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I think it would be best to either create maybe a prologue or kind of try and incorporate it more into your first chapter






Ok here goes I have someone already editing for grammar and spelling mistakes.

title: Cub
Genre: werewolf
Summary: Cub is orphan wereolf in run from the chaos he caused from his nature. Will he finds answers to his idenity can or will be hunted by the very hunters that killed his parents.

I am looking for what missing whether details or what not I have only two Ch up for now but in miss of writing 4th Ch and waiting for first 3 Ch to be edited by a lit prof
Happy to give constructive criticism


Sounds good, please send me a link to your story :slight_smile:


Hello! If you are still offering, I would love for you to check out my book

Book Name: Different Worlds

Genre: Teen Fiction/ Romance

Since her mother’s death, Amelia West has wanted nothing more than to follow in her footsteps and attend Manchester College. When the acceptance letter finally arrives, everything else in her life seems to fall into place. Mia’s best friends will be by her side in college and her family is as happy as they can be.

Her life was planned out perfectly. Until a simple accident sends Mia’s life in a direction that she never expected.

Literally bumping into Prince Xavier Windsor of Mandosia made enough of a mess, but when Mia discovers that he and his brother are attending the same college, complicated isn’t a big enough word to cover their relationship. As Xavier tries to get closer to her, they’ll both find out if love is enough to keep two people from separate worlds together.

Type of Feedback Wanted: Just honest feedback, things you liked and things that could be changed. Also pls comment on the section so I know :slight_smile:


Thank you x


Genre: LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance

Aurie Edison is just in Overlay City to complete some unfinished business. But a rich, powerful vampire has deadly plans for her stay. Bad time for a love triangle? Meet the psychic Mx. Mys and Detective Zyr Ravani. Developing a kink for these two is like begging for floods and forest fires. A disaster, naturally.

Good thing Aurie’s already dead.

Now Detective Zyr must solve what happened to her. Does burning out of control for the victim and her conduit count as a distraction? With his career in the balance, the line between crazy and love is a tightrope walk on the wild side.

And this werewolf knows a thing or two about being wild.

The genderqueer Mx. Mys wants to believe in forever. But it doesn’t take a psychic to know all good things come to an end. When the vampire threat gets closer, Mys must decide whether it’s better to have loved and lost or not to have loved at all…

Before it’s too late.

In a world where nothing is what it seems, have they finally found something real?
Type of Feedback Wanted: Any kind of feedback will help


Will do! :slight_smile:




Thanks much! Love your story, by the way. Great work.








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accepted! :slight_smile:


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Book name: Sidewalk Flowers
Genre: Romance
Summary: Arkenham and Isabelle. Two teenagers who come from two different places, both fighting their own demons. They both have something the other needs desperately, and are both willing to make a leap of faith and see if they just might have something. But the very things that make them perfect for each other might be the very tools they need to destroy each other.
Type of feedback wanted: honest opinion please. Don’t sugarcoat it. One thing I’m specifically looking for is an assessment of the character’s personalities. Like, what kind of impression do you get of them? The first two chapters are not connected, and are introductions for the two narrators. I’d prefer it if you would read Arkenham’s intro chapter (A Day In The Life) as that’s the one I need feedback the most on. If you’d rather read Isabelle’s, which is first in the story, and comes first chronologically, that’s fine too.


Book name: Rising from the ashes
Genre: fantasy
Summary:A story of a girl forced to go to a magical boarding school with lies trailing after her. A life she did not wish to have but no longer her choice. With rivals that made her ballistic and teachers that seemed to know more than she realises.
She became lost only to be caught.
Type of feedback: I want improvements I could make. Your honest opinion on what you think of it.


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Book Name: What the Morning Brings
Genre: YA Fantasy
Summary: Ori is an average, boring boy. Or so he thought, until a mysterious circus appears in his backyard. He meets Blithe, a golden, glittery acrobat who immediately draws Ori in. So when she invites him to run away and join the Cirque de Reverie, how can he refuse?

Two sisters. Opposites. When one runs away, leaving the younger sister heartbroken, she must find a way to save her older sister before it’s too late. But in a circus that thrives on magic, mystery, and manipulation, that task might just be monumental.
Type of Feedback Wanted: anything is fine!