Critiques and Feedback for Teen Fiction, Romance, YA Fiction, and Poetry [OPEN FOR A FEW MORE REQUESTS]



Title: Secrets of Boscobel
Genre: Fantasy with teen romance
Number of chapters: 4
A little synopsis:
:crystal_ball:Jada Stone lives in the outskirts, near the woods, in Washington state. She had always been forbidden from entering the woods, but when she breaks that rule, she discovers a hidden enchanted town, Boscobel, along with a trail of secrets about her family’s true origin. She then realizes that the people she trusted are not who they say they are, and they might mean her harm. Most importantly, she discovers that there is something magical inside of her. Jada’s in for one hell of a ride including an army sent by Hades to attack Boscobel, night ravens seeking her powers, and intimacy with sexy vampires, demons, and demi-gods/godesses :crystal_ball:


Title:Crimson Love
Number of chapters:45
A little synopsis:Mark is passionate and doesn’t let his flaws hold him back.Akio is flawless on the surface.However,when they both cross paths,they are lead through a series of rape,drugs and even murder.Could these individuals be hiding more than there seems to be?
BL storyFour unrelated university students are leading normal lives until destiny plays a game and throws them in dark,twisted web of love and betrayal.All have equally important roles to untangle others and themselves.The question is will they succeed?


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Actually never mind. I’m going to read five chapters. I’ll most likely continue reading after five chapters lol


Ok…cool! Thanks a lot btw.


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I would love some feedback on my story (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)

Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy
Number of chapters: Would 20 be alright?
A little synopsis: After her adopted younger brother is kidnapped by the minions of a mad sorcerer, a young woman must journey through a magical world in order to rescue him.




Title: The World Breaker
Genre: Dystopian, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance.
Number of chapters: The first 5 chapters
Synopsis: Ambrosia discovers she is a lot more than a coward queen to simple people.
Payment: I will begin reading right away. (-^-^-) Thank you for your time and the opportunity for a good read.


Thanks so much!


payment completed


It will take a little longer for me to complete your book. So all I ask is patience.


That’s fine! You don’t need to rush :joy:


I will be finishing your review tomorrow.


I will be finishing your review within the next week simply due to the chapter sizes. I love your book so far though.


I’m going to finish your review tonight.


Title: Opium, Innocence, and Lies
Genre: Dark historical romance
Number of chapters: Intro + 4 chapters of story
Synopsis: A naive aristocrat in Victorian-era France falls for a man-eating, opium-dealing prostitute. Chaos ensues.
Payment: I’ll start reading right now! :smiley:


Oooo it takes place in France. Nice



Title: Just Survive
Genre: Science Fiction/ Teen Fiction
Total Chapters: 26 currently published
Synopsis: It’s the end of the world and Mara and Aris are alone and barely surviving. In the beginning, Mara and her mother spent months behind the safe walls of an abandoned school, but with overpopulation, their safe haven turned into a war zone. Though Mara doesn’t know how things went down after she escaped, she knows that her mother never found her like she had promised. Aris, however, spent his first few months in solitude with his younger brother Isaac, but when times became rough, he too lost someone he loves. As they fight internal and external battles, they learn that moving on is the only option, but how will this align with the world in which they live? Can they overcome the obstacles they face as they fight to survive, or will the world break them before they get the chance?