Critique Thread


I am willing to read and critique stories.

Things to remember:

-I will read all chapters you have.

-I can choose rather to denied you or not

-I do not read Fanfiction or nonfiction

-I enjoy Werewolf stories

-I have the right to deny a story but I will give reason why.

-Due to me reading the complete story of an author, I must caution that I may be slow in getting to yours, as I focus on a first-come-first-service base

-My critique may range from more than one post to one big one. (I tend to comment while I’m reading, so if you don’t mine me posting multiple times by all means PM to request)

In my critique, you will receive:

-My opinion at the end of whichever chapter, I chose to comment on. Note: i do not comment on all chapters, just the ones I feel like.

-I will point out grammar, sometimes punctuation, errors (No all the time however)

-I will let you know what I feel you need to work on.


-Read all the chapters of one of my stories (I have a lot of stories in total. I will tell you which one to read), and give me your thoughts, either by PM or on the story)

Note: You must do payment first so I can know that you will follow through.

I must accept you first however.

Hello there!

Mentioning votes/stars/likes in your advertisement is not allowed. People are aware that you can vote on the story only if you like it so there’s no need to mention it in the ad :blush: Please check out the guidelines here: Critiques and Feedback Guidelines. I am going to edit your post.

Thank you for understanding!


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I’m up for this! I’m working on a dystopian sci-fi story called Game of Mass Destruction, which is halfway there. You can pick another book if you don’t feel like reading this one.

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Accepted Please read Reaping of the Mourning Moon

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Title: When Trouble Comes
Main Genre: Teen fiction
Sub-genres: Romance, action, mystery/thriller, coming-of-age

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I’d love if you would read my story, it has 11 chapters so far. It’s called The Truth About Us and can be found here

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Accepted. Please read Tales Beneath a White Moon.

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Accepted. Please read Nyctophilia Rose

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Yours in complete. Please complete payment. I’m not rush you by the way. :slight_smile:

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I was wondering how many stories we’re allowed to enter here. (I have 2)

Complete :slight_smile:

You can do both just let me know how many chapters for both and I’ll have you read my books accordingly

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You didn’t read all my chapters. That was the payment.

Danger Is My Middle Name (Mystery, 21 Chapters)

Help! I’m Falling. (Fantasy, 35 chapters, used to be a fan fiction but it’s not anymore)

I am currently editing both works, so any referneces to fandoms will be edited out.
The blurbs for both are also a work in progress.
I’m also welcome to feedback about the genre I have them in since I struggle with finding a genre that fits the story.

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Please read both books to my trilogy, Tales Beneath a White Moon(book 1) & Reaping of the Mourning Moon(book 2)

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I’ll get on it as soon as I finish the books I have to judge for my contest and my book club pairups. (If that’s okay?)


Yeah, I saw. Thanks a lot. I’ll be completing the payment by a few days. In all probability, I might be done by day after tomorrow…