crushes suck and here's why



UGH I HAVE MORE TEA (AND I STILL HATE USING THE TERM ‘TEA’) and like, im so sry for always going on a rant but ey thats what this thread’s all about

so theres this ANNOYING BITCHASS in my math class,hes one year older, and apparently we went to the same middle school, but neither of us remember each other. but apparently going to the same middle school gives him an all-access pass to “flirt” with or “tease” me, and ITS MADDENING BECAUSE I KNOW HES JUST MESSING WITH ME. CONSTANTLY, HE IS EITHER ASKING ME OUT, ASKING ME TO HOMECOMING (which was literally like three months ago so idk wtf hes trying to get at), HYPOTHETICALLY BRIBING ME TO DATE HIM, COMIING UP WITH BULLSHIT LIKE “if we were the only 2 ppl on an island would u date me”, ALWAYS TRYING TO GET IN MY SNAPCHAT SELFIES, AND THEN TODAY THIS MOTHERFUCKER WAS LIKE “hey can i borrow ur pencil” and im like “yeah sure” and then hes like “OH SO YOU’LL LET ME BORROW YOUR PENCIL BUT YOU WONT DATE ME???” HE ALSO WINKS AT ME WHICH IS LIKE THE WORST THING EVER BC WINKING IS LITERALLY MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE WHEN PPL FLIRT WITH EACH OTHER. ALSO TODAY HE CALLED ME HIS QUEEN AND IM LIKE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
also hes kind of a dumbass academically…it sounds super mean and i already feel guilty for typing it out…
((( i will admit hes cute but cute in the cliche white boy type of cute u know?? race isnt usually a deciding factor in the guys i like, but most of the time they’ve been asian bc im asian and i just feel more comfortable around them?? )))

see this entire thing is like a running joke for him, so i know i cant take this seriously. its just that hes constantly making the joke, which pisses me off. i know he doesnt actually like me but like ??? can he pls stop ??


i feel u my dude



seriously though the guy who kind of liked me last year did the same thing and it was annoying as hell

and he had a friend (okay, they don’t know it yet, but they’ll be together by senior year) who kept pointing at us every time he went to talk to me and yelling “OTP!” and that was possibly even MORE annoying.

I don’t talk to either of them now because thankfully neither is in a single one of my classes






this thread is :ok_hand::triumph:

i’ve had a crush on this guy in my major for… wait for it… two years. We’re literally everywhere together (sits in front of me in classes, appears during extracurriculars… he even showed up at taco bell when I was there. it’s excessive to say the least). Despite this, we have never breathed a single word to one another ? so things are going swimmingly.
if that isn’t brutal enough, I just found out I have back to back classes with him this upcoming semester. Not sure if fate is just trying to do its job or really just having a field day with me. thoughts and prayers are welcome as i attempt to survive this misery, thank you.


not to be dramatic or anything but this doesnt happen that often in college. and back to back! i dont wanna say it’s a sign but im an optimist. :joy: talk to him!!


haaaaa you’re probably right but i’m such a baby about like… literally everything to do with relationships that the idea of approaching him is ? terrifying ? but i’m also p sure he’s dating somebody right now so :woman_shrugging: dont worry boi i’ll be over here i guess


i feel you. xD you shouldnt do it until you feel ready. although, risks should be taken sometimes.

blehh, arent crushes always unvailable in some form? :joy:


LITERALLY ALWAYS. nothing good in life never comes easy i guess ??? but also why


i have no idea. i think the fear of rejection keeps most of us away. i havent had a crush in foreverrrrr.


I would say talk to him, but when my friends suggest that to me I’m like

So idk man


HAHAHA NO LITERALLY SAME ? IM LIKE … you know me… why are you out here offering me real, genuine help and direction when you know im a fool and will never take it ? wild


Like “yeah, I’ll ask them out…” In reality that is the farthest thing from my plan

My plan is: hope? I guess?

but with my crush rn I promised my best friend I’d ask her out so my nerves are going BOINK

see the thing with me is that as a bisexual, I usually have crushes on guys, but I like a girl rn… problem: I think she’s straight

so the one time I actually have the courage to ask someone out there’s a possibly INSURMOUNTABLE BARRIER in the way :joy:


and now, i will demonstrate how much of a hypocrite i am.
DEFINITELY ask her out, even if you’re unsure of her sexuality!!! cuz like you could get a WONDERFUL SURPRISE and end up so happy together, and at the very worst she’ll just b like oh im straight ! and then it’s like oh ok i see u this is nothing personal, live ur life.
nothing to lose but everything to gain amiright ??? jk i know it’s so stressful lmao but i’ll be out here hyping you up anyways


mood. my own BRAIN is being the hypocrite rn.

see, the last time I was a dumbfuck and didn’t ask the person I liked out, I got my heart broken. SO. never again. this time I must find out before I wreck my emotions lmaoo


haha yeah maybe just find a way to talk to him man lol idk

it dont have to be flirting or some shit, just friendly conversation


dude im rooting for u…i cant wait for u to ask her out so i can hear all the tea


oh there will be SO much spilled tea on this thread by the time I’m done with that lol


my coherent self: yeah, friendly conversation. easy.
my last three brain cells: