Create a Story Concept Based on the Word Above!

It’s simple. You post a word, and the person below you has to create a story concept based around that word or subject.

Ex: Paperclip

A girl makes a paperclip bracelet for her childhood crush. She later moves away, but 40 years later, he reappears with the same bracelet and they get married.

Next word is “Meat Dress.”

Something like that, lol. Have fun!

Word is: Glasses.

Ooo I love this idea.

Okay so glasses

He has a pair of electronic/cellular glasses. They can be charged, and have the functions of a phone, and can be unlocked by voice function. One day a girl mistakes his glasses for hers and they get swapped. Thing is, her voice unlocks the glasses too.

I think I might be clashing with somebody else posting so I’ll give two options lol

Next word: Dollhouse
Next word: Rainbow

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Ability to control the spectrum of colors she experiments with making rainbows one day. Which causes an internal rainbow that causes a cult to form around her power. She is subjected to various peoples devotion to her in odd ways.
Next word: TacoTruck


Protagonist inherits dead relatives’ taco truck that turns out to be haunted by the ghosts of their family members.

Next Word: Uno

The game uno taken to another level . When the one left with one card must make a decision to live or let someone in his close family die. He holds the card avoiding his family whoever he gives it to dies. The card cannot be destroyed etc.

NEXT WORD: CherryTree


(Is that even a word? Alright, let’s see. I’m an Eastern Fantasy writer so I write about cherry trees a lot)
Cherry trees symbolizes happiness and youth (do not ask why) so when someone dies, their soul will live on in the cherry tree planted at their birth. As the years go by, children can swing from the tree’s branches knowing a kind spirit is watching them, enjoying their company.
Cherry trees shower pink petals every spring and provide scrumptious cherries during picking season. When the person’s spirit feels fulfilled after providing happiness for a while, they leave the Earth and the cherry tree will become a wisteria tree.
(Wow, that was long)

Next word: Silver


Those born with silver eyes are discriminated against in society for belonging to a long heritage of devil-worshipers. Little does society know that these “Devil Bloods” are blessed by the heavens themselves with special abilities that keep light and darkness in balance.

Next Word: K-pop (lol not srry)

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A kpop team known as the A.N.T.S has the ability to be superheroes during the day but at night they are an sterotypical idol band.

Next Word: Superman


(Your concepts are so simple and short…I gave a whole world build, geez. Whoops)


Lol that’s okey


A boy grows up obsessed with Superman comic, wanting to be Superman he decides to become a vigilante. But he’s rudely reminded he’s only human when he goes up against a supervillian that wants to take over his city and loses. Powerless but unable to go on knowing he just gave up, he falls back on the most human parts of himself in order to defeat the bad guy.

Next word: Pain


a teenage vocal trainee faces abuse from her manager due to her sexual orientation as a closeted lesbian. with the help of a friend, she realizes that she is worth more than she is forced to believe.

next word: blurry


a very introverted young man loses his glasses in a museum and acquires the help of an outspoken struggling artist to find them.

word: koi fish (two words but pretend it’s one🤫)


A koi fish had magical powers in its beautiful scales and an evil guy tries to eat it to gain its powers while a non-evil guy does everything to stop him from eating it and turns out that he saves the world at it. :no_mouth:

word: leaf

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A young girl eats a leaf from a poisonous tree in order to kill herself, but it ends up taking her into another world. There she meets mythical creatures that try to get her back to her own dimension before she is lost forever.

Next Word: Hummingbird

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Ooo! I like those!

A young girl is turned to a hummingbird by an evil (or morally grey, to make it interesting) guy with magic (I don’t wanna say sorcerer or wizard or anything else. He’s just a guy with magic) and has to find a way to communicate with everybody again in order to find a way to turn back into a girl… And Mental Repercussions!!!

New Word: Daydream


A man prone to slipping into deep daydreams, one day comes to realize that he had it backwards and what he thought were dreams is actually reality. So why can’t he remember the love of his life?

New Word: fragrance


At 16 years old, every person is given a fragrance which defines their personality. However, some don’t, and they are called the “blands”. They are forced to live lives full of… nothing. (Think of Abnegation from Divergent but without the whole selflessness thing.) One day, a girl decides to try and beat the system.

Next word: Ice

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The Age of Ice has come to the nomadic people of Panglese. Prayer and sacrifice offer no protection against the coming blizzards, and so the sickly Chieftain’s daughter, terrified of the responsibility laid before her, must set across the plains and mountain tops, facing adversity and rival tribes as they race against time and the coming ice storms.

Next word: Duty


The one thing you have to accomplish in your life, your Duty, appears on your skin at birth as a tattoo. For most people it’s normal or even boring: rescue a dog, become a CEO, eat an apple. But yours… yours says two words: “FIND HER.”

Next word: octopus