Creations Unlimited



Here are some photos I edited:



Here are some logos I created:

**If you’d like something created, all I ask is for a comment on my 1 published work of poetry or a follow. Please don’t mind the terrible formatting of this post as forums are clearly not my forte. Be sure to specify clear details of what you’d like to be created in a way that can not be misunderstood. Thank you. **


hey! I will comment on your work after I write this but I was wondering if you could make a cover for my book. it is about a genderfluid person where a girl falls in love with a guy and later a girl to find out they are the same person. what I would like the set-up to be is ruby rose in a suit and then her with long hair (there is a short film that she is in when she cuts off her long hair I will find it for you) and a title at the top with the title It Started With Him And Ended With Her and down the bottom write a novel by Dakotah Natane. If you need me to specify anything else just contact me.


I saw Genderfluid and cried. I wanted to say thank you for representing us :heart: :heart:


you’re welcome it’s something we have to make more known and accepted. x


Hmm seems like an interesting project, do you have any type of background in mind or pictures you want used?


yes please dm me cause it does not allow me to send them through here


Heya! I think your logos look super cute, and I was wondering if you might be able to help me? I wanted a logo that said “Dark Bloom Chronicles”
Something that looks like t h i s? I love t h i s font, and I wanted something involving a black rose? I was thinking maybe t h i s black rose (minus the leafs maybe, it could look a little cluttered) I was thinking maybe it saying “Dark Bloom” on one line, and then below it “Chronicles”, kind of like the placement with the “king of games” on the example. Also where those lines are in the example I was thinking of maybe using t h i s ? I know that was a lot and if you need any clarification, let me know :joy: