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Service Offered:

I will critique you on your plot and how strong and intriguing the beginning is, if you want me to critique a chapter in the middle- I can only give very less advice on that sorry (since I’ll need to know what’s going on from beforehand before giving any critiques on characters and such). I can also critique your characters since I’m sure I’m pretty good at building characters.

I can critique on:

Any Genre’s except for Fanfiction (sorry!)
I love Romance and Horror (I’m a horror author) so they would be my strong area of expertise. I’ve read my share fair of romance also! Thrillers, Mystery, dark themes are my favourites aha~


One Chapter: Comment two or more/give feedback on one chapter of my story “This is Our Sunset.”

Two Chapters: Comment four or more/give feedback on two chapters of my story. [Previous link] and add my story to a reading list.

Three Chapters: Comment 6 or more/give feedback on three chapters on my story. [Previous link] and add my story, also give a follow. Thank you!

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Hey! Is your critique service still open?


hey, I’m looking for feedback on my story and would love to give you feedback on yours! I will read at least 3 chapters and give you at least 6 feedback points.

My story is a romance novel (on-going) between two neighbours whose lives take different routes, and on the occasions that they see each other, their connection grows stronger and stronger.

Let me know if you’re interested!

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yes it is!


Hey, sure! I’ll read three of your chapters and give (multiple) comments throughout the chapter and by the end give an in depth analysis :smiley:

Please give me a few hours to be done! :relaxed: Thank you, you may pay :smile:


I’m on it!


Great! Would I be able to get some feedback on the first chapter of Subterra Heart? It’s a science-fiction piece, and since I’ve re-written the intro a few times, I’d like to get your reaction on this newest draft.

I can get a start on yours soon too! Thanks :slight_smile:


Of course! Give me a couple hours and you’ll receive your critique! :smiley:

Thank you!


Payment is done :slight_smile:


thank you! enjoyed your chapter a lot! please continue :smiley:


Thanks!! And thanks so much for doing this! :blush:


Hi! I would really like more reviews on my WIP “When Life Gives You Lemons”! Thank you so much and I’ll get started on your payment right now!



This sounds super interesting! I’ll def read this in a couple hours and give multiple comments throughout the chapter and then an in depth analysis at the end :smiley:

Thank you!


Are you still open? If so could you look at my story, Club Cupid?


Yup, how many chapters?




Sure, I’ll work on it tomorrow, it’s about 1am here now aha! You may complete your payment whenever you can :slight_smile:


Skating in at the very last minute (it’s 2:49 a.m. here, good morning friend) I’d love for you to check out my book if you have room on your crowded reading list :wink:

It’s called LEAD ME ASTRAY. Care to check the link? Click here.

It’s about newly dead ghost. An enchanting genderqueer Empath must help a lovely Dead Girl discover and complete her unfinished business, but they’ll need a Werewolf law enforcement officer for protection along the way.

Protection from what, you may ask? An affluent vampire with a killer history of kissing the girls and making them cry. Turns out being dead won’t protect our ghost in this mysterious supernatural world hiding in plain sight in New Orleans.

You want adventure/drama/mystery/action/romance? Preferably a novel? LEAD ME ASTRAY is 35 Chapters & 50K Words of OMGWTF. #GetAwayWithSomethingDifferent

Solve the mystery of Aurie Edison’s murder along with Detective Zyr Ravani, the Rogue Wolf, and their empathic friend, Mx. Mys. And don’t worry–I keep the sex scenes separate, making this an ideal read for people who prefer not to be slammed with kink. Or those that do. wink



Hey, just got home! I’ll have your critique done in a couple hours :smiley: