Critiques and Feedback for Teen Fiction, Romance, YA Fiction, and Poetry [OPEN FOR A FEW MORE REQUESTS]



I’m offering critiques and feedback for Teen Fiction, Romance, YA Fiction, and Poetry ONLY

Hey guys! I like to read A LOT and these genres have always seemed to catch my eye. Today I have nothing to do, so I’d love to critique and give feedback on some books. So just fill out the form:

Number of chapters:
A little synopsis:

I will only read about 3 chapters. So if you want help on specific chapters, specify that for me.

I apologize in advance for acting like an editor! ALSO I’ll critique one chapter a day. Be patient!! I’m not a robot. I don’t spend all of my time online.

Payment: Take a look at my book Beguile Me, I Dare You. Comment if you want, but at least read as many chapters as I read for your book :))))


Title: Guardian, The Awakening
Genre: Fantasy
Number of chapters: There’s 7 plus prologue (if you could skip the prologue then read as many as you feel like)
Following the life of 16 year old Johanna White, a girl too mouthy for her own good raised in rural Ireland with her family who, by all accounts, seemed too perfect. And they almost were… except for the secrets her mother kept hidden from her.
That all changed when the secrets caught up with them.
Unprepared to deal with her family changing beyond what she ever expected. Finding out truths she wished she were ignorant of and seeking enemies better left unsought. Surrounded by people she cannot and does not want to trust, Johanna is thrust into a realm of magic and corruption and she is not what this world wants, nor she it. She just wants to get home and get to the bottom of what her mother hid from her.


accepted :)))


Title: Breaking Black
Genre: I have it listed under thriller as the main genre because it is about solving a murder, but there are hints of romance.
Number of chapters: Theres 11 total
A little synopsis: Since his stint with the government’s top-secret Delta Force, Agent Black has become a valuable agent for the FBI and has solved every case thrown at him. When his longtime partner resigns and the double homicide of 16-year old twins lands on his desk with no leads that task becomes much more challenging.

His new partner, Lexi Stone, is fresh from the academy. Her keen eye for detail matched with no experience in the field leaves Agent Black struggling to adjust to his new role as a mentor.

A hard-won break in the case reveals a new, sinister turn. Will Agent Black and Agent Stone be able to work out their new partnership in time to catch the elusive killer, or will personal secrets and mounting tension make this the last case Agent Black ever works?
Other: Just let me know if you don’t want to read it. I’ll understand because it’s not all romance, but thanks in advance anyway (:


No I’ll read it! Don’t worry. The synopsis was great!



Ah thanks so much. I’ve spent so much time re-writing that stupid synopsis. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Title: Withdrawal Effect
Genre: Poetry/Teen Fiction
Number of chapters: 5 ( they’re really short) It’s basically a collection of poems, interspersed
with storytelling that explores the themes of teenhood, loneliness, depression, healing, and freedom.


Funny thing is that I’ve actually been following your work! You have so many stunning pieces! I have to applaud you!


OMG! REALLY? lol Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! I hope you write another book in the near future!


I’m going to read on chapter a day if that’s ok? It’s just because you’re chapters are pretty long. If I’m lucky, I’ll read two in one day.


yep that’s perfect!


Alright great!


I have two stories which might be of interest to you. One is a teen fiction romance (current project) and the other is a fantasy romance (next project; current taster). I’ll post them both here and you can choose which one you’d like to read, if any (: I’ll read yours then if you decide you’d like to try one of mine! But if not, no worries XD

Teen Fiction Romance - The Low-Class Prince Charming


Sky Simmons may be tall, but she is far from delicate. Much like her name, she’s as unpredictable and dangerous as the sky can be. Although she grew up with access to anything she wanted, a family tragedy meant that she lost the love of her parents at a young age and at a point in her life when she needed it most. The family never recovered from it.

Mason Evans is a top student from a poor background - the perfect child, he is a credit to his parents. He returns to England from abroad hoping to finish his school education in a prestigious school in his home country.

Although the two have never met, the mutual connection of their parents eventually thrusts their lives together. The Evans family approaches Sky’s parents to cash in on an old favour while intending to pay for Mason’s upkeep. However, money is never an issue for her parents; in fact, they believe it’s possible to buy anything with the right amount.

With time running out on their end, Sky’s parents offer free upkeep for Mason in return that he tries to straighten out their daughter. Having a poor model student at their whim as he lives with their troublesome daughter seems like the perfect last resort.

Click on the cover to get to the book.

Fantasy Romance - Curos 27


The Curos.

You likely have no idea what that word means, nor what kind of people they are - that would be because they aren’t people.

The Curos are the messengers and workers of Cupid. In Cupid’s stead they roam the world with the aim of spreading love - with over 7 billion people in the world, there’s no way even a God can help with every single issue. Curos 27 is one of these messengers, and he goes about his days doing the little things - with a touch or a move - that change the course of love. This is all done from behind a veil that renders him invisible to our eye.

It all runs without incident until he meets an anomaly - a woman by the name of Naomi, who runs her own café in a quaint little town. He is startled by their first encounter, but his curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to stick around.

He slowly gets to know her better and learns the reasons behind her unique sight past the veil. He becomes determined to help her fight against it so that she can be like all other humans once more.

But with all the twists and turns that his decision brings, who ever said it was going to be easy?

Click on the cover to get to the book.


I’m going to read one chapter a day if that’s ok. It’s only because your chapters are so long. If I’m lucky then I’ll read two chapters in one day


Huh The Low-Class Prince Charming has a very interesting title


Thank you! It was a book I tried to bend away from cliches and I wanted a title to reflect that… XD


That sounds very interesting lol


Hi @roxy_cece!

You might be interested to read my new story “All” (not yet complete) - a romance that’s going to be filled with secrets, lies, lust, and possibly the ultimate… love. The chapters are pretty short to start with, hope you like it! x


All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming musician, she soon discovers his tough exterior is hiding more than just the tattoos that mark his skin.

Thrown into a world of secrets, emotions and sexual discovery, will their love/hate relationship ever become more than a confusing game of cat and mouse? As the walls become to crumble between them, can Abi and Noah’s love survive the impact?


will do!