Critique partner for Watty’s?

Beta reader/critique partner needed!

I am currently entering my debut Wattpad story “The Grim” into the Wattys this year. I am really hoping to have a final proofread/ critique session via Google Docs before August 31. Do you think that’s possible?

Thank you so much in advance! I can return the critique/beta read favor if you so wish! DM me if interested!

My work is:

The Grim
Genre: High fantasy with dark/gritty undertones
Status: completed
Content: mature and lgbtq+
Disclaimer: this work contains content that may/may not be triggering to some people; includes, but is not limited to: violence, language, sexual content, and mentions of rape and child abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

I can help with critique reviews.:slight_smile:

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Sweet! Do you need it in return?

How much help do you need/want? Because I can definitely read and give you feedback about flow, small grammar mistakes, etc but I’m by no means a professional editor so I’m not sure if I’m the best fit.

It’s really just the nit-picky flow/grammar stuff. I put it through Grammarly, and did some extensive edits already, so I don’t think I need much.


I’d be willing to help then, if you’d like :blush:

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Awesome, thank you! I’ll dm you the google link

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Do you have anything you’d like in return?

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Nope, not really because I don’t have a book out on Wattpad right now :sweat_smile::heart:

Haha no worries :slight_smile: I just feel bad having beta readers and not being able to return the favor

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I’m more than willing to do it for free… I can’t think of much except a follow :flushed:

Done! lol

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Haha, thanks! :heart: