Create a story 2: With pictures

Make a story based on this picture:

Lucifer had his wings stolen again


Poor Satan, LOL. I’ll rate your story 8/10. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

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Imma cheat and use a gif


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Is that a kitsune?

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Think its a Kitsune of Hype and that’s its Hype beam attack

That’s more than I was expecting :rofl:

I’m interested with Kitsune of Hype. Is he supposed to be part of a story you made?

Nah, this was just a cool gif i found that resonates with me😂. My Kitsune story is a bit different

I’ll also give you guys a hint: Count Lines.

A story about someone trying to redeem themselves of 7 sins, 10 of each of the 7 deadly sins.

(Sorry, i thought one person posts a picture, next one gives story, and keep going in that order)

You can use both.

Here’s the link to the first one

Lucifer had his wings stolen because of 50 count marks on his body.

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Nice story. 9/10