Create a title for the story above!

This game is simple.

There will be a short summary of a story. It can be a story you’ve written, a story you want to write, or a story you just now made up.

The person below will think of a title for it, then write another story summary, and the game continues.

Here is what it would look like:

Person 1:
~ Every Wish Counts
~ A family of five who are always at each other’s throats go on a road trip full of disasters. Because they are without all their devices, toys, and video games, they learn a lot about each other. The trip eventually brings them all closer together.

Person 2:
~ Have a Bad Trip
~ One boy is a straight A student, and the other is a throublemaker. Both kids were in a horrible car accident, and a nearby stranger was only able to save one child, and chose the troublemaker. He lives his life wondering why God would let him live, and how he can fulfill his life.

Person 3:
~ It Should’ve Been Me
~ A story about three very different boys who are all trying to get the same girl. They each made an agreement that they will only try to win her on certain days as the other two attempts to sabotage them.

Now it’s your turn! Work off of person three!

What Boys Will Do

Everyday is the same for Nikki Sanders. She’s tired of her boring life, and not being loved. She ran away to take her own life until a boy approached, and told her he’d show her why life is worth living.

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Saved by the Bellboy

Dora Doukas is now the top and most subscribed female Minecraft YouTuber in the world. She is known for her building tutorials, beautiful mods, and creative maps. One day though, she, along with her twin Hector and best friend Anna, found herself in the sandbox wonderland, where things are starting to get very interesting.


The Sensational Sandbox

Maxine Murphy is headed to Utah from San Diego California. As she was driving the long stretch of road with no houses ahead or behind, she looked into the eyes of a Queensland Heeler. It wasn’t ready to go with her, and she had no food or anything to offer it. She knew it would die if she left it

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Goodbye California

A story about female identical twins; Skyler and Luna. Skyler is more confident and straightforward, and Luna is kinda shy and sweet. Once Luna falls for a handsome popular guy, she asks Skyler if they could switch places. She doesn’t have the guts to flirt with her crush and wants Skyler to do it for her. Skyler acts like Luna as Luna acts like Skyler, but Unfortunately… Skyler ends up liking him too. What should be the title??

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When The Sky Became The Moon

Ten years ago Sierra’s sister, Sage, left home with her boyfriend and left only a note saying, “We’ll meet again half-way.” A week ago, Sage was found dead in the brush behind a gas station forty miles from home. The day Sierra went to her sister’s funeral, her ghost sat in the pew next to her with little memory of her death. Together, they follow the trails left behind from her missing decade, and as they uncover more and more of the clues leading to her death they realize there is more to the story of a dead girl than one of America’s most common horror stories.


Sage and the Spirits

Twins Hector and Dora Doukas are both very famous Minecraft YouTubers. While Hector is a PvP and parkour expert, Dora is known for her building tutorials, creative mods, and beautiful maps. One day, the twins were recording a Minecraft video with Dora’s best friend, Anna, when a mysterious beam was shot from the computer and sucked the trio in. Not long, they found out that they were in the Minecraft world, specifically in the very map Dora created. There, they met other Minecraft YouTubers, including Liam, who is the top one Minecraft YouTuber in the world. Little did they knew that the Minecraft map was actually cursed, in which players who lost all three lives will die in real life, and that things started to get interesting from there.

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Inside The Minecraft Curse

It never once occurred to me to sit in his chair, but now I wanted to feel his closeness. It was relaxing until I suddenly felt a snake wrap around my chest holding me in place. Two more slid around my ankles. Very tightly secured I thought it was a nightmare, but quickly learned it was not.

For a minute my mind was blank, then with a calming almost hypnotic feeling, I instantly became attached to whatever was holding me. I could feel tiny energetic fingers massaging my neck, that’s when she simply said, "don’t worry they are not snakes, they are tentacles.


Laric recieved the news three weeks ago. He was dying from a terminal illness, that has no known cure or treatment. Deciding to live his last few months in bliss, Laric drowns himself in booze, men and parties.

There’s rumors on the street, whispered in hushed voices, about a medical program located beneath the city; run by sketchy figures and through the black market. Desperate not to die at only twenty six, he clings to the knowledge and seeks them out.

Once there, you must cut off ties with the outside world, your loved ones, and remain in the quarantine area. Laric is set in a room, and across the hall he runs into an older, twenty nine year old man named Jared. He’s monstrous in appearance, stitches all over and parts of his skin replaced with something… what being the question. It’s part of his treatment, was the only answer Laric received.

Over the next four months, they form a close friendship, which later develops into something much deeper, and more complex. But, as Laric grows weaker and begins suffering long lapses in memory, he grows suspicious. Jared, with completed treatment is prevented from leaving. Together, the two dig for the truth, and plot a plan to escape. What secrets lurk behind closed doors? And will Laric and Jared survive, or become unwilling victims of the people who are supposed to treat them?

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