Create a plot based on the photo above (GAME)


what would you do if you were told you only had 24hrs left to live?

A pair of twins, Ila - who’s older by 3 minutes - and Lemon - who’s younger by 3 minutes - had caught a strange disease. They were told they only had 24hrs to live.
Once they only had thirty minutes left, they decided to just wing it, the two sat down in the middle of the road. They didn’t care about anything at that moment, they only had thirty minutes left to live anyway


On January 16th, 2019 eight high school students leapt from the schools roof in a mass suicide. The sole survivor, James Baker was found passed out on the ground next to the ledge, uninjured. Local journalism major Lianna Marshall delves into the case, becoming obsessed with finding the truth behind the lack of motivation or reason.

“They were all bullied, it’s that simple,” the teachers told her. “It’s a tragedy without reason,” the local news reported. Lianna nearly gives up, until she receives a reply from James, agreeing to meet up for a short interview. However, during their brief interaction Lianna is unnerved by James. The way he speaks, his lack of distress and cold eyes - she knows something’s off. With her suspicions rearing, Lianna digs further into the mystery, only to discover things are much more menacing than she could’ve ever imagined.


This is a long one :slight_smile: but probably one of my favs

Elizabeth has always had a condition since she was younger that caused her to be allergic to the dark. Weird right? That’s what the doctors thought when she was first brought in. They diagnosed her with Ilunaren Beldurra. A new allergy created just for Elizabeth, the allergy of the dark. She lived almost normally for many years after being diagnosed with Ilunaren Beldurra, but then a new boy comes into town. He has secrets that make Elizabeth suspicious. He also has answers that cause Elizabeth to want more. She soon comes to find that the boy, Blake, is some form of a supernatural creature. He has enemies, he doesn’t have allies, but most of all, he knows Elizabeth is special. Elizabeth was never allergic to the dark. She is a prehistoric Light Fairy that hasn’t existed for centuries. It also turns out that Light Fairies are one of the most powerful supernatural beings of them all. With this new discovery, the leaders of the supernatural, The Capo, target Elizabeth and eliminate the last Light Fairy to exist otherwise, she may overthrow their reign. The only way to do so is get rid of light forever, forcing the Light Fairy to death with no light. Blake puts Elizabeth’s life before his by protecting her form the dark. What happens when Blake has no more power and there’s only one 5ft by 5ft box of light left in the world that is slowly shrinking?

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Wash Up

Mandy woke up on the shore but has amnesia she met the sheriff, Bane. They both try to trace back to the town for any history of her, however, Mandy has an urge to go back to the sea as if it calls for her. The more they go out of the sea, she slowly sees flashes of imagination or memories?


Arya is a Celestial tasked with protecting a farming region by her lord. The land is dry, and barren, and few villages have survived the lack of food and water. Upon them she bestows rain, grass, and lush tress and unwilted flowers. The harmony reigns, farms thrive and villages sprout with life and vigor.

One day whilst wandering the landscape, Arya stumbles upon a bundle wrapped in cloth, a few feet away a bloody body lays; the victim of the demons that roam the nearby caves. Within the cloth lies a a small boy, no more than a year of age - with red eyes and strange markings on his face and arms. Scouring the land, she attempts to return the boy to his family in the nearby village, only for the boy to receive a violent rejection. Back at the scene, Ayra’s questions are answered when she discovers the mutilated corpse of a demon a few feet from the boys mother… with the same markings and red eyes. With no other options left Arya chooses to care for the boy, despite knowing her lord would demand the boys slaughter - name him an abomination. Bestowing upon him the name Jaric, the story follows their adventures as they wander the landscape, and Arya attempts to raise a half demon child.


Aila, a young girl born to be a ballet dancer. But, due to her family’s financial issues, she can not go to ballet classes. She often goes to dancing academies secretly and watches the others dance. She soon caught on the techniques. But the only place she could practise her dancing was either at her small and cramped home or under the bridge.

One day, someone walked past the dancing Aila under the bridge and was her dancing caught his eyes. He had never seen such unique dancing. The techniques she used seemed so familiar to him yet not so familiar. He was a retired dancer that now runs a dance academy.

He offered Aila to join his academy, but Aila knew she wouldn’t be able to afford the learning fees. Only for him to tell her there are scholarships and that made Aila hesitantly accepted his offer.

A couple of years later, Aila became a world-famous, professional ballet dancer



Rhea and The Lighting band is one of the popular rock band in America, the crowd scream their name and faint to the sight of her beauty. However, Rhea found out that her little brother got cancer and the band member is arguing as they slowly fall apart. She wanted to support her brother, so she hold a fundraiser but will the band ever act together or split up?



Preston fiance Amelia mysteriously dies. No one know the cause of her death. Vincent and Rabbit Prince are working together to solve the mystery they travel to underworld to find Amelia’s spirit. During the journey Vincent and Rabbit Prince develop a romantic feelings as they fight creepy entities from hell together.

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Arianna, the daughter of the leader of the D’Amico gang, Antwiler(Will), in New York. They have control over the half the state. The other half is controlled by their rival, the Capone gang. The leader of the Capone gang, Louis, is sick of only ruling over half of New York, like most power hungry people, he wants the entire state and potentially more. Will feels the same, so Louis and Will come up with a peace treaty, their children. Louis’ son will be forced to marry Will’s daughter. If either child disobeys the treaty, they declare war. Well, all hell may run loose when Louis’ son, Alexander, is quite the partier and doesn’t obey orders. Without knowing what cheating would do to the two gangs, he runs off with another girl for a night. Arianna becomes furious, at least she’s trying to make it look like they love each other. Unlike Alexander, she knows about the war that is about to happen, so when Alexander finds out the truth, he realizes his mistake. How will the war play out???
#dylano’brien because he is god.


Caleb never really like being the popular guy, he only wants to be nice so everyone will accept him or the mask he wears. As he took a walk with his dogs until Caleb saw a car race with a bunch of punks, hookers, and bikers with loud music and booze. Throughout the crowd, he met a red-headed punk boy driving around a Mustang as dirt fog filled in the air and the scream of the drunken audience. After his performance the red-head approached Caleb however, he isn’t polite to the punk and runs off.

The next day red-head transfer to Caleb high school, he noticed his changed attitude and the red-head called himself ‘K’.



This is a hard one…
17-year old Brenna is popular, hot, and harboring a dark secret. Her parents belong to a criminal family and are planning to induct her on her eighteenth birthday. She’s supposed to kill somebody.
But the criminal family has a really weird deal - they’re almost all female, and they’re mostly femme fatales, trying to seduce generic male protagonists in order to get close to them, steal their secrets, and kill them. She’s supposed to kill her current boyfriend or girlfriend. No problem, right?
Well, there’s just one. Brenna is asexual and everybody knows it.


Haruhi is a witch, not the stereotypical bad witch, a witch with a kind heart. Every day, she rides the sky with her loyal companion Yuyu the element whale. She tries to help all of those that are in need of help. Yuyu on the other hand, was originally part of the Earth, until Haruhi had woken him up from his long sleep.


Nine people are stuck in an elevator which is hacked by a serial killer, being gased and one by one are killed.

However, one of them is the killer partner in crime.





An Englishman whose ship sank left him rowing out for any sort of land. After days, possibly weeks, of rowing out to sea, he comes upon an island. The sight of the large skull left him unnerved, but it was shelter, so he decides to stay. Almost immediately after he sets foot on land, the boat is destroyed. Turns out the island is haunted by the spirits of an indigenous tribe who was killed through failed colonization attempts. And so, while stranded, he attempts to make peace with the spirits as to avoid them killing him as a sacrifice to pass on.



We lived in a solid universe full of nature and science, but Dr. Krella found proofs that we are not the only universe and each changes her life once she travels to them. The question is will she ever come back to her own?



The blood lake. There wasn’t blood in the blood lake nor was the water in any shade of red. Instead, it was called the blood lake because back in 2019 - 300,000,000 years ago - a monster with giant tentacles had been created in that lake because of chemical reactions when scientists dumped all their failed experiments and chemicals in there.

The humans did manage to defeat the monster after lots of hard work. But by the time they did, the monster’s blood had dyed the lake red.

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Agent Ko

Agent Ko was the best spy in Korea until a famous boy band member, Junksoo is targeted by an assassin. So he is now both a bodyguard and babysitter of Junksoo.



She’s living with the spirit of her best friend. She is also helping her to find the person who killed her maybe? She can see her bestie, but no one else can.


Night Stalks

Someone is stalking you at a far ever since the frat party, but you don’t know what to do. He is getting closer and closer, you run until your knee is numb. However, he is right there.


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