Creepypasta Stories


Horror doesn’t need gore so you’re good!


Phew good


I’m gonna look up Dr. Smiley

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Hi there! The simplest way that I can put it, they’re basically internet urban legends. I really enjoy the characters and the stories.


Tbh, I’d probably run away. I feel like it lowkey is dead but why not bring it back? We’re still here :joy:


Honestly, the creepypastas are fun internet urban legends that tend to either have characters or not. I noticed a lot of questions about it so I just wanted to clear that up for future thread viewers. I hope that we all can enjoy and share our thoughts and things about everything horror or creepypasta.

  • Jeff The Killer Vs. Laughing Jack
  • Laughing Jack Vs. Slenderman
  • Eyeless Jack Vs. Jeff The Killer

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Creeypasta isn’t dead! It’s just calm down, I know their are some fan still around.

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Creepypasta is really the only fandom I’m involved with. I got into years ago by accident I just a very poor fanfic about laughing jack and it blow up! XD Now, I’m back I guess.

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Lol, I definitely feel that.


Hello everybody


i love creepypasta!

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Hi everyone


Hello everyone! Welcome to the chat. I’d love for everyone to share their ideas on creepypastas!

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  • Mr. Widemouth
  • The Crooked Man
  • The Uninvited Guest

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I’m still learning about Creepypasta


That’s nice too.

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I don’t know anything about it yet


I like creepypasta but I feel like so much of that community is edgy 13 year olds. Which, I mean, nothing against edgy 13 year olds, I was one not long ago, but they’re not really the kind of people I want to hang out with. Y’know?


New to the page, but not new to Wattpad or to Creepypasta. Just was kind of scared to say hi and didn’t know these were things until yesterday, not the brightest cookie ^_^" So hi!