December: “Bold for a deadman.”

June: “Still upset I dealed to July?”
Drac: “You made one of our capos Overdose.”
June: “I told him not to get high on his own supply.”

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Bloom: you’re… a… chicken…
Goody-The-Salty: I’m stronger than you so shut up or you die.

General Amel: You’re a disgrace to the club, no, the entire family! You were supposed to be the example! you better win that match…
Jack: yes…

Bloom: I’m gonna pass that exam and be the first woman ever in the club!
Aisha: you seem pretty confident about that.
Bloom: Yep!

Louis: ha! if you think you’re better than me!
Jack: No, who said that?
Bloom: Why are you always making this awkward…

Goody-The-Salty: This is your friend?
Bloom: I’m gonna tell you a secret, he’s not.
Jack: Hey, I heard that!

Goody-The-Salty: How are a strong warrior like you blind?
Bloom: Oh! Do you finally admit that I’m strong?!
Goody-The-Salty: P-pretend I d-didn’t say anything…

“I’m gonna win with both my eyes closed!”

(I find it bad :sweat_smile:)

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Rex: Didn’t know you were into getting decked, man
Aidan: Dude, I can kick your ass easy
Rex: Maybe once you drop a couple pounds

Nadya: Oh, look who it is…
Rex: Get me outta here!! This lady’s psycho, man!
Nadya: I’ll have fun with this

Aidan: Oh no… Are you still mad about that?
Nadya: What exactly would I be mad about?
Aidan: I’m boned…

After a rematch.
Venus: “Score for Venus, I’m up one!”
Caro: “Where’d you learn to count!? We’re even!”
Venus: “Prove it wimp.”

Garrak: You’ve got some nerve coning up in here looking for me

Louise: I am the birthrite of your cataclysm

Garrak: And I’m da joker baby