Cringeworthy Words


I actually kind of like smirk. I think it all comes down to how you employ it. My smirking characters are usually doing it to tease others.

I was guilty of this as a teen writing fanfics and have been doing my very best to eliminate all traces of it in my writing ever since.

Senpai basically refers to anyone with more experience in a certain domain that yourself. Be it your colleague who’s been at the office longer than yourself or an upperclassman in school/college. It’s not necessarily a term of endearment more like an honorific? You also wouldn’t call a master or teacher senpai.

I find purred very fitting to describe annoying and/or clingy characters.

As someone who’s nostrils flare when I get angry or flutter when I laugh, can’t say I find it very disturbing. I am a bit self-conscious about it so seeing it happen to others - even fictional characters - makes me feel a tiny bit better?


It’s not a a single word but “released a breath they didn’t know they’d been holding” can get really annoying when used too often…


Ah, when the same word gets used over and over again… Gotta love it.


I’m starting to feel attacked :joy::rofl::sob:


I take it you’re guilty of a few of these?


More than a few now! Oopsie!


Oh well. Can’t win ‘em all.


At least you’re not guilty of ‘cooed’.


Haha I don’t believe so, but I’m halfway through my second book and all of the details have started blurring in my head now, so who knows? :joy:

I thought of another one I have! Describing everything as delicious… but not talking about taste. “His delicious movement”, “the delicious feeling”, etc. I’ve only seen this once, but it was so often, it became distracting.




From those series, Sarah J Mass uses a sentence “Softly, but not weakly” and I just hate it.


I hate giggling, I rather someone say laughing but something about giggling really annoys me.


“Porcelain” as a description of complexion. Look, I appreciate porcelain in the context of toilets (very easy to clean!), but can we maybe stop fetishizing paleness everywhere?


Unless it’s Snow White, I agree. :joy:


I’ve heard the word Cringe so much that it makes me cringe


Cringeworthy is cringeworthy



Yikes. I’ve never read a book where they replaced ‘eyes’ with ‘orbs’ but I’m sure I’d die from cringe.
My personal trigger-word is ‘zestful.’
eweweweewewewew T.T’
It’s like authors that use that word are trying too hard. “Jack held Sally in a zestful embrace.” I’ve legit read a book that had that sort of sentence in it, lmao. CRINGE


This sounds like an excellent group to have around if you’re serious about your work, but yeah - really time-consuming too.

@AliciaM21 Eh? I love this word! I’ve even used it as a punchline in a poem. ^.^
I’m getting the feeling that it’s not the words themselves that bring on the cringe, but rather their abuse and repetition as a consequence of the author’s limited vocabulary.
I, myself, cringe at the abuse of ellipsis… :wink:


I didn’t even know that word existed. Zeste to me is attached to lemons so if I were to see the “zestful embrace” thing, I’d be like “But how do lemons fit into this?”


I’ve only seen “globes” used for breasts and it’s equally cringeworthy in those instances. :joy: