Cringeworthy Words




Growled can be handled in small doses. Very small doses. Purr, unless the character is a cat, is fucking weird.


Nostrils flaring.”

Like I literally imagine a close-up of this and it turns me off reading :mask:


I don’t think nostrils ever really have the need to make it into the story. It’s like an arm pit. We know they’re there, but do we really need to talk about it?


Ikr? I see it on Wattpad stories all the time when they try to describe an angry person.


Anger is such an exciting emotion to convey, it’s a bummer that people resort to something so unappealing. Don’t short change a powerful emotion, writers!


I agree with the “orbs”, but is your only problem with ‘smirk’ the fact that it makes a character unlikable? Cause I really appreciate unlikable characters. More smirk to them as far as I’m concerned >.<


If they are meant to be unlikable, then it’s fine so long as it isn’t used a bunch of times (my eyes immediately notice when the same character reactions are being used over and over again). I just don’t like a character smirking when I’m meant to find it cute.



I shiver in my socks every time I read it.




Gotcha. You’ve got a keen eye there :wink:


“A court of wings and ruin”? ^.^




There was a book I loved on here, but the writer used the same three facial expressions over and over again until I couldn’t stand it anymore and eventually spoke to her about it and directed her to a site that helped provide more variety.

I am the most picky reader imaginable. I seem to notice all the issues. Just wish I could be the same with my own work.


both acotar and tog


I’m the same way with my own work. That’s why people like you are very much appreciated, especially by non-native English speakers. Have you considered working as an editor ^.^


I’ve done it on and off. Sometimes I have a critique service open, which basically is about what distracts me as a reader.

But I’m always learning little things I never knew about, so I wouldn’t be appropriate as an full blown editor.

I actually did run an editing and critiquing group on this site for about a year and a half. There were about twenty to thirty members and we’d get a full book edited in a week or two, giving members a chapter to edit. That way they can learn different styles by working on all sorts of different genres and apply what they learned from one editor throughout their book. They had twenty set of eyes on their book because different people notice different things.

It was a great group, but just took up too much of my time. We used to have a discussion thread for advice and questions about someone’s edit so they could better learn the rules and see their book through their reader’s eyes.


Mundane. — I first heard of this word from the book City of Bones (I had to look it up when reading it) and honestly… I got pretty annoyed. Mostly because the author wrote it like 500 times in the story, which seriously annoyed the HELL out of me, but now that I see it elsewhere, too… I’m just like… Nope…

Orbs. — Agreed. I hate seeing “orbs” in replacement of eyes. Now, it’s okay if an “orb” in the story is a ghostly soul, but otherwise? Nope.


Yooo, I’m guilty of several of these :joy::joy::joy: My cringeworthy word is “globes” being used to describe a booty.

@oliviarose85 Guilty of smirk and purred

@IntoTheTempest Guilty of growled

@Ellen_Reese Guilty of nostrils flaring



>I peered into his orbs as his tongue slithered its way across my neck, I was already drenched, soaking in anxiety about what was gonna happen next, if he really was going to twist the knife in my shoulder, or pull it out and stab me again