Creating and Uploading Covers in Desygner



Hi everyone,

Gabby here from Wattpad HQ. I just wanted to provide the community with a new and exciting update about our new cover creation app!

We’ve recently partnered with Desygner so you can create fun, eye-catching covers that can be uploaded directly to your Wattpad story, both on web and on the app. You can choose from a variety of stunning templates and millions of royalty-free images and icons that can be customized for any genre. You can also upload your own cover designs or images directly from your camera roll or storage drives. Our goal is to help you easily create a custom and professional-looking cover that truly reflects your story and unique voice.

Still want to use the Covers app? You still can! Simply download your cover from the Covers app to your phone, and then you can upload your cover as you would any other image from your saved photos. Over the next few months, we will stop updating the covers app with new content, so we recommend downloading Desygner to have access to millions of images, templates, icons and fonts that will be continuously refreshed.

You can learn more about adding a cover from your saved photos by going to Create and Upload a Cover with Desygner. Need help or have questions? You can contact us at

Thank you!
Gabby :blush:


How neat! For the longest time the old cover app was… very simple :calmwolf:


This is great. Thank you so much, Gabby :slight_smile:




The new app has so many negative feedback reviews on Google play. I went to download it but I don’t have enough space to on my device. Can’t wattpad continue to make the old cover creator available on wattpad itself, for those of us who can’t download the app or don’t like it!!?