Critique Exchange

I will review your first chapter for the same in return!


  • BA in English Lit
  • Have taken grad level writing workshops
  • Read at least 1 book a week


  • I’ll read any genre EXCEPT fanfic and romance, but I prefer fantasy and sci-fi.
  • PM me a link to your story on Wattpad


Um… Sure! PM now.

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Is there a payment? Word count limit? Preferred method of viewing(wattpad, google docs…)?

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No word count limit, just whatever you would consider one chapter (probably 3k words or less, in general). I prefer reading it on Wattpad. The payment is to read my first chapter in return and offer your honest feedback. Thanks!

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Hi this is an old topic- But
Since there are now categories for the Story Services area, I am closing this thread.

Please feel free to make a new Critique thread in the official Critique area in the Story Services Category.

Thank you!

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