Create a plot based on the photo above (GAME)


July found a mirror in their attic. But it wasn’t any ordinary mirror. It is a mirror that can foretold the future and see other people’s whereabouts. What will July do with the newly found mirror?


Yusuke - crown prince of the north - and Mitsu - second born princess of the south - were arranged to be married as a symbol of peace as the two kingdoms have been at war for a decade.

No one expected this peace to last longer than 3 years. Yusuke didn’t like Mitsu and he had the right to since she came from the enemy.But Mitsu on the other hand, loved him, even if he was the prince from the enemies.

But, love is love, right?


Tokko Myung-Ki is staying in after school when, suddenly, a pink light begins to fill the entire school. Turns out his school is the touchdown point of an alien invasion, but not an ordinary one - an alien invasion of mind-controlling parasites. Anybody who is touched by the pink light becomes corrupted by the alien invasion, their bodies emitting the pink light themselves. On top of this, the school is covered in a wall of pink light, so nobody can leave. He and the rest of the after-school kids have to try to do the impossible, and not just survive, but defeat the invasion.



Yuna Naki has seen the whole world through a camera lens, but even a picture can’t capture the beauty.



Coraline’s mother had made her a doll that looked like Coraline herself. She didn’t like the doll because of her buttoned eyes.

When she slept there would always be weird noises, but when she turned on the light there was nothing there. But once, she caught the monster off guard and screamed. Her doll had come to life.



Rosanna Martinez used to be a nun for her town church but, ever since her father scandal affair. She took off and settled in Mexico to find peace into herself while being in love with an older man.



Takasumi and Hasato both seem to have remarkably different backgrounds. Takasumi is a popular girl with tons of friends who occasionally harasses her less popular classmates. Hasato is an outcast edgelord with a serious case of “second-year middle schooler syndrome” and an obsession with MMO games. But deep down, they’re both kind of similar, in being that they’re two creatures of pure dark energy taking human form in order to more accurately blend in and further their goals of extending their magical influence into the human world. When a group of “magical girls” threatens both their plans and their lives, what are two young servants of shadows supposed to do?


it’s been five years since Nathan’s girlfriend - Natalie - had died and he has been going to the bar and getting home drunk every night. Then one night, the old TV that once belonged to Natalie in the living room started to play a video, telling him to move on and live happily, he’ll find someone better than her at the age of 24.

By the time Nathan had turned 24, he no longer went to the bar and had listened to what Natalie said, to move on. That video from a couple of years ago was carved deep in his mind, he thought about it all the time.

One night he was at a restaurant, a girl, also in her 20s had asked if she was allowed to sit at the same table as him since there were no other seats, he said yes. Little did he know that was the girl Natalie was talking about.


Let’s Take A Shot

Hane Vodd, a Russian secret agent took a mission to receive a flash-drive from American agency of their top secret project. However, his own country betrayed him to be a traitor and Hane Vodd teams up with the American to exposed Russia top secret project.



Princess Aralil had fallen in love with the young mage prince Coryn when she dies horribly of illness - or almost does. Coryn binds his love’s dying soul to her body in hopes of finding a way to revive her. He’ll try everything to save her. Even murder.



Erik Goldsmith, a slave owner, and explorer was on his way to Kirit. When suddenly, he got attack by sky pirates which ended him in a deserted island with the slaves as they learn each of their stories. Will, they survived through teamwork or destroy each other?



The president is hosting a ball for superheroes around the world. All superheroes are welcomed. But, they didn’t think that the all-famous cat noir and ladybug would attend.

But like always, when there’s a hero there will be a villain. Just as the ball was going to start, the floor started to rumble, and bursted in a villain.



Dr. Wellington develop an artificial contacts with computer sights for blind people especially to his own daughter, Anna. However, there was a malfunction to the test which gave Anna sensitivity to light and thermal sense to other people heat. She doesn’t know how to deal with it?



what is that…


I don’t know I found it in Pinterest.


The owl of the underworld has been accidentally set free into the world of humans - Earth. It has no head and is considered a symbol of death. Whatever it touches becomes sick or black, meaning it’s unclean.


Lee and Yang was the famous tap-dancing duo who always spark inspiration to little kids on screen. But when Yang died, Lee couldn’t dance anymore until their 39 year anniversary and his grandson, Juu wanted to bring back the honor of his great uncle and grandfather legacy.



When they said god was everything and was the universe I didn’t believe them. I’m Christian and I know how powerful god was but I didn’t truly until one day at church I SAW the galaxy. That’s when I truly believed them


District 9

A women car got broke down, so she went to a town near District 9. But what she doesn’t know that town isn’t any normal one.



Scarlet Johnson is the most feared mafia leader in New Orleans, little does she know a new competitor comes into town and corrupts her plans to own all of Louisiana. While the competing mafia leader has never been seen by anybody, he slowly makes his way up to the top being known as The Shadow. What happens when Scarlet comes face to face with The Shadow? Who will become the true leader of New Orleans?

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