Critique for Critique

Hello! I am offering a honest critique of your book. I will do up to five chapter’s. Minimum three chapter’s. I will critique your plot, grammer and spelling. I wil message you what i think about what I read after i read all the chapter’s, and i will comment once on each chapter maybe more depending on how much i like it.

Payment: Read my book Rose’s Choice. Only have the first three chapter’s available right now. Leave a one line comment on every chapter and just give me a brief opinion about it so far, you could do more in depth if you want but it’s not required.

If i like your story I will continue to read it after i critique it. I am also looking for help on writing my blurb. Thank you.

How do we sign up?

Just comment the title of your book for me, and I will go ahead and read the first chapter.

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The Dark Facade’s Lost Souls
It’s a short story collection & there are only 3. I feel like I dropped the ball on the second & third story.
All done with payment.

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Hello there!

It seems that your thread is more fitting for the #story-services:critiques-and-feedback. I am going to move your thread there.

Thank you for understanding!


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Hey thank you so much for doing this!!!
My story-Silver Bullets
“You’re lying he would never risk his face being seen!”

“For you, he would do anything.”

Just then I heard the chattering of glass and felt a stabbing sensation in my neck. A red tranquilizer was what I found before turning around to see a blurry image of…wait a minute…no…it can’t be!

“Ricardo…” Was the last thing I said before falling out of consciousness.


Ricardo Gabriel, powerful and rich. Leyla Maxwell, a 16-year-old trying to avenge her parents’ death. What happens when these two collide and misunderstandings come in the way?
Join Leyla and Ricardo in this beautiful and mysterious adventure of lies, lust, and betrayal.
Will they get their happily ever after or a disastrous end?
Read and find out!
No of chapters-5

Adding to my reading list now. Will read later on this morning. :slight_smile:

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My story: Detective Florence
“Hello, Bubblegum Friend”
Florence Anne has been living in the streets of San Francisco trying to solve cases as much as she can get. Till she has one case that leads to more than she could ever imagine.

It’s not finished but I was hoping you could critique the characters, plot, and story flow. I’m aware of the grammatical errors so you could comment that as a sideline in some way. I also read your Rose’s Choice. It was a very interesting story. It has a lot of potential. I hope you’ll enjoy my story. Thanks!

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