Critiques, prompts, and friends (hopefully) (not very timely, but free and as helpful as I can make it) CLOSED BECAUSE OF A WEIRD GLITCH THAT”S JUST TOO ANNOYING FOR ME TO DEAL WITH RN



I want to help ppl who have been through that or are planning to


I think your song will help people see that it’s better to reach out ealier before it’s too late, yeah


thx I’m sooo insecure about my writing especcaily my songs


Don’t be, it’s good, just try adding more figurative language because hat can really force a reader to think more about it and so that may make your message get across better, but you already can make readers interested


I can’t tell you haow much that means to me


Awww… it’s no biggie


it is for me


Best of luck to your song book, I’ll be checking for more :slight_smile:


You could do an Ancient Egyptian setting. That era is perfect for this material. Sci-fi with Ancient Egypt.


thx working on it


Are you still doing a prompt? I’d like to do one.


That’s an interesting idea, but I already did a story in Egypt and I’d like to try something else for now (seems dramatic, I know, but I spent a really long time on that story, short as it was)


I was going to post one later, but I could finish it up now, sure :slight_smile:


I write historical/fantasy so I can cook something up! Would you mind giving feedback on my novel if that is okay by you~?


Of course I’ll check it out, just post the link to the chapter you want feedback on! It may come late, though. I should add a note at the top about requests being earlier or risk critiques being late, shouldn’t I XD

Edit: added the note, not that it affects you too much, just feel obligated to let you know for no reason, I guess


Ok, next prompt:


I could put it back through some editing if you think it’s too blurry


BTW, @A-fluffy-cat and @veronicarhinestone I have little bit of free time tomorrow and Wednesday so I may be able to get some of your critiques done. I’m gonna say all will be finished to put enough pressure on myself that I get at least one or two done , but warning: I’m probably not going to actually finish all of them.

@wandering1234 Please post the link to one of the chapters of your novel if you’re still interested in the critique. I try to stay away from forms because I know they can get annoying, but it would make it a lot easier for me to at least have the link right on this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:


An ancient Egyptian setting sounds amazing, especially with all the conspiracy theories surrounding both aliens and that era of time. It could be that the alien had come to assist with the raising of the pyramids? Also, if you’d like the boy to be an alien too, the female who had come down to Earth could’ve been the one to either:
Turn him into an alien
Remind him of his origins? Could be that he became so caught up with life on Earth due to arriving there at a young age that he actually forgot who he was and where he came from.
If none of these ideas work for you, you could always use your own!! These were simply just some suggestions, that’s all.


No problem here it is.

I do not know if you want to read 5 chapters, but one is okay? Let us see what you say.


No it is fine.