I love making graphics, thought I would put this fun to use!

Request Form
There are a few things I need about your character(s) or your story
Purpose: Character or Story (aesthetics for anything else can be discussed)
Defining Features: Something in the story or the character that must be in the images among the aesthetic
Colours: The colours that are most important for the story/character. I normally like to stick to one colour, but I’m flexible
Mood: What is the character/story mood? I need to be able to set the right tone for the aesthetic. Is it dark? Light hearted? Fluff? Eerie? etc.
Description: Description of the character, both inside and out (who they are and what they look like, background information would help), or the plot of the story, and plot points/scenes that might be important to represent through the pictures in the aesthetic
Additional Comments: Anything else I might have missed mentioning that you deem is important for me to know in this process, or something you definitely want to be in the aesthetic, let me know here!

Here are some examples of moodboards that are in my stories:

Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 05.04.27

Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 01.10.57

Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 01.11.06

Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 04.10.13

Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 04.09.57

(Please don’t steal, these are already published on my account, it would be counter-productive lol)

If you end up using the aesthetics, please, credit me on the page on whichever story you post it on!
Additionally, please go comment on my story, “In Daisy We Trust”. Nothing big necessary, read through and see if you like it! I will send the aesthetic once I see you have commented.

Depending on the complexity of the request (and how busy I may be), you should get the aesthetic within a day or two - in some cases, within a few hours. If I forget, please don’t hesitate to PM me as a quick reminder, I won’t bite.

Request Form
There are a few things I need about your character(s) or your story
Purpose : Character
Defining Features : Her name is Raven because she has a raven tattoo on her neck. She has grey eyes and is a warrior so swords/knives/shields. She’s the main character in my Vikings Fanfiction. Also it’s always mentioned that her future is covered in the blood of those she kills. Her faceclaim is Marie Avergopoulos who plays Octavia Blake in The 100
Colours : *Black/grey/red whichever fits best *
Mood : Dark/Violent/Action-packed.
Description : *Well she is a Viking warrior named Raven and she has a raven tattoo. She was abused as a child and wants revenge on the men that abused her. She’s strong and brave but also very ruthless and dangerous. Her only soft side is for the boy she loves, Bjorn Ironside. Her ambition is to be Queen of all of Scandinavia *
Additional Comments : Thanks so much! Let me know fi you need more info

Just for safety measures, I send the aesthetic after the payment is fully complete if that’s alright with you : )

Okay I’ll get right to it! Thanks!

Thank you!
Here you go:

If there’s anything you’d like changed, please let me know!

I love it! Thanks so much this captures Raven’s character so well!

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I’m glad <3


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Thank you so much! That makes my heart warm <3

Request Form

Purpose: Character
Defining Features: She wears a cannula.
Colours It’s hard to choose. I feel like she would like pink, but she also strikes me as a dark blue person.
Mood: Dark.
Description : Her name is Cherith Meyers, an Israeli-American 17-year-old girl who lives in foster care. She has this fear of love. She’s 5’2". She likes music (her favorite musical is Hamilton — is that relevant? To her personality, yes, but I wouldn’t want one the Broadway cast’s faces on there because it might confuse the reader), reading, dancing, singing, and writing. She’s an idealist, but at the same time, she’s pessimistic due to the things she’s experienced (nothing over the top – just being abandoned as a baby by her mother; and then by her “fiance” at 17). She has lung cancer. She has an eclectic style of dressing.
Additional Comments: Umm nope.

I’m sorry, would it be okay to elaborate/clarify justtt a few things?
Do you want the board to be a combination of pink and dark blue? Or whatever fits a dark theme better?
Also, are there any things in the description that you mentioned that you most definitely want to be represented through the pictures? Or any specific imagery?


I want whatever fits a dark theme better.

Umm, yes. I want her idealism and music to be represented.

Alright, here you go!:

Definitely LMK if there’s anything you’d like to see different or if I didn’t quite capture the mood the way you would’ve liked, I’ll change it ASAP!

Purpose : Character
Defining Features : Ice and ocean iconography, red hair,
Colours : Navy blue and grays
Mood : It’s an action fantasy story with light hearted elements but a more serious tone
Description : The character is Margret Ayers, who is fourteen years old. She is kind of petite and scrawny, with thick, bright red hair and freckles. She is quiet and stoic, and values people who make an effort to include her in things. She likes blueberries, classic poetry, and mice. She lives in a society where mostly everyone can generate or manipulate water. Margret has a different, much more powerful version of the same gift, the ability to control ice. But that power has been stigmatized and deemed dangerous after one ice wielder years ago nearly toppled the monarchy with it. But when her secret comes out she is forced to join the military and fight in the long standing conflict against a neighboring country.
Additional Comments : I’m just excited to see what you come up with! I like making these kinds of graphics too.

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Purpose : *Character
Defining Features : Her name is Willa, and she is very earthy, and spends most of her time outside, playing volleyball, reading, and exploring.
Colours : Dark Green or Olive
Mood : earthy, calm
Description : Her face claim is she plays volleyball, loves to be outside and explore, she love to read and write and is going to college for geology
Additional Comments : Thanks so much!

Hey! Sorry it took a while, here you go!

Hope you like it, if there’s anything you’d like me to change please let me know!

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No problem! I like it a lot. Thanks a bunch!

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Purpose: Character
Defining Features: Bright, neon navy blue eyes
Colours: Blue, warm blue tones and black, soft colours.
Mood: He’s warm and bubbly, light hearted and kind.
Description: Mocha skin, neon blue eyes, blue hair, short. He’s an incredibly kind and warm person on the inside, and his magical ability is a healer so he spreads his inner light all around. His nickname is ‘Sunshine’.
*Additional Comments: None.

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Hey! Sorry it took a while.
I tried to embody kindness, but not sure how well I did. Please tell me if you’d like anything to change or if there is specific imagery you’d want!!

Love it so so so much!

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