Create a plot based on the photo above (GAME)


I thought this could be fun and interesting :smile: Basically as the title says, you create a plot based off only the photo the above, then add a photo for the next person below.


I like this!
So my plot- The sunshine boy- Francis Meilon, the gloomy girl- Lily Williams, a farmhouse, a dog, a rusty old truck and a weekend.
What happens when two teenagers are locked in a kitchen, with a dog and no way out for the rest of the night? They cook, they talk, well, try to and it’s all a literal disaster.

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A warrior of a kingdom - gets a magical locket that changes her whole perception of the world - a war has to be fought and people have to be saved - nothing looks like what it used to be - everything turns out to be a facade - she has only one person to rely on, her talking sword Merinda.

This is my pictureIMG_20190210_213113_115


After the death of his wife, an old man ties his house to enough balloons to float his house and use it to travel to South America, like he always wanted to do with her. He’s accompanied by a scout who becomes an accidental stowaway, as well as a dog–

Just kidding.

There’s a legend in the mountains that every so often a house will appear out of nowhere, and a friendly old lady welcomes everyone who knocks on her door. But every time they try to revisit her afterwards, the house is gone—at best they find it floating away, attached to a bunch of balloons. Somehow, the lady always knows where she is needed. But it’s not until two kids hide inside her house and fly away with it that it comes out who she truly is…

Alright, now here goes mine:


This one’s really difficult :laughing:

Leigh awakenes in a warped purgatory shrouded in various hues of blue, surrounded by a long, streching hallway filled with peculiar doors. Drawn to the twisted aqua door at the very end of the hall, she attempts to reach it, only for the hall to strench and bend the closer she gets. Within every doorway lies a memory, a burden, and trauma that she must face in order to finally reach the pull of peace the mysterious door invokes.

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Three childhood friends come back to the coastal tourist trap of a town they grew up in over the summer before senior year of college. They have to deal with the childhood bullies and first loves that they left behind, but a more sinister threat lurks. In one of the girl’s attics, there is a time capsule, full of photographs from their elementary and middle school years. A time capsule they placed there in eighth grade, to open during the summer before senior year. But something changed over seven years. Something that will make them question their entire friendship. Something they will not be able to believe they forgot, and something that somebody doesn’t want them to remember. Apparently their group of three was once a group of four.



Rose Moon (couldn’t think of anything else lol)

A girl, Harper Johnson, stumbles upon a beautiful white rose. However, it is wilting, and its petals are falling and it will soon be without petals. She learns that the rose symbolises the moon, that the moon’s state is controlled by the rose’s. The rose is wilting, though - and if the rose wilts, so does the moon. And without the moon…

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“Nobody? Call me that. Why? Simple. Because I am a nobody.
Sigh. Now I am talking to myself again? Guess that comes with the loneliness”
She was running. Running, like she never did before. Until suddenly? Everything ends. And now she is “nobody”. But what even happened to her?

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Anime plot: Kamran Dragontide is a young boy living in a small fantasy village in the middle of the forest. His life is perfectly normal until his thirteenth birthday, when he spots a grass dragon at the bottom of a canyon. The grass dragon is seriously hurt, and, after Kamran patches them up, accepts Kamran as their rider. (Yes, the grass dragon uses NB pronouns.) This catapults Kamran into a prophecy, where he must gain the seven Draconic Crystals in order to keep them out of the wrong hands. But since Kamran is impulsive and young, the wrong hands might just be his. After all, power corrupts, right?



Hope this brings the thread back to life

It’s A Small World

If you had told Dave Littles he’d eventually live up to his surname, he would think you were telling him a bad joke. That was, until one morning he woke up just under three-inches tall, and let’s just say it was a perspective change. Now Dave is on the world’s tiniest journey to figure out who the hell did this to him and how to get them to undo it.

If only a leaf raft weren’t his best means of transportation…


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Dylan Hargreaves works as a conductor on the trains in the new part of town. Or that is his alias. On the night shift however, he frequently sneaks out to do… other things. When a body of a young women he has been stalking for the last month is found, he must do everything he can to avoid suspiscion.

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A genetic modification company creates a completely new plant - a combination of tropical coral and cacti, with pieces of DNA from some type of alien lifeform. Scientists all over the world are impressed, causing the new plant to be known the world over. But this new plant has a dark secret. One scientist. Then two. Then ten. Then everybody in the lab is falling to something, something mysterious… And as more people begin to research this synthetic plant, more people begin to realize exactly what it is - and what the strange ailment affecting its scientists is. But will this… thing be stopped before it can take control of the world?



Beautiful betrayal
To the men of Xenia, there are whispers of a woman who lives deep in the woods. Her skin is as soft as grass and her voice as sweet as berries. She smells of clean linen and morning dew. she is perfection in itself. But if you spot her, don’t fall in love with her. She’ll trap you forever in the woods. Those are the stories that Jameson grew up with, and he never believed them. until his brother disappeared one day. now he’s out to find the woman who stole his brother and take his revenge.

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Maya’s a vain girl who just purchased a high end makeup brand off a street vender. Turns out that was a bad idea as her skins flaking, changing color, and she suddenly can read thoughts.


When she took the internship at CEF Labs, she thought nothing of it. They did biological research, and that was her major. It paid, too, though just minimum wage. Until her first day, when she discovered that taking the internship at Containment and Experimentation Facilities Labs was a horrible mistake.


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The Gold Path
Once a year, in the woods surrounding the kingdom, steaks of golden light emits from the ground, leading towards the steps of five random homes in the kingdom. The first born child in those houses walk on that path in a trance and into the woods, only to be never seen again.

Alya has lost friends and neighbors to this light. She has even lost her older brother to it when the path to their home was lit five years ago, during the the first Gold Path. She thinks she and her younger siblings are safe, but when the path to their house lights up again, and Alya can feel something, or someone calling her to the woods, she can’t help but follow the Gold Path. But is she prepared for where it leads? Or more importantly, who it leads to?


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The kingdom has began to expect a magical smoke that comes once every seven years. It seems to do nothing, but it does something strange to the children born in it. All newborns, born when the magical smoke filled the air, had translucent skin and silver eyes. As these children grew up, others began to notice their magical abilities and strange, almost hive-mind-esque connection with others like them. Residents of the kingdom have mostly gotten used to this strange smoke, but some wish for answers…



There is this ancient creature who brings death around it, until a little girl opens the creatures heart about beauty and life.



Death Stare

Amelia hated the glass doll her mother bought her for christmas, it was unattractive and had the type of eyes that stared into her soul. Amelia swore the glass eyes followed her around and that was why Amelia had to destory the doll. The solution was simple, Amelia dropped the doll from her second floor bedroom window. Amelia went to sleep that night with a smile on her face because her mother had no choose but to throw the doll away. Amelia thought she would never have to see the creepy doll again until she woke up in the middle of the night to see the cracked doll laying on her bedroom floor with a note attached to it. What did the note say ? And how will Amelia survive the creepy glass doll ?



Title is @earthling-chick asks:
An alien becomes an incredibly popular Tumblr artist, but when they’re beamed back up into space, their fans start asking questions. One stalkerfan who’s taken her obsession to creepy levels - url @earthling-chick, real name Christienna - attempts to find her favorite blogger IRL. Her search ends up leading her into space, but can one obsessive fangirl survive life on a spaceship and convince her interstellar senpai to continue their blog?