Critiques-to-Critiques by Zeke! (Open!)



Hi! My name is Zeke and I’m doing this because I need to find some stuff to read!

What would I do? : As the topic suggests, I will read your book (because of course it isn’t obvious :smiley: ). Believe me, I will provide a thorough explanation about what I like it or what I don’t, and also whether I will continue reading the story or not!

How am I different? : Well, that’s really up to you lol. I won’t say that I’m a skilled writer, or that I’m a college student majoring in Literature or that I’ve memorized all the great artful writings. I am just a normal teenage boy who’s got one hell of an opinion! Also, I like to be friends with whomever I talk with so please, please don’t assume this as a ‘business’ or anything serious lol.

I do this because I really don’t know what to read here in Wattpad. So I might as well get some fun while reading your work!

Payment: Well, I guess you can call this a payment lol. So, basically, if I read yours then you’ll have to read mine.

By I really don’t want to cling on and press it upon you guys to read it! So, I’d love it if you could check out my book and just return the favor! But I won’t force you and you’re not legally obligated to. But you ARE morally obliged, so if you feel like you’re a good person, then do fill up your part!

I guess that’s all from me. I don’t have a specific format on how you should request, but just convince me!

I will give priorities to the ones that I am most interested in, not first-come-first-serve.

The critiques will be in PM unless you request otherwise


I’m so glad I found this post! I’ve been looking for something like this for about… 30 minutes now if you wanna be technical.

Since you’ve given a thorough background about yourself, here’s some stuff about your (hopefully) future critique:

I study A-level English literature, but I’m also studying chemistry and biology (highly odd combination, I know), I LOVE reading and writing (duh), and I’m actually looking for a friend on Wattpad.
I would love it if you could not only critique but also read and hopefully enjoy a book I’ve spent FOREVER perfecting called Find Me a Cure. Dm me if you’re down :wink:

I’m quite hyper if you haven’t noticed yet.


Oof, hello! It’s 6 in the morning for me here and I’m halfway to falling asleep again (cuz it’s Sunday and I don’t give a sh*t if I don’t wake up in the day) but I’ve gotta respond now because my dumbass would probably end up forgetting about this when I DO wake up.

So, you’re not only a Literature geek, but also a Science nerd? Huh, seems like a nice two combination alright XD.

Oh, I’m quite interested! I’ll definitely PM you later when I can actually manage to get up from bed. Btw, don’t hold back on the hyperness. It’s fresh air when it comes here lol.


So I’m a geek and a nerd? Seems legit.


Also, that background info about your sleep schedule, although useless, was very interesting😂


Check out my story titled Half Life.
Here’s the link for it:


Well, alright then lol


Hi Zeke.
I am Eliza. I really like your name and appreciate what you are doing here.

I will be glad if you read my book ‘FALLING INTO THE TRAP CALLED LOVE’. If you have time, try it. If not, it’s still ok. I’m gonna check out your book because like you I also love reading books.
I hope we can be friends.


Hi Eliza! Thank you, your name is pretty too! And of course, I’ll try out your book^^




Just for future sake, it should be known that my reviews are IN PRIVATE MESSAGES. Unless anybody prefers otherwise.



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Ooh, thanks! I didn’t even notice that^^.


Hey Zeke! You still doing critiques? I don’t if you’ll like mine but I hope you give it a chance. I’ll definitely give you feed back if you do the same for me. Still I hope you enjoy reading it. It’s called Queen. Simple, easy and it’s fantasy xD Thanks, ma guy.


Eyo Gee! Of course I’m still up for it! Loll. I’ll be sure to do it^^.


thanks fam! I’ll link it down here:

Queen: A Werewolf Story


Heyo friend, I’ve got a book that isn’t finished yet that I was hoping I could get an honest critique on. It’s my first novel (sort of) that I’ve written. It’d be so cool if you could check it out! The book is called A Method of Speech. I don’t know how to link it, sorry.


Hiyo! Sure, I’ll take a look at it! You can’t link it? That’s odd, lol. But never mind, I’ll just look over to your Wattpad page!


I mean id request for one but haha


Heya Zeke! I just published two brand new stories and would love some feedback on my first chapters! You only have to read one, not both lol, so take your pick! They are:
Daya: Eternal Pursuit- Dark fantasy
Mabel and Sebastian- Dark psychological thriller
If you want a link, lmk! And I’d be more than happy to check out your stories :slight_smile: