Critique and Reviews (Open, Honest)




I am Iloojin and I offer critique, review, critique+review, badass tough diary and sugar coating diary.
Each of them is called a diary and I offer my service for English and French books.
Whichever you choose will be posted in my book:

Here is a summary of each Diary (for more detail check the link):🌿type-of-diaries-i-offer

Critique: Neutral point of view, useful tips
Review: Personal point of view, not useful tips (I am not a fan of this one)
Critique+Review: Both point of view and useful suggestions
Badass Tough Diary: The most complete critique I can give you will only contain your flaws
Sugar-coating Diary: Will only do the first three chapters maximum, I will only compliment your book

Depending on what you choose my diary might be useful to you but all of the stories I had given a diary were satisfied (unless I didn’t understand the sarcasm behind their words). I would suggest you to see the others diaries to see how I work.
I will not look at grammar (and such) mistakes

I will do every chapter requested so indeed, I do critique a whole book. However, please understand that I don’t have a good health and thus can’t get everything done in a day. And I may be absent sometimes, so if you want someone who is regularly present, I am not the one for you.
I will only do three chapters at a time before doing another story, by turn so you have to wait until it’s your turn again. However, you can request for as much as diaries you want (Chapters 1-3: Critique; Chapter 4-5: Review; etc.).

I have a very good memory so I only need to read a book once since it’ll stay in my head for years. Therefore, if I gave you a critique before and you are requesting another one after editing it, I can easily compare it. I need a couple of hours to read three chapters since I have to analyse everything but your diary is usually done after a few days (after I read it). So I’ll ask to be patient. If you pressure or rush me, I’ll give you an incomplete/half-assed diary. I cannot work under those conditions.

The payment depends on how many chapters you ask me:🌿rules-payment-form

Here is a brief summary:
For less than five chapters
=> Comment on another diary (before requesting or directly after you requested)
=> Say something about your diary, a “thanks” is enough if you don’t know what to say
=> Dedicate a chapter to me (before requesting but can suggest an alternative)

For five or more but less than ten
=> Comment on Two Diary
=> Comment on your Diary (a simple thanks is enough)
=> Dedicate me two chapters (before requesting but can suggest an alternative)

For more than ten chapters
=>Comment on every diary
=>Comment on all diaries that are going to be posted
=>Temporaly, follow me until all chapters you have requested are done. It’s easier for me to give the dedication

If you are interested by my services, please either leave a comment at the form chapter (first link) or click on the link below (second link), otherwise it’ll be a mess for me to organise it:🌿rules-payment-form

Another important point concerning my skills:
This is an extract from my book, if you cannot understand something it’s normal

:four_leaf_clover:I accept almost every genre except Lesbian Book for personal reasons and I am not very well informed on that question, so I believe there are people better than me on that question.

:four_leaf_clover:I don’t usually accept fanfiction (manga, books, movies). I only do when the protagonist is a full antihero (I don’t mind OCC) and you’ll have to write at least five lines about the fandom unless I know it.

:four_leaf_clover:If you are going to ask me about the vampire and werewolf, explain it. Or be ready to answer every question that I am going to ask, and there are going to be a lot as I am not an expert on that. If your “world” is too difficult for me to read, I will stop reading and publish your Diary.

:four_leaf_clover:I ask the name of the mains characters for neutrality reason. If your protagonists have the same name as a character that I like/am used to, it will be difficult for me to contain the reader me. Especially if you ask for a review or a CR, she won’t stop comparing the characters (Merlin, Allisson, Lola, Arthur, Zac, etc.). And I can’t promise you that I can read all of your books at that moment.

If you have any question, feel free to ask

Thank you



All the Lights are On
52 Chapters of Varying Length

Thank you!

One question, when you say comment on ALL diaries, do you mean all diaries in your book or all diaries you post in general?


You are welcome. I added your book to the list, I am impatient to read it. It’ll be my first Mystery/thriller, however I’ll have to ask you to submit your form on either the comment form in my book or the docs link. I want to have everything tidy at one place so I can easily check it.

All the diaries posted (already uploaded) and all new ones that are going to be posted (are still in draft).


Will do!


Hi! So I actually have my story on wattpad, but the more edited version is on docs. I’m okay with doing the payment, but do you mind doing the critique on a docs? It’s public, so you only need the link to access. Thanks :slight_smile:


Title: Adventures of Prince Vajendra

Genre: Fantasy

Meet Prince Vajendra, aka the so-called spiritual Rishi of the continent of Vishaputra, a flat earth. He’s a man not interested in saving the world, but having his own adventures. A man that can talk with Gods, deal with flying airships, throw exploding bombs into the air. He must retrieve the powers that an evil Pharoah, named Nahakasha has taken from him. This story goes into a series of episodic sub-plots more than an overarching story.

Which chapter: 1-3



I don’t mind doing the critique on the docs.
You can give me the link by PM or email (I’ll send my email to you by PM).
You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


You are welcome. I added your book to the list, however I’ll have to ask you to submit your form on either the comment form in my book or the docs link. I want to have everything tidy at one place so I can easily check it.

You also need to do the payment before I start read your book :slight_smile:


I will do, but can you clarify what I have to do, leave comments on the wattpad page or on the google docs link?

I’ll do it now.


It’s depend on you. You can either post the requested book on my Critique book (first link) or at the google docs. Some people prefer on google docs while others on comment section. You can take whatever you prefer. Inside the google docs/comment section, you’ll have question that you have to answer: Title of the book; Name of the characters; Type of diary you want and such.


First I will post on the Diary of Critique with a thanks comment that is easier


Sure :slight_smile: