Cross Culture Competition- Participants needed

Hi everyone,
The Cross Culture Competition is open for contestants.
. . .
On Wattpad, we find people from all over the world. Still, the stories that I find are mostly about a few specific countries. (Maybe it’s because of my setting or language preference).
So I got an idea that if as a writer we try to write about the cultures we are not familiar with, it would increase our as well as reader’s understanding of the world.
Hence this competition.
Every other week, we’ll give the contestants one country/culture about which they have to write. It can be in any genre.
For example if the country of the month is Russia, it can be about the war, or Russian space fiction, or about a Russian Lore, or even a basic romance story taking place in Russia or with a Russian.

Here’s the link.

I’m interested in judging. My expertise is in Australian culture and French culture.

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Welcome to the competition. Let us wait for some more people

I’m Italian, and bilingual. I can help with Italy, if you’d like.

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Hi welcome


I’m interested in judging. My expertise is in Asian and Chinese culture.

Which country in Asia apart from China?

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So far er have judges for Australia, France, Italy, China and India.
Now we need participants.

Hi! I’m from Finland but I’ve lived in Australia now for 4 years.