Creative Ways To Say 'I Like/Love You' Without Actually Saying It?...

Anybody got any creative ways to say I Like You or I Love You without actually saying it?

This could help all romance authors, or people like me who likes someone who is on a religious mission and can’t actually say I Like You until he returns home. I can only contact him via email, so I need all of your ideas :smiley:


You are the rose in the garden that catches my attention. I will pick you and take your home just to be entranced in your beauty. (Sounds serial killerish…)

You are the reason why i wake up in the mornings.

You are the sun and I the earth rotating around your presence you give me light.


“Be careful.”

“Don’t stand too close to the edge.”

“Can I hold your hand?”

“You’re always beautiful.”

“I’d walk miles for you.”

“Your smile makes my day.”

“Please, don’t leave.”

“I promise not to let you go.”

“Forever and always.”


I, like, love you


you mean the character’s most favorite thing/food to me or you mean more than the said thing/food to me

“you make life easier to live”

when a character’s special someone makes him/her view things on a more positive, light way or when someone makes him/her want to live

or when the character would do anything for his/her loved one (by actions & not just words)

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beautiful even so

actions are always more effective lol


I’ve heard a lot of things on how to do this. Sometimes characters don’t say it at all, they can just tell by their actions.

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i like words.

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You are the sun in my sky every time you set i cry.


yeah but, when a character risks their life for another, it just feels so dramAtic

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thats awesome!

i got more xD

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keep em coming

My soul is yours till the day we die.



sounds serial killierish again haha

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no, it actually doesn’t…is this a poem of yours?

Every tear that drops is my way of showing how far I’d go to be with you.
(So baaaaad)