Critique Services [open]



If you’d like a bit more information going into the reading, the prologue is super short, but it’s not necessary


I can speak with an interpreter.


Hey, sorry I can’t read the language of your story so I can’t critique it :frowning:


Sorry to bother you. )


no worries!


sorry for taking a while to reply here Ive been working everyday and i finally got a day off. Thank you so much for your review and input! I really appreciate you taking your time to read my story!




So no to Star Wars?


I’m not into the whole Star Wars thing (surprising right?) but I can critique on your plot (assuming it is your plot and not set in the actual canon storyline?) and grammar :slight_smile:


If you could that would be great! I only really have two chapters so far, so there isn’t a heap. And it isn’t really connected to any other stories at the moment. I am trying to make it open for everyone!


Title: Star Wars - The Fallen Order
Genre: Sci-fi/ Sci-fantasy


Hi there. If you’re still accepting, I’d like to get feedback on the first two chapters of my current story. Please let me know and I will begin reading your book :slight_smile:

Title: Death City
Genre: Paranormal / Romance


I hope I completed payment correctly.


I would really like to get some critiques for my book, The Lost Queen. It’s a fantasy book. It only contains the prologue. But I would really like if you help me with some critiques.
Here is the link:


Great! I’ll get onto it today, thank you for the payment! :smiley:


Hi! Yeah sure :slight_smile: I’ll have your critique ready in a day or two, you may complete the payment whenever you feel like it! (May you do my chapters for my story This is our sunset, April 1 and April [2]? You may just point out any grammatical mistakes and other writing-related stuff :slight_smile: )


Yeah, of course! I’ll have your critique done in a day or two! You may complete the payment whenever you’d like :slight_smile:


Do you specifically want feedback on the story mentioned above or would you prefer feedback on any other stories?


Feedback on the story mentioned above :slight_smile:


Ok thanks