Critique on One Chapter of Your Choice! // OPEN


Hello Wattpad writers! I am looking to help others and provide critiques on one chapter of your choice. I’m open to reading anything you wish, but I know absolutely nothing about poetry (fair warning) so I’ll try to provide a decent critique if anyone requests with poetry.

You can choose three different options on how you wish to receive your critique. You can choose a private message, comment spams, or I can put all my notes at the end of the chapter, in one long comment. Please specify your choice when filling out the form.

Payment: Read one chapter of my newly posted fantasy novel, The Cursed Deal, and let me know what you think! It doesn’t have to be much. One meaningful comment is fine, at least three sentences long.



Name of Chapter:



Critique Preference:

Please complete payment after I’ve accepted you and please follow the form! That’s the easiest way for me to give you a critique.
*I will not critique more than one chapter, no matter how short or long the chapter is.

I look forward to reading your stories!

The link for The Cursed Deal is here.


Hey thank you so much for doing this!
Title: Silver Bullets

Name of Chapter: Guns and Roses

Genre: Action/Romance



Accepted! Please complete payment and I’ll get started :slight_smile:


Also, how would you like your critique? In a private message or within your story itself?

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I would like it in private msg please!
PS I just now started writing so my writing may not be in a higher level. Just thought you should know :slight_smile:


No worries, all writers have to make improvements. Seeking advice through critiques is an awesome way to get a different set of eyes on your story!

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Hey I completed the payment!


Your critique is complete!

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Title: Psetha

Name of Chapter: 01-A Dreadful Prophecy

Genre: Fantasy

Link: here

Critique Preference (Private Message or Not): as a comment or inline comments, please


Title: Obsession
Name of chapter: 10
Genre: Teenfic/Mystery
Critique can be a comment



Title: Looking for a bride
Name of Chapter: Prish Keher
Genre: Vampire (fantasy)
Critique can be a comment


@Wocalich @IftiYousuf Accepted! Please complete payment and I’ll get started :blush:

@NicaZacarias Thank you for completing payment! I’ll get started on yours in the next couple hours, too.


Title: Beyond
Name Of Chapter: The Shift
Genre: Teen Fiction/Fantasy
Link: (Can’t post since I’m a new user)
Critique Preference: Comments.


Accepted! Please complete payment :slight_smile:


Payment done


Title: Dreams of you

Name of Chapter: Imeeshi; last chapter. (5th chapter)

Genre: Fantasy Romance


Critique Preference- at the end of the chapter in the comment box.

I’ll be happy to read yours.




Break the bond

Critique in the comments section

I have not put up the edited version in the website so if you do come across any tiny mistakes that can be neglected, please do overlook it.



@NicaZacarias @IftiYousuf @PapaKiwi @junkookie_monster Your critiques are complete! Thank you for sharing your stories with me.

@SeriouSeerat @krithika01 Accepted! Please complete payment and I’ll get started :blush: please let me know when you’ve completed payment so I can keep track.