Creepypasta Stories



Hello guys. I started this topic as a way for those people who still love and believe in the creepypasta community. It doesn’t matter how you like the creepypasta community but this topic is just a way for those who are still very involved to communicate with one another. Have fun and be civil. If you don’t like creepypasta, don’t bother interacting with this group. There are groups for you.


I love creepypasta like you


@Banana_Dog I’m glad. It’s nice to see that some of the fandom is still alive.


What’s Creepypasta?



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i love creepypastas


Hi! I do too. What’s your favorite?


it has to be a tie between ticci toby or ben drowned


I’ve always been curious as to what Creepypasta is exactly. I hear about them but never understood what they were exactly.


What! I can’t believe there is actually a topic for Creepypasta! I don’t know why this fandom isn’t really dead but still. lol What would you guys do if you met them in real life? If I meet Candy pop I already know I’m dead.


I’m curious, What is Creepypasta? I heard about it but I never understood what it is


Have you ever heard of Slenderman or maybe the Rake?




…Creepypasta is basically supposed to be horror stories online. I never found them scary and to be honest, I don’t think you will either. I just love the ideas of the monsters! Even if some of them are half baked. lol


Oooo, I like monsters


That’s all Creepypasta is really! I think you should go read Laughing Jack or the puppeteer! Laughing Jack’s story is one of those that seems half baked but I think you might like the idea of them anyway!


What’s “half baked”?


I just saying that to mean it seems like the story was written in a hurry, the story could have been a little better.


What else Creepypasta monster I should know? I want to make my own monster


The big one are Slenderman, The Rake, Laughing Jack, Candypop, Jason the toymaker, Jeff the killer, Ticci Toby, Jane the killer, Eyeless Jack, Masky, hoodie, and Kate. There is more I just can’t think of them at this minute.