Creating Websites

I’ve seen my fair share amount of websites used by authors, but I’ve never actually asked the questions on my mind when it comes to those sites.

For those, who do have websites, do you create them yourself or do you have someone else create them for you? How truly useful can a website be? Do you think having a website alongside your other social media platforms is more helpful?

And lastly, copyright. How do you acquire copyright on your site? Is that done yourself or are their sites you use (like Wix) for website making, that apply the copyright after you’ve made it?

Unless you have very specific needs for a website, there is no need to have someone build one for you from scratch any more. Wix and Wordpress are both valid, and often the companies have a built in domain registration system if you choose to pay for one.

I’m not sure what you mean by copyright but I own all the content I post to my website, not wordpress. (This is unlike the social media sites like fb, twitter, etc.)

Look at themes that reflect what you want your site to feel like. Mine is bright and simple, with room for large header Images and grid pages that let me share chapters all on one page.

Look at what writers you admire are doing, especially those in the genre/field you plan to be in. Generally, the few things that are universal are: a bio, list of works with links of where to find them, and way to contact the writer. Everything else is nice but not required


By copyright, I just mean the thing at the bottom of someone’s website “2019 copyright @ etc etc” something along those lines. And ahh, that makes more sense, thanks for clarification!

That’s usually built in to the templates, although some let you add to it or choose the format. Qhere it says “by wordpress” or © wordpress, that refers to the site code and templates.

I’m a wordpress girl, but that’s because it’s just what I started out using so I’m more comfortable with it.

Ohhh, okie. Thank you!

Btw, Wordpress has two versions. One is a downloadable package you can host if you already have web hosting. It’s longer to set up but can do more specific things like host code.

There’s the wordpress . com one that is hosted by wordpress and you only need to log in via their site. It can do pretty much anything a basic website needs.


It’s painful and I’m done with trying to pull my hair out but I still need to continue. How’s Wordpress for you going? I’m using Wix and Wordpress

I love wordpress! It’s super easy for me after all these years, and it’s nice that I have everything under my one account.

It gives me a headache everytime I look at it. Are you using the free version?

I have the premium upgrade for one of my sites, and the regular plan for the other. I did pay for domains though.


What part is giving you a headache? The interface?

The whole thing. It gives me a templet and I usually end up screwing it up. I don’t know why. I try really hard

I’m an indie author, so I believe once you make that step from pure hobby to business, you should have a website. I believe readers expect it and it’s an important part of an author’s internet presence.

I have several websites and created them myself with the help of YouTube tutorials by Tyler Moore. The first one I made was from scratch by using his recommended theme – I worked along the three hour video and after a weekend, the site was finished. I had even learned basic programming steps. I love Tyler’s videos. You can find his latest one here. However, it might also be worth checking out some of the older ones, depending on how flexible you want your site to be.

I then reworked the entire website about a year later – again with the help of his tutorial since he makes a new one every year – but this one was created with your own building blocks since it uses Elementor, which was even easier.

I use Dreamhost as a hosting service (about $10 a month) which utilizes the Wordpress platform. They host all my domains for the same monthly price, plus it is easy to manage and renew domains, or buy new ones. They also manage the emails boxes that are associated with my website.

My daughter tried Wix once, but we didn’t like it and cancelled her membership within 24 hours. It was more expensive and didn’t give the same flexibility that Wordpress does. The big plus is that it’s mega easy. Wordpress can be intimidating at first, but with Tyler’s videos, it was easy to find my way around.


Ah I’m to nitpicky about my style choices to let someone else do it.


I’ve built my own website. Whatever you post is your own content (as long as your long reposting someone else’s content). Read the terms and conditions of where you’re hosting to be sure your content is your content.


Oh wow, I didn’t even know what Wordpress was until now. All this time I’ve been using Wix because I found it easier. Since you’re the 2nd-3rd person to bring it up, I should give it a try.

Try watching some tutorials on wattpad maybe? @SallyMason1 just linked some in her post right below yours.

There’s always going to be a learning curve, but starting out with a simple template and adding content and pages is a good place to start!

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I’m keeping an eye on this thread. This is useful since I’ll probably make a site for myself someday once I’ve published and whatnot.

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