Critiques, prompts, and friends (hopefully) (not very timely, but free and as helpful as I can make it) CLOSED BECAUSE OF A WEIRD GLITCH THAT”S JUST TOO ANNOYING FOR ME TO DEAL WITH RN



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What do you think about this story idea:

A boy living a normal life (not on Earth) is suddenly visited by a girl with magic claiming to be a foreign exchange student. His mom says she sighned them up to host one, bu the boy Matt discovers the girl is analien with magic, and then that he is an alien too, along with his mom, but not his dead dad (or still alive, I haven’t figured it out yet). So Matt and alien girl have to run away and go on adventures fighting monsters

I feel pretty good about the general idea, but I feel like it might be a bit cliche



it is a bit cliche but if you can make it original then it sounds amazing!


Thanks, I’ll work leve it on the back burner to un cliche




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For what?


I started a song book on wattpad


Congrats! I’m sure it’ll be great !!!


I find it strange that 7 ppl have already read it!


I’ll go make it 8 :smiley:


thx it’s called song lyrics


Done :smiley: <3


thx what did you think?


It got me right in the feels


is that a good thing or not?


Yeah it is, means its well written enough to immerse me in the story and make me feel sad about the death like the person singing the song