Create a plot based on the photo above (GAME)


Title: Mask On.

Katy struggled on a world that is lead by the vanity of beauty corruption, but when she found out the dark truth. The government stitched dead flesh faces onto human experiment, known as ‘The Mask’. So Katy has to stop it before it’s too late.



In modern Egypt a girl went wandering off into the sands. She returned seven years later, but different. She had been blessed by the gods. And because I don’t know much about them I can’t really make a good plot for this.



A florist written a magical realism book about a flower boy who cough off petals with different colors due to his mood.



About a girl who suffers from a type of DID ( Dissociative Identity Disorder)- split personality, and finds out that her other personality is a sociopath. It could be a psychological thriller.

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two entity known as Space and Time, who started to create life & help each other no matter what.



She lived in a world made of water and dreams. Ethereal creatures drifted above her and she didn’t question it at all. She didn’t mind living alone, above the city. She was fine. But one day she decided to fall down.



Out Of Focus

Fame. Fortune. …Fatalities?

Adam had expected so much when he was given the opportunity to be an actual contestant on his, and everyone else in the country’s, favorite TV contest: Focus. Known for its exciting drama, extraordinary challenges, and fake-out deaths of eliminated contestants.

…or so Adam thought they were fake. After a very gruesome first elimination, Adam realizes he’s in this contest for the long haul, or else he’ll end up losing more than just $1 million. And as he does some digging with an equally suspicious new friend he finds in Liza, Adam may discover some evidence that proves all of those conspiracy theories he grew up seeing right. Can he get Out Of Focus with his life, or will he be just another smudge on someone’s TV screen?



A Doll’s Life

It’s a simple story about a doll coming to life into a kids fantasy which gave the kid some advice on life and creativity,



What happens when a farm girl from Texas- Samantha Barnes meets Adrien Miere, a British exchange student in his second year of university?

At first, these two have completely different views and goals in life. Sam’s focused on what she loves while Adrien doesn’t have a care in the world, going out, getting drunk and hooking up with a new girl each night.

Although what happens when Sam’s forced to change dorms- into none other but Adrien’s.

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That didn’t load quite right, so I’m just going to assume it was a picture of a couple standing in front of a sunset.
Mortal Pleasures
A love-struck god stared into the eyes of an equally-smitten human woman. The pair were sitting on a perfect, silken beach, the flawlessly refractive waves lapping at their feet as golden, otherworldly light poured forth from a sun that didn’t shine.
“So? You like it?” The man said with a slight grin.
A sigh escaped the lips of the woman. “It’s perfect, Aaron. Just like it always is. But you really didn’t have to create a pocket dimension to show me this.”
“But you missed it the first time round!”
“I swear, Aaron, sometimes the omniscient thing is a little overbearing.”
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God’s Garden

Do you know how many trees are cut down each year?
Seven billion.

Humans are greedy creatures, often taking things away from nature carelessly and ruthlessly, not thinking about the drawbacks it could cause.

In this modern day and age, where gods are often shunned off as imaginary and illogical, what if one were to suddenly show their powers to mankind?

What do you think would happen, if forests suddenly moved and began to devour everything in it’s path?

What do you think would happen, if mankind had to fight Mother Nature Herself?

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Raise Dead

Vikoth Malific didn’t want this. After his dying father left him the family’s magically enforced dictatorship, he didn’t know what to do. He had studied military tactics for his entire life - military tactics and dark magic. He knew how to rule with an iron fist. He just didn’t know how to keep his people alive. A horrible plague wiped out his entire country except him.

Until he began reanimating his people’s corpses in a last-ditch effort to remain a global superpower.



The world has collectively gotten rid of all technology and mechanical things and any knowledge relating to AI, everyone believed that it’s ruining the Earth and humans. However, one creator built a mechanical turtle to store all of this knowledge before people forget about technology. He believes technology should be the future.

The mechanical turtle acts like a normal turtle and so it looks like that that the creator just kept it as a pet. Little did they know about the secret.

By the time the creator dies, the mechanical turtle lives on, storing all the files and knowledge. By now, all humans have forgotten about technology and mechanical things. All humans lived like cavemen as if time had reversed because of how brainwashed they were. When someone found this turtle with the files they began to build all sorts of things again, and the city was filled with technology and machines again. Like nothing ever happened.

That was a weird and random plot but ok :)))

it says elevator above the box if that helps :))


Tom wakes up in a small elevator. Once the doors open there is no going back. He has to do what all other accused traitors have to do - Survive.

The doors close behind him - the sun burns his skin. The food is often poisonous, and the hunters won’t stop until he is dead.

Tom must forget everything he knows about life if he is going to survive the rejection.

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All Rose wants is to understand what’s going on. Bananas are turning into cacti and flowers are turning into poison ivy and back again. All the plants in the world are changing places. And Rose wants to find out why.



Sugar Attack!

A home wife wants to go to the baking competition to go against her idol. Will she win?



Jacina has been pretty certain, for most of her life, that she is a human. She does normal human things like eat and breathe and drink water and stuff. She thinks she looks human. Jacina considers herself to be a normal person. Until one day, where Jacina finds a vague note in her locker telling her to meet somebody in this abandoned building to “talk”. When she accepts the offer, she discovers something about her. Who her real parents are. Why she can’t remember anything from before she turned ten. And who - or rather, what - she really is. Jacina has been pretty certain, for most of her life, that she is a human. The day she went to that abandoned building was the day that most of her life ended.


Just The Two Of Us

Sungyum and Nao was idol rivalry when they were teens until both retired. Five years later, Nao teaches piano for special ed children and meet Sungyum volunteer as they both connect their memories together. Will their emotion blossom? or let it dye down.



Set in the cowboy era. Kate would often go around town at night, killing people. She was wanted, dead or alive. She only shot these people because she had a grudge against the whole town, her loved one died in this town because a citizen and miss-shot Nicky - her loved one.

She drank every night, trying to forget what happened. It worked, when she was drunk that is, but once she’s sober again all the bad memories come rushing back in. Although she may seem pretty tough on the outside, on the inside she was afraid. She didn’t accept these feelings so she wanted the whole town to feel afraid, by only killing one person each night, until there were none left.


Jesse wants to know what the future looks like. They’re nonbinary, and want to see if the world is going to be more accepting to them when they start college. So when they’re given the chance, they accept it. But there’s just one catch - Jesse experiences these prophetic visions through dreams, and instead of being able to see what is probably going to happen, their dreams immediately become the certain future. No matter what, the world will bend to turn the future into what they dream about.