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Horror doesn’t need gore so you’re good!


Phew good


I’m gonna look up Dr. Smiley


Hi there! The simplest way that I can put it, they’re basically internet urban legends. I really enjoy the characters and the stories.


Tbh, I’d probably run away. I feel like it lowkey is dead but why not bring it back? We’re still here :joy:


Honestly, the creepypastas are fun internet urban legends that tend to either have characters or not. I noticed a lot of questions about it so I just wanted to clear that up for future thread viewers. I hope that we all can enjoy and share our thoughts and things about everything horror or creepypasta.

  • Jeff The Killer Vs. Laughing Jack
  • Laughing Jack Vs. Slenderman
  • Eyeless Jack Vs. Jeff The Killer

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Creeypasta isn’t dead! It’s just calm down, I know their are some fan still around.


Creepypasta is really the only fandom I’m involved with. I got into years ago by accident I just a very poor fanfic about laughing jack and it blow up! XD Now, I’m back I guess.


Lol, I definitely feel that.


Hello everybody


i love creepypasta!


Hi everyone


Hello everyone! Welcome to the chat. I’d love for everyone to share their ideas on creepypastas!

  • Mr. Widemouth
  • The Crooked Man
  • The Uninvited Guest

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