Creepypasta Stories


alright, cool! Here are some links I use for my demonic characters + a wattpad book about creating unique cp characters, in case u want some resources.

creepypasta characters story


Thank you :smile:

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Hello everyone


hey! how’s your creepypasta story going?


Horrible! :angry:


aww ;n; why?

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It’s too hard to start the story. I’m about to give up :cry:

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Oh! okay, well, do you know anything about what you want to happen in the story?

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hmm, have you put any more work into developing Scotty? Characters are often central to stories like this.

I’m struggling to start my cp story too…mostly bc I suck at short storied :sweat:




I have no clue what to do?



okay okay, so in writing there are two basic routes you can go (there are more than two, but these are the simplest and most common)

you can go Character :arrow_right: Plot, where you have a character and you create a plot to match the character, or
Plot :arrow_right: Character, where you have a plot and you create a character to suit the needs of the plot.

I always do the first option because in any situation it is the characters of a story that stand out to me most, but you can figure out what works best for you. Either way, you need either plot or character to begin, and you need them both to write the full story.

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Ok, I’ll try that

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I’m still learning


i don’t think anyone ever stops learning this stuff tbh

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Ok. I still don’t know what to do


which do you want to start with, plot or character?