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Create a story out of this:


Subject 1: Marionette

Subject 2: Healer

Subject 3: Musician

Subject 4: Slimey

Subject 5: Toilet Phantom

Subject 6: Snake woman

Subject 7: Doll

Subject 8: Laptop

Subject 9: Mannequin

Subject 10: Winged spider

Subject 11: Alter

Subject 12: Bondage mouse

Subject 13: Animatronics

Subject 14: Magical first-aid kit

Subject 15: Soul-snatcher machine

Subject ??: Yhw

Subject 17: Misfortune

Make a fanfic out of it. Also, it’s kinda like SCP foundation.

Make your own stories!


I’ve got my own story to tell!

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So what is it?

The Musician plays her flute at her Middle School. Then, a snake woman captured her in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, A time machine appeared and came 2 superheroes named: Honorable Eagle(Shen Yu) And Sailor Garnet. So, Sailor Garnet did her speech, “I am the pretty guardian who fights for hope and for love!, I am Sailor Garnet!, And now in the name of the moon, I’ll Punish you!” The Snake woman told them, “Sailor Garnet and Honorable Eagle, You should go back home where you belong!” The Snake Woman Fought against the two heroes as they used their powers(Eagle Flight and The Holy Sword) to defeat The Snake Woman and save the Musician!

The Musician is a boy, but your story is fine. I give a rate of 8/10. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

You didn’t.

I think my story is good too.

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So, what do you think of the characters on top on our posts?

They are so Awesomely Funny and unique!!!

I love the names of them!!!

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Thanks. Also, I’m also making entries out of them, but not on Wattpad.

I see.

@Haruka547, I need to talk to you about my series.